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Upsell on Shopify: How to upsell, best practices, examples (+Pro Tips)

How to upsell on Shopify is an extremely helpful asset for a Shopify retailer to have. Your store can lose up to 30% of potential revenue if you’re not upselling your products. Upsell techniques are used by some of the fastest growing eCommerce brands such as Judith & CharlesKerrits and Texas Dance Supply. In this article, we will show you the best practices to upsell on Shopify and boost up your store’s revenue:

What is upselling on Shopify?

Upselling is the practice of offering your existing customers complementary, recommended or higher tier products to add to their original sale. By using techniques to upsell on Shopify, you provide additional value to the purchase by giving your customer an opportunity for a full shopping experience at your store. For example, offering a complimentary top and sandals to someone purchasing a skirt.

Why is it important to upsell on Shopify?

When done right, upselling techniques introduce customers to more products that they could be interested in according to their current buy, while making sure that their spending is kept in-store – a customer purchasing a skirt could be looking for a top and shoes to complete their look, the question is whether or not they will buy it from you.

To upsell on Shopify, you need to start with thinking about the overall needs of your customers. It will only be beneficial to upsell when the combined offer adds more value to the customer than when buying the original item solely. 

Let’s look back at the skirt – what is the added value to the customer when purchasing a skirt, a top and sandals all together?

And what’s in it for the retailer when making a sale of a complete look?

As you can see, it’s a win-win situation for both sides – the customer leaves your shop satisfied with everything they need and you increase your average order value.

Upsell on Shopify at the right moment

Momentum is everything when it comes to upselling. The art of commerce is addressing the right need at the right moment. Doing it wrong can disrupt the shopper’s experience, increase mistrust, and result in cart abandonment.

When thinking of the perfect time to upsell, ask yourself – when would it make sense to offer related or complementary products? 

You should start by identifying the moment your customer has the highest intent to buy. A good rule of thumb will be to embed the upsell offers naturally in your customer’s shopping journey and not to change it just for the sake of pushing more products. Shoppers tend to be more open to explore new products when they don’t feel coerced to make a deal through marketing tricks. You should be selling your amazing products, not sophisticated maneuvers.

Ideas where to upsell your products in your Shopify store:

Product pages – add a Bundle Button next to the Add to Cart button

upsell with a bundle button
Source: https://us.judithandcharles.com

Product pages – add an upsell Bundle under the main product

upsell bundle on shopify

Product pages – add a Recommended Products section

upsell with recommended products

In-cart – offer to add more related products based on products in the cart

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Dedicated Bundle Pages where shoppers can explore more products

upsell bundles on any page
Source: https://sunglassfreaks.be

Homepage – promote upsell deals right when shoppers visit your website

upsell on homepage
Source: https://kerrits.com

Upsell with discounts

Discounts are efficient when it comes to upselling. Shoppers may not see the benefit of adding bundled products to their cart because they don’t want to spend more money. This is where discounts come in.

You can use discounts to increase the fear of missing out (FOMO) and encourage customers to add more products now, rather than later. This is done by presenting an offer in which purchasing individual products is more costly than purchasing a discounted bundle of products. This way, the customer gets a great deal, while the retailer increases the average order value.

Pro tip: Don’t overdo it. If discounts are offered on a regular basis, the customers won’t perceive them as a once-in-a-lifetime deal and will want to wait for a better one to come along. Save the best discounts for the right moment, when shoppers are most keen to shop.

Ideas when to offer bundle discounts on Shopify:

Types of bundle discounts

There are three popular discount types on Shopify:

As simple as it sounds. Give a percentage discount to customers who add the bundle to their cart. It can be used for almost any type of bundle. For example, get 10% off when purchasing a bundle of three t-shirts.

Offer a fixed discount for customers who add several products to the cart. Usually used with Pack Bundles. For example, pick any two bottles of wine for $50 instead of $60.

Offer customers a free product when purchasing another product or when spending a certain amount of money in-store. For example, buy a laptop and get a mouse for free.

bundle on a product page

Start to upsell on Shopify: an easy solution

Shopify provides a rich app store where retailers can find apps like PickyStory to help start upselling fast and easily. Once installing the app, it’s time to bring your upsell strategies to life by creating bundles of products that your customers will like. If you have multiple products and are not sure which ones should be bundled together, these apps provide automated bundles that are created based on best selling products through your store’s history, similar to Amazon’s Recommended Products algorithm.

Here are things to consider when choosing an upselling app:

Apps like PickyStory provide all of these features and are dedicated to help you upsell your products on Shopify. Here is how you can easily start creating bundles in just a few clicks:

Step 01: Go to the Shopify app store and add the PickyStory app to your store.

upsell bundles with pickystory

Step 02: Once installed, Automated Frequently Bought Together bundles will be shown on your product pages, under the description section:

Step 03: You can also decide for yourself which items to insert into the bundle by creating a bundle campaign. On the app, click on Campaigns, then Create campaign:

Step 04: Name your campaign, select the dates it will be active, choose “Bundle products” as the campaign type, then click on the purple “Add Bundle” button:

Step 05: Name your bundle, set (optional) discount parameters, then click on “add products” to add products to your bundle:

Step 06: Choose where to display your bundle (in this example, product pages is selected), then choose how the bundle widget is displayed (i.e., on the page or as a pop up). Next, position the widget on the page.

Step 07: Next, drag the bundle widget and drop it onto the desired section of the page:

Step 08: That’s it! Navigate back to the app, publish your campaign, and view your bundle in-store:

Analyze bundle upsell performance

One of the most important features a Shopify upsell app can provide you with is a platform to measure your sales through your product bundles. This enables you to constantly optimize your shop’s performance, by testing different combinations and calculating which one’s are most suited for your store and provide the highest return on investment (ROI).

Here’s a simple way to measure ROI on a bundles app:

calculate return on investment (roi)

Upsell on Shopify - let’s go!

Upsell techniques are a quick, simple and efficient way to boost up the average order value (AOV) in your store. More and more retailers turn to use bundles to upsell on Shopify, as this tactic has proven itself to be one that leaves both sides of the deal satisfied – the customer and the retailer.

This way, you gain your customers’ trust as a high quality shop, while increasing your customer lifetime value – they will want to come back for more and you can spend less time and money on gaining new customers.

Start upselling on Shopify by creating your first bundle!

Have fun!

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