Shopify Cross-sell: Definition, Best Practices and Best Examples [Guide]

Shopify cross-sell: Cross-selling, upsellingconversion rates… it’s easy to get lost in the forest of e-commerce lingo, but it’s also important to understand these concepts to make sure your Shopify store is as successful as possible. Cross-selling is a really important feature that can add a lot of value to your store and help boost store revenue – and it’s so easy to introduce into your store! We’ve put together a guide that helps you understand the cross sell Shopify basics: what it is, how it can help you, and how to use a Shopify cross sell app in your store. Let’s go!

What is Shopify cross-sell?

Cross-selling is a powerful technique that encourages your customers to purchase complementary or related products to an item they are already viewing/purchasing. For example, if a customer is looking at a dress, you can tempt them with related items such as a matching pair of shoes or a jacket. In many cases, your customer would search for these related items anyway – you just help them out by making related products easy to find and reminding your customers of additional items they may be interested in.

Shopify cross-sell vs. upsell

Although they are sometimes used interchangeably, cross selling and upselling have distinct features. While cross selling focuses on related products, upselling on Shopify essentially encourages customers to purchase a more expensive version of the same product, or add-ons to that product. Although they are different, cross-sell and upsell techniques can be used together and are often mutually beneficial this way.

How Shopify cross-sell can increase your store’s revenue

Regardless of your e-commerce industry, using Shopify cross-sell techniques can have huge benefits. If you have a beauty store, encourage your customers to buy a brush when they add foundation to their cart. If you’re in the home design industry, show your customers an area rug that complements the artwork they just purchased. The possibilities are endless, and it’s easy to add cross sell Shopify techniques to your store with minimal effort.

5 best Shopify cross-sell examples

Shopify cross-sell works best when you add related items to specific product pages in your store. An easy way to do this is with PickyStory – a Shopify cross sell app that helps you generate more revenue from every store visit by adding product bundlesproduct kits, and shoppable looks to your store. Here are some great examples of PickyStory cross sell deals in action:

#1 Confetti Interiors

shopify cross sell

Confetti Interiors makes it easier for customers to bundle related products by incorporating PickyStory’s “Buy The Look” feature in their store. This feature can be added to any product page in your store, and shows your customers additional, related, complementary products to the item they are already viewing. There’s an “Add To Cart” button for each product, making it almost too easy for your customers to add each item to their cart without leaving the page they are on.

#2 ArtHouse

shopify cross sell

ArtHouse sells beautiful, framed prints, and has something to suit everyone’s taste. They use PickyStory to create cross sell Shopify deals, and have added a beautiful, shoppable gallery to their store thanks to PickyStory. A gallery can be added as a separate, unique page to your store, and allows your customers to view different, complete looks until they find the one they love. When they do, they can select that look to view the individual components and add all of the separate pieces to their cart in a few easy clicks.

Grow your sales with high-performing deals.

#3 Judith & Charles

shopify cross sell

Canadian-based high-end fashion label Judith & Charles use Shopify cross sell app PickyStory to create product bundles in their store. These bundles feature on the product page of each item – when a customer is viewing a product, they can click a “complete the look” button to view a carefully tailored product bundle featuring related items. This way, it’s easy to display a whole outfit to your customers, and it’s even easier for them to add the complete ensemble to their cart (and wardrobe).

#4 Sarah Haran

shopify cross sell

Handbag specialist Sarah Haran knows exactly how to make your next outfit pop with their exceptional accessories. Thanks to PickyStory, they’ve been able to add cross sell Shopify deals to their store in the form of beautifully thought-out product bundles. Each bundle is tailored to a customer looking at a given product, and customers can then customize the hardware and color of each item in the bundle before adding everything to their cart: cross selling made easy!

#5 Love Luna

Love Luna makes sustainable sanitary products for women and has added product kits to their store using Shopify cross sell app PickyStory. Customers can view the different kit options and see the discounts that come when they purchase bulk kits. Displaying discounts is always a great way of encouraging your customer to purchase additional products – everyone loves a bargain!

You can also learn more about creating deals with PickyStory in this video.

How to implement Shopify cross-sell in your store

The best way to use Shopify cross-sell is with an app that does all the work for you. If you’re looking for the best Shopify cross sell app, look no further than PickyStory. PickyStory allows you to create both manual and automated deals and easily add them to your store. What makes PickyStory the best Shopify cross sell app? It’s easy to use, highly customizable, and works for every industry. There are three main deals you can add to your store using PickyStory:

#1 Product Bundles

shopify cross sell

Bundles are a great addition to your product pages. Product bundles allow you to show your customers items that are “frequently bought together” or “complete their look,” displaying related, complementary products that help you boost your AOV. Bundles can be manual (you link products that you think are a good fit for each other) or automated (PickyStory uses algorithms and machine learning to generate bundles based on your store’s sales history). You can also offer discounts with your bundles to tempt your customers. Learn more about product bundles here.

#2 Product Kits

shopify cross sell

Product kits allow you to offer pre-defined packs of products with tiered pricing and discounts. Encourage your customers to spend more for a discount, thus increasing your sales and revenue. Shopify cross sell app PickyStory makes it easy to add kits to your store, regardless of your industry. You can learn more about product kits here.

#3 Shop the Look

Shop the Look is all about inspiring your customers. In the same way that a mannequin in a store can capture a customer’s imagination and help them picture a whole outfit, so too can a shoppable gallery in your e-commerce store. In some ways it’s even better than a mannequin, because once your customer finds a look they like, they can click to view the individual components and add the whole thing to their cart. Voila! Learn more about Shop the Look with PickyStory here.

Add PickyStory to your store to guarantee Shopify cross-sell success

You don’t need to be a marketing pro to create a store with great cross selling capabilities. All you need to do is utilize PickyStory – one of the best Shopify cross sell app options available. PickyStory makes cross selling and upselling in your store easier than ever – all you have to do is watch your revenue increase from every store visit.

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