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Shopify Discount: Definition, Best Practices, and Examples [Guide]

Shopify Discount: One of the best ways to entice customers to buy your products is by offering them a discount, promotion, or great sale they can’t refuse. Just like regular stores, customers are drawn to e-commerce stores for bargains, free gifts, free shipping, and anything else that might help them save a few dollars. 

Whether you’re looking for discount codes Shopify users can’t say no to, or wondering how to add quantity discounts to your store, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to learn more about your Shopify discount options, how to add Shopify quantity discounts to your store, how Shopify automatic discounts work, and how your store can benefit from a discount app.

What is a Shopify discount?

There are many different types of discounts Shopify stores can use. You can create a Shopify discount code, you can set up Shopify automatic discounts or use a Shopify discount app, and you can also manually set sale prices for specific products in your store. Whatever type of discount you choose, you can advertise your deals or promotions throughout your store, as well as through email/SMS marketing campaigns and your social channels of choice to help drive more traffic to your store.

Shopify discount vs. automatic discount

It’s important to consider the differences between a Shopify discount code and an automatic discount system when deciding what’s best for your store (of course, you can also use both). A Shopify discount code can be created for a dollar value (i.e., $10 off $60 purchases), a percentage (i.e., 20% off total purchase), or some other saving, such as free shipping. Customers can enter a code at the checkout that applies whichever discount you are offering.

Automatic discounts work a little differently compared to the discount codes Shopify offers. You can still create Shopify percent off discounts, or automatic discounts based on dollar values, or free shipping, with no code required. Instead, your customer just needs to add all the eligible items to their cart and the discount will automatically be applied at the checkout. One of the best ways to add automatic discounts to your store is with a Shopify discount app, such as PickyStory.

Shopify discount best practices

There are an endless number of discounts Shopify merchants can (and should) apply to their store. When creating a discount pricing strategy, think about what you are trying to achieve. Attracting new customers? Increasing AOV? Boosting your revenue from each store visit? Let’s take a look at some Shopify discount examples and see what they can offer your store.

#1 Bundle and save discount

shopify discount
Source: https://sarahharan.com

By offering discounts when your customers bundle products, you are encouraging your customers to add more items to their cart before they check out, thus increasing AOV. A great way to encourage customers to bundle products is by displaying related items on your product pages (jump to discount automation with PickyStory to learn more about adding this feature to your store).

Another best practice is seen in the example above. This is the act of showing your customers the original (non-sale) price of the products, also known as the “compare at price“. This is a sales psychology tactic helps customers visualize how much they would be saving, and boosts conversions. 

#2 Free shipping discount

shopify discount
Source: https://www.goodeeworld.com

Free shipping is a proven sales technique and another of the discounts Shopify merchants can benefit from. Endless consumer studies speak to the power of free shipping, and it’s a great way to encourage new customers to your store. However, you can also use free shipping to increase AOV. 

By offering free shipping on orders over a specific dollar value, your customers will be encouraged to make sure their cart hits that value before they check out. There are lots of apps that can help you add free shipping thresholds to your store – browse the Shopify app store to learn more.

#3 Sign up for savings

shopify discount
Source: https://us.judithandcharles.com

Another easy but effective discount is to offer a small incentive when customers sign up on your website. By offering even just 10% off an order, customers are more likely to give you their email address. Not only have you encouraged them to make their first purchase on your site, but you also have their details for future marketing campaigns and even more great deals – everybody wins!

Grow your sales with high-performing deals.

How to create a Shopify discount

There are lots of different ways you can go about adding a discount to your store. When you sign up for Shopify, Shopify quantity discounts and Shopify discount code options are already included in your plan. It’s pretty easy to set these up in your store, and you can customize features like which products are eligible, the dates for which the code or deal applies, and more. Once you’ve been using discount codes for a while, you can view “sales by discount” in your reports to see how often your discount codes are being used.

Automatic discounts are a little bit more involved. While these can also be manually done through Shopify, the scope of the deals you can offer is not all-inclusive, and you are somewhat limited in the deals and savings you can display, which affects your ability to cross-sell and upsell

The best way you can add automatic discounts and Shopify quantity discounts to your store is with a Shopify discount app. PickyStory has the ultimate discount options. PickyStory helps you generate more revenue from every store visit by offering product BundlesKits, and Looks

PickyStory shows your customers additional, related products to those they are already viewing, and makes it easy for customers to add extra items to their cart prior to checking out.

Discount automation with PickyStory

With the PickyStory app, you can manually create product Bundles, Kits, and Looks in your store. However, one of PickyStory’s top features is that it can do all the hard work for you by adding these deals to your store automatically. Let’s take a look at PickyStory’s Shopify discount automation capabilities.

#1 Shopify discount with Product Bundles

shopify cross sell
Source: try.pickystory.com

Product bundles work best when added to specific product pages. When your customer is viewing that product, they will see a set of related and/or complementary products on the same page that can also be added to their cart. Using PickyStory’s Shopify discount automation, this recommended or related product bundle is generated automatically. 

PickyStory uses algorithms and your existing sales data to create a product bundle that has the highest chance of being added to your customer’s cart. It’s easy, effective, and gets even more accurate over time.

#2 Shopify discount with Product Kits

shopify cross sell
Source: try.pickystory.com

Product kits are also a great addition to your product pages. PickyStory’s product kits allow you to offer pre-defined packs of products with a Shopify discount for tiered pricing. 

If a customer is buying two shirts, why not encourage them to buy three by offering a kit with a discount? Product kits are an effective Shopify upselling technique that will increase sales and revenue and can be easily automated in your store with PickyStory.

#3 Shopify discount with Shop the Look

Source: try.pickystory.com

Looks are a really effective way of inspiring your customers to purchase a complete look. Shop the Look works best when added to your store as a separate gallery page, allowing customers to browse until they find a look they love, then view the individual components of that look before adding to their cart. You can also offer an automated Shop the Look Shopify discount for customers who add the whole look to their cart.

PickyStory: Shopify discount automation made easy

PickyStory is a proven Shopify discount app that can help increase your revenue from every store visit. By adding product Bundles, Kits, and Looks to your store, you can help your customers find related products and offer a Shopify quantity discount on orders to tempt your customers. You can even automate these deals in your store for maximum effect. Add PickyStory to your store today to see the difference!

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