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Shopify Cart Upsell: How to Effectively Upsell in Cart? [+ Examples]

Shopify cart upsell: Upselling is a critical sales technique that every e-commerce merchant needs to utilize in their store. Given that it costs five times as much to attract a new customer versus keeping an existing one, it makes sense to focus your energy on generating as much revenue as possible for the customers you do have. While there are lots of ways to upsell in your store, we’re going to specifically focus on Shopify cart upsell. Keep reading to learn more.

What is Shopify Cart Upsell?

Shopify cart upsell allows you to upsell to customers on Shopify as they are viewing their shopping cart. There are many types of in-cart upsell deals you can offer – add-on products, discounts for purchasing extra items, and more. Shopify checkout upsell deals are great to display as pop-ups, so they really catch your customer’s eye as they are going through the steps of finalizing their order and checking out.

Who Should Use a Shopify Cart Upsell?

Regardless of your e-commerce industry, upselling is a crucial sales tool that can have a dramatic influence on your revenue. All merchants should be doing everything they can to ensure upselling and cross-selling deals are offered throughout their store, and an incart upsell offer is no different.

Shopify Cart Upsell vs. Regular Upsell

While upselling on product pages is a great way of showing additional, similar products to your customers, upselling in the cart can be even more powerful and has benefits for pretty much every e-commerce merchant. Upselling in the cart allows you to offer highly targeted deals with a great chance of success.

This is because you can create deals that are based entirely on the products your customer already has in their cart. For example, if they have a set of knives in their cart, offer a sharpening block. If your customer is purchasing a dress, create a Shopify in cart upsell deal and offer a pair of shoes. The possibilities are endless!

How Much Revenue Can a Shopify Cart Upsell Gain You?

In general, upselling is highly profitable and well worth investing some time and effort into. The typical rate of success in terms of number of views of the deal versus number of conversions is around 5%, and the overall boost in store revenue can be anywhere from 10% to 30% – a significant bump. Amazon jumped on the upselling train very early, and attributes up to 35% of their sales to upselling and cross-selling deals.

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5 Shopify Cart Upsell Ideas to use in Your Store Today

Wondering how upselling could work in your e-commerce store? Take a look at these great examples for some inspiration.

#1: Offer insurance, protection plans, or other product add-ons (Shopify cart upsell)

If your product is expensive or comes with some sort of protection plan, consider offering it as either a Shopify shopping cart upsell or a pop-up appearing after the customer adds the product to their cart. Make sure you consider your cart design – you may want to show this option within the cart itself, or as a separate popup. 

shopify cart upsell
Source: guitarcenter.com

#2: Display related products in the cart

When your customer adds a product to the cart, it gives you a lot of valuable information about the types of products they are interested in. Why not use this information to display product recommendations in the cart, based on what your customer has added? 

With PickyStory, you can offer AI-powered product recommendations in the cart, and it only takes a couple of clicks to set up. 

how to use a shopify cart upsell
Source: try.pickystory.com

#3: Consider an add to cart popup (Shopify cart upsell)

A customer adding an item to their cart is the perfect opportunity for you to upsell. Show a pop-up confirming that their product has been added, then offer some related products based on their selection. This is particularly powerful because it can be directly related to whatever your customer just added – your suggestions can match their style and mood.

shopify cart upsell
Source: macys.com

#4: Remind your customers of other products they want (Shopify cart upsell)

If you have a “wish list” or “saved for later” option (where customers can save products to purchase later), reminding them of these products in the cart is a great chance to upsell, with a high conversion rate as these are products your specific customer has already shown interest in.

shopify cart upsell
Source: urbanoutfitters.com

#5: Show your customers what others are loving (Shopify cart upsell)

Phrases like “customers also purchased” can be very powerful in e-commerce. They make your customers pay attention and think “if other people bought this, do I need it too?”. This is an extremely effective Shopify cart upsell or Shopify upsell at checkout technique.

Source: homedepot.com

5 Effective Examples of Cart Upsell

Now that you have an idea of the types of in cart upsell Shopify deals you can offer, let’s take a look at some leading e-commerce brands and how they deliver their incart upsell deals – these techniques can easily be applied to your own Shopify website.

#1: Crown Forever

Crown Forever sells adorable children’s clothing. They know that their customers will likely need to purchase multiple items per order, because kids have a habit of going through several outfits in a day! They offer recommended products in the cart. When a customer adds a product to their cart, the cart offers a “recommended for your cart” section which displays additional products the customer can add to their cart. 

What makes this strategy so effective is the fact that the additional products recommended in the cart are related to the products the customer has already added to their cart. By using AI to offer tailored recommendations, the seller has a much higher chance of securing a sale. 

advantages of shopify cart upsell
Source: crownforeverla.com

#2: Lowes

Lowes uses an add-to-cart pop-up that appears whenever an item is added to the cart. The slide-out shows confirmation that the item was added to the cart, and provides some suggestions (again, using text like “don’t forget these!”) of related items that can also be added to the cart.

Once you do proceed to the cart page, they don’t offer any additional upselling. While it’s important to provide your customers with plenty of chances to add extra items, it’s equally important to not overdo it.

shopify cart upsell
Source: lowes.com

#3: Viktor & Rolf (Similar behavior to Shopify cart upsell)

Part of the insanely successful Loreal Group, Viktor & Rolf know a thing or two about successful upselling in the beauty industry. When customers add an item to their cart, a pop-up tells customers how much more they need to spend in order to receive a free gift.

Rather than directly showing customers related items, they encourage customers to keep shopping and spend more time in the store.

Source: us.viktor-rolf.com

#4 Nordstrom

When you add a Nordstrom product to your cart, a pop-up immediately appears with “frequently bought together” products, that are related to the first product. Once you click on the cart page, they also display “customers also purchased” products – more related items that can be added to the cart, giving two incart upsell opportunities.

shopify cart upsell
Source: nordstrom.com

#4 Best Buy (Similar behavior to Shopify cart upsell)

Electronics giant Best Buy utilizes an incart upsell for their laptops that’s highly effective. They offer customers add-ons, such as Microsoft subscriptions, insurance, and more. If you have products that come with protection plans or similar, upselling these at the checkout is a great way of ensuring your customers both see their options, and all add them to their cart.

shopify cart upsell
Source: bestbuy.com

Shopify Cart Upsell: Use PickyStory to Power Your Cart and Sell More

A Shopify upsell at checkout or in-cart upsell doesn’t take long to set up, and is well worth the time and effort. Just like upselling on product pages and offering discounts throughout your store, a Shopify in cart upsell deal is an important tool in every merchant’s upselling arsenal. All you need is a Shopify cart upsell app to help you get started.

PickyStory makes it easy to create cart upselling deals with two exciting new features. The first is a pop-up that appears when the add-to-cart button is clicked, while the second is a pop-up that appears in the cart, displaying a related product bundle with an optional discount. If you’re already using PickyStory for bundles, these cart upsell deals can be added to your store in a few simple clicks.

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