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How to Leverage Shopify Discounts With Shop the Look

Promotions/reduced prices or commonly known as discounting is one of the most prevalent and unarguably an effective technique to drive sales. POS, research site, a study by Software Advice, divulged, “Discounting is a considerate pricing strategy for retailers across all sectors, as marked by 97% of survey respondents.” Even in tough times, companies often decide to offer discounts on their products and services to increase conversions and sales. A major advantage that this approach serves is that it attracts attention– get prospects who, otherwise, would not try to buy your goods and services and boost sales.

Why Offer Discounts?

In a clustered online market, keeping a businesses’ online existence is a bit of a task. To get attention to business needs, you should better develop a customer’s interest and satisfy them enough to ensure a purchase. One great way to instill curiosity among your customers is to offer discounts. The strategy may seem simple and straightforward, but it never fails to work.

With so many similar products, packages and prices on the web, you need to stand out from the rest of the sellers and make the customers choose you over others. When your customer chooses to shop the look, offering them a discount might make them explore your products and offerings further. If that happens, your customer might end up buying more products from your offerings and you successfully upselling to your customers. Moreover, word of mouth will ensure more traffic on your e-store and generate more revenue per user.

PickyStory’s Discounts Feature

It’s no more a hidden fact that customers love discounts and deals. Keeping in mind this and the fact that discounts can take the sales graph linear; PickyStory proposes a new discount feature for all its merchants to allow them to, further offer the discounts to all their customers and future prospects as they add more than one product to their cart from the same look.

The new feature allows merchants to create discounts and easily manage them from one place. The configurability or flexibility of this discount feature is 100% and every merchant can configure it according to their own requirements. For example, you can create one discount per look or promote multiple looks with the same discount.

How to Configure?

Let’s give you a quick look on the configuration flow of the discount feature: 


While creating a discount, a merchant can configure the discount percentage and the quantity of products for a shopper to be eligible for a discount as he deems fit. The discount feature has three phases which are displayed through a responsive bar that is added on top of the look (works on all widgets). Each of the phases can be customized with text and variables (quantity, discount percentage):

1. Initial

This phase saves the customers of the hustle. It encourages the customers to add more than one product to their shopping cart from the same look to be eligible for the discount.


Example – Complete the look to get ${percents}% off!’


Source: pickystory.com

2. Add more products to be eligible for a discount

Ask your customers to add more products from the same look in order to avail the exciting discount.


Example – Add ${itemsTillDiscount} more products to get ${percents}% off 


Source: pickystory.com

3. Discount Applied (You're Eligible!)

Share the good news with your customers that the discount has been successfully applied.

Example – Congrats! Your discount will be applied at checkout

Source: pickystory.com

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