5 Effective Tactics To Upsell On Shopify

Want to encourage your customer’s primary purchase? If you shook your head in yes then you may also want to learn how to do it.


But before we take the plunge to understand it, we should know a few facts about upselling. It is a great technique to enhance sales and making the primary purchase more expensive. The author in marketing metrics divulged, “The possibility of selling a product to a new customer is 5-20%, whereas the likelihood of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%”. Therefore, in retrospect, putting the right offers in front of your customers at the right time is a pretty lucrative tactic.


With upselling, you can see a significant increase in the average amount that is spent in dollars per order, known as (AOV) average order value, as well as, a surge in overall revenue. That being said, the question is how do you encourage your customers to upgrade their purchase? 


Therefore, PickyStory simplifies it for you. Below is the list of 5 amazing and effective tactics to upsell your products on Shopify through PickyStory: 

1. Add 'buy the look' section to your product pages

With new trends and fashion fads hitting the market, people look for complete looks instead of purchasing a single product. Fashion enthusiasts want to stand out amongst others by effortlessly pulling off their complete look. Take the plunge and add ‘buy the look’ section to your products page. This will not only upsell to your customers but also attract more traffic. 


2. Add a shoppable image slider to your homepage

Upgrade your homepage with a shoppable image slider gallery. The concept behind the gallery (image sliders) is that it grabs the attention of the customer instantly and provides quick and easy access to the complete look. With popping and colorful shoppable sliders, your customers can swiftly buy the looks with a single click and add the complete chic look to their shopping cart.


3. Create a shop the look page

Something even better than adding a ‘buy the look’ section is to dedicate a complete page to it. All you have to do is add a new page to your e-store and point the location where you want to have the grid with all the looks. PickyStory is hassle-free, you don’t need any developer for any of this work. For further details, visit this post to learn about how to add a gallery through PickyStory.


4. Add a shop the look button to your product pages

‘Shop the look’ section, Done! ‘Shop the look’ page, that’s also done! But how your customers get that look into their cart? Our app makes it easier for you by automatically adding a ‘shop the look’ button to every product page that’s part of the look. A pop-up will appear as your shoppers will tap the button to the page – plain sailing access to the look they want.


5. Add a shoppable image slider to your checkout page

Don’t let your customers shove off so easily. Inspire them to buy a few more products. At checkout, put on some of your most sought after and trendy products and enjoy the perks of upselling in a lucrative manner.

Try out the above tactics and upsell to your customers in an inspiring way.


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