Ecommerce upsell: 5 Innovative Techniques to Upsell With Related Products

Ecommerce upsell: Upselling isn’t always easy but if you know your customers enough, you can always come up with a strategy. You can map out a great technique that won’t only increase your revenue but will help your customers find what they’re looking for. A relatively easy and quick way to generate more revenue is to expand the range of products that you’re selling to your existing customers. They have known your service for a long time and they will be more than pleased to find a one-stop shop solution for all their shopping needs. It’s a win-win!

One great way to upsell on Shopify is to add complementary/related products to your webpage. Regardless of the industry size; upselling has obvious benefits for any business. Encouraging your customers to buy additional products that will enhance their experience is a great approach, but this should be done in a thoughtful way. Adopting this strategy of upselling to your existing customers, you can expect a much higher response rate because it increases conversion rates, cart value, overall revenue as well as enhances the overall user experience.

Instead of putting a whole variety of unnecessary products in your customer’s face, present them with product choices that make sense and will truly add to their experience. Statistics showing how upselling via related products increases sales and revenue. According to one report published by Amazon, Upselling via complementary/related product generates as much as 35% of profits.

Forrester Research analyst Sucharita Mulpuru says that complementary product recommendations show an average increase of 10-30% of revenue on e-commerce sites.

Where upselling through offering complementary products increases average order value, marketing metrics also state that the likelihood of an existing customer buying the complementary product is 60% to 70%, whereas the probability of a new prospect buying the same complementary product is 5 to 20%.

As far as the conversion rates are concerned, upselling with complementary/related products gets up to 3% conversions when correctly and effectively used on the checkout page.


Don’t overlook the opportunity to upsell with complementary products to your current customers because it’s one of the easiest ways to generate higher revenue while improving customer satisfaction and experience.

Upselling via related products on Shopify using PickyStory app

As a customer, you may also have experienced upselling or cross-selling many times in life, while shopping. You might have unknowingly faced it on your last trip to get a cheese or veggie burger for yourself when the salesperson asked you.

“Would you like to have fries and drink with it?”


Yes, that’s how you upsell to customers. The same strategy works with other products too.

1. Bundle products together for ecommerce upsell

Use the customer delight formula to tell your customers that they need other related products too along with the primary product. For example; offering a jacket with a t-shirt.


2. More options means more potential add to carts


Thoroughly research the products that naturally combine with the primary one and then add those to your products page using a “you may also like” section.


3. Create smart discounts for ecommerce upsell

Incentivize your customers with discounts, suggest that it’s a ‘steal deal’ and is going to improve the overall experience and utility of the main product.

4. Add related products

Add a “related products” image slider with every primary product page – a simple yet effective ecommerce upsell technique.


5. Test different titles for your ecommerce upsell deals


Make it look enticing and encouraging. Use words like “The product goes great with” or “Enhance the overall look/beauty”. This will at least have your customers look into the product. 


“Amazing customer support and perfect app for our needs.”



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