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Best 15 Shopify Apps for Beauty Stores [2023]

Best Shopify apps for beauty: The beauty industry has been proving itself as an ever-growing and innovative field of shopping. With it’s entrance into the world of eCommerce, that growth has only been accelerating. 

New AI technology, social media and influencers are all factors that help the industry stay relevant. Kylie Cosmetics for example, had a 2019 revenue of $200 million dollars built on the back of the Kardashian’s 175 million social media following.

As a beauty merchant, we want to give you the tools needed to help your brand thrive in this new era. This is why we’ve done our research and gathered the best Shopify apps for beauty merchants. Each of these apps offer essential features that will help you increase sales and gain more revenue.

Why is Shopify Good for Beauty Stores?

While there are multiple e-commerce platforms that beauty merchants can use to power their store, Shopify is one of the leaders. There are a few reasons for this: 

What Should You Look For when Choosing a Beauty App for Shopify?

With so many third party apps to choose from, it can be difficult to know which ones will give your store the biggest boost. Of course, it will partially depend on your specific goals and requirements, but in general, there are a few common factors to consider when choosing apps for your beauty store:

The 15 Best Shopify Apps for Beauty Stores

app Name


Free trial

number of reviews




Free plan available

7 days



Email, live chat, video call

Ali Reviews

Free plan available

7 days




Beauty Clout

Free plan available

14 days





Free plan available

7 days




Dropship Beauty


30 days




Facebook &


Auto Post

Free plan available

7 days





Free plan available

14 days



Email, live chat, phone


Page Builder


14 days







Free plan available

14 days




Quiz Kit


7 days





Free plan available

50 orders



WhatsApp, live chat

Ultimate Sticky

Add to Cart


7 days





Free plan available

14 days



Email, live chat

YouCam Makeup


14 days




#1: PickyStory (Best Shopify App for Beauty)

PickyStory is a selling app designed to help you sell in better and more profitable ways. It’s key strategy is upselling – putting an emphasis on increasing existing customers’ sales. Leading beauty brands such as LulaFox, use this tactic because it is not only up to 25% more expensive to acquire a new customer, but the likelihood of selling to an existing customer is 60%-70% bigger than to a new one.

So how is it done? PickyStory gives you numerous opportunities for increasing your customer’s purchase. With the app, you can add a ‘Shop the Look’ widget, presenting customers with a whole look consisting of your beauty products. Next to the look, show a bundle of the products, and offer customers to add all of them together to their cart for a discounted price. All the customer has to do is click the ‘Add to Cart’ button, and they have a new beauty kit ready to go.

Source: try.pickystory.com

Another great PIckyStory feature is product kits. With these kits, you can sell in large volumes for tiered prices. This is a great fit for beauty merchants as many times when customers have a product they like, they’ll just buy a number of them at once. So lets say your customer really likes your signature eyeliner – offer 3 eyeliners for 10% off and 5 eyeliners for 20% off. Why not take advantage of this rare sale and stock up on my favorite beauty products?

Top features:

Grow your sales with high-performing deals.

#2: UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an ideal marketing campaign for beauty businesses to advertise their products faster and stably. Via the affiliate’s voice such as social channels, networks, websites, etc, they (affiliates) will deliver your products to reach a wider audience. And UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing is a potential option for you to build, manage  and succeed with affiliate marketing. 

To start with affiliate marketing, you can easily find your qualified affiliates via UpPromote marketplace; or using Converting your customers into affiliates feature and Multi-level Marketing feature to grow up your team.

With UpPromote app, each affiliate will have an auto-generated affiliate link which leads directly to your store. If you want to assign coupons for members, the app can do that automatically. To manage your team performance, the app will track all referral orders and your affiliate’s performance via multiple tracking methods.

Source: apps.shopify.com/affliate-by-secomapp

Top features:

#3: Product Recommendation Quiz

Product Recommendation Quiz is a must-have for any beauty brand. Customers shopping for beauty are pickier than others. Their unique skin types and conditions require specific products, which are not always easy to find in your store’s vast catalog. 

Product Recommendation Quiz takes customer answers into consideration and provides exactly the type of personal experience your customers would get with a one-on-one consultation with a beauty expert.

Source: apps.shopify.com/product-recommendation-quiz-revenuehunt

The app has ready-to-use quiz templates for any beauty branch: from skincare, hair care to cosmetics, and offers many customization options. Their voting algorithm takes care of the recommendations for you. Customers can add their results directly to the cart or receive a personalized email straight to their inbox. 

Quizzes easily increase your brand’s sales conversion rate, while keeping the customer support efforts and returns to a minimum. For increased sales you can send the quiz results directly to the customer’s email address or connect the quiz with any CRM service like Klaviyo or your Shopify Customers list.

Top features:

#4: Shoppable Instagram Feed app (Best Shopify apps for beauty)

Social media is an inevitable factor that helps beauty brands to engage with more potential customers and drive sales. By showing a beautiful Instagram feed on your Shopify store, you can retain visitors to stay longer, convert them into your followers and customers. Let’s make it come true at ease with the Shoppable Instagram Feed app.

Source: apps.shopify.com/instagram-shop-by-allfetch

The app allows you to show Instagram feed on any page and customize its design to best match your beauty theme. With the product tags feature, you can pinpoint the exact products on Instagram photos and let customers shop right on the feed. Rest assured that your Instagram feed is automatically updated and responsive on any device. 

Top features:

#5: BLOOP Rewards and Referrals

BLOOP Rewards & Referrals App is a Shopify referral marketing app that encourages affiliates to find new customers, elevate revenues and reward them with attractive bonuses and incentives. Whether your advocates come from, BLOOP Rewards & Referrals App brings your customers together to strengthen brand loyalty and accelerate revenue growth. 

With BLOOP Rewards & Referrals App, you can ultimately create automated referral programs in a breeze. Customers can refer a friend by using a customized refer link or directly on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. 

Source: apps.shopify.com/bloop-loyalty

The BLoop system will automatically reward the ambassador a bonus once their friend places an order using that referral link. With the aim to drive Shopify merchants more customers and keep them engaged, BLoop Rewards & Referrals App offers a free plan for the tightest budget, including an abundance of features covered no matter what your requirements are.   

Top features:

#6: Dropship Beauty

Dropship beauty is a self-explanatory app. It’s a dropship app, specifically for beauty merchants. This means that you can stock up on various beauty products, such as hair extensions, wigs and lashes, without having to hold on to an inventory.

The app takes care of your stock for you. When an order is made on your site, it is automatically sent to the app which packs it up and ships it for you. The shipping info is sent directly to your customer through your store. Also, shipping takes just a couple of days, providing customers satisfactory service. You can customize your packaging, so the purchase is still associated with you.

Source: apps.shopify.com/dropship-beauty

Although only limited to US addresses, this app is great for merchants who don’t have time to deal with all of the warehouse work.

Top features:

#7: Fera (Best Shopify apps for beauty - social proof)

Fera is a reviews app with customizable widgets that look beautiful from the start. This app makes it easy to start building trust in your store by showing text, photo, & video reviews.

Reviews are so important when it comes to building trust with your customers, especially when you’re selling online. If you have accumulated product reviews on other platforms, you can use Fera to import and display reviews from those sources, including Google and Facebook reviews. 

You are also able to gather reviews on autopilot with Fera’s easy-to-use review request system. 

Source: apps.shopify.com/fera

With Fera, it’s never been easier to obtain more reviews from purchases. Follow-up with your customers with review reminders and watch the stars roll in! 

Top features:

#8: Beauty Clout

As a beauty merchant, you know that influencers and beauty gurus are the newest hype these days. And for a reason, as businesses make $5.20 for every $1 spent on influencer marketing. This is why Beauty Clout is on our list of the best beauty apps for Shopify.

Beaty Clout is an app for connecting you with influencers that are eager to share your products with the world. Choose from over 10,000 influencers to find the person that suits your brand and can expose your products to the right audience. The app offers deep-store integration, letting you easily hire influencers and ship your products to them.

This app is great for merchants looking to broaden their coverage on major social media outlets.

Source: apps.shopify.com/beauty-clout

With Instafeed, connect your brand’s Instagram account to your website so that customers can view your feed right in your store. This creates ‘social proof’ of your brand, by presenting your fashion on other customers and instagram influencers, creating new conversions.

Top features:

#9: Reviewbit WhatsApp Reviews

Reviewbit helps Shopify sellers to provide post-purchase customer engagements via social messaging platforms such as WhatsApp. Stores can collect feedback on each order by sending an automated review request through instant messaging systems. 

The app allows businesses to provide immediate customer service in response to negative reviews, upsell their products to satisfied or loyal customers, and increase sales through upselling and cross-selling products by sending offers and promo coupons while gathering feedback through chat platforms. 

Reviewbit helps merchants retain current customers while also converting new ones into loyal customers, and assures 30% more results in collecting reviews than through email.

best shopify apps for makeup stores
Source: apps.shopify.com/whatsapp-reviews

Top features:

#10: Quiz Kit (Best Shopify Apps for Beauty)

One of the things that differentiate the beauty industry from others is it’s need for personalization. Through these past years there has been a revolutionary shift towards creating products that suit specific skin tones, looks and needs, in order to make beauty products accessible for anyone. So it is important to let your customers know that this is something your brand offers.

To do this in a unique and fun way, we recommend using the Quiz kit app. Create customized quizzes and gather specific info about your customers. They will then get  personalized recommendations of your beauty products that fit their exact needs in the most suitable way.

With the app you can also keep track of the quizzes results, allowing you to measure click-through rates, add to carts and purchases.

best shopify apps from beauty
Source: apps.shopify.com/quiz-kit

Top features:

#11: Facebook & Instagram Auto Post

We’ve seen the importance of influencer marketing. We also saw that these strategies are so successful because they use the biggest social platforms out there. This is because Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and all the rest provide social proof. Only seeing your products on a model sometimes doesn’t cut it.

Integrating your site with social platforms exposes customers to your beauty products on real people, increasing your trustworthiness. Facebook & Instagram Autopost make this a simple task. With the app you can schedule for random products to be posted on specific times. Before the post, you will be shown a preview of how it will look like on your different pages.

By automating your social media, creating stronger connections with customers should be an easy task.

Source: apps.shopify.com/post-studio-social-media-auto-post

Top features:

#12: Ali Reviews (Best Shopify Apps for Beauty)

92% of customers will hesitate to buy a product from a store without reviews from customers. That potentially a 92% loss of revenue. As we’ve said earlier, social proof has a big effect on whether customers will end up buying from you or not. This is extra important in the beauty industry, as you don’t really see what you bought until you open the product and put it on. So customers might be extra skeptical.

We recommend Ali Reviews to help you create this platform for your store. With the app you can import reviews and photo reviews from AliExpress in seconds. The app also integrates with your Google Shopping feed, letting you easily push reviews into your feed.

You can also create review pop-ups that create a sense of urgency of hot items selling out. This can help trigger quick shopping decisions, increase conversions quickly and boost sales.

best shopify apps from beauty
Source: apps.shopify.com/ali-reviews

Top features:

#13: YouCam Makeup

If you want to take social proof even a further step, why not let the customer try on your products themselves? YouCam Makeup allows customers to virtually “try on” your beauty products, from the comfort of their computer chair.

The app uses AR (Augmented Reality) technology to visualize how your different beauty products will look on customers. This is a good feature for increasing your trust with customers and possibly decreasing return rates.

Moreover, the AR experience is fun as it creates an interactive shopping experience, helping to increase customers’ sessions in your store.

best shopify apps from beauty
Source: apps.shopify.com/youcam-makeup-official

Top features:

#14: Ultimate Sticky Add to Cart

Cart abandonments are not easy to dodge. Sometimes, a split of a second can cause your customer to change their mind and just click the exit button. Specifically, beauty brands suffer from an average of 67% of abandonments. This is why it’s so important to create an easier transition from an interested bypasser to a satisfied customer.

Ultimate Sticky Add to Cart lets you present the add to cart button anywhere in your store at any time. By doing that, customers can add products to their cart at any moment. This can help in simplifying your customers’ purchasing journey and increasing conversions.

However, you should note that this feature could be irritating for certain customers, so make sure it fits your store’s vibe.

best shopify apps from beauty
Source: apps.shopify.com/ultimate-sticky-add-to-cart

Top features:

#15: Hypervisual Page Builder (Best Shopify apps for beauty stores)

As a beauty merchant, you probably know how important visuals are. The feeling a customer gets when entering your store or certain product pages can have a big effect on the way they perceive your brand. If you are looking to create a unique vibe for your brand (and if you’re selling beauty products, we hope you are), then creating aesthetical pages can be very important.

Hypervisual Page Builder aims at creating the most beautiful pages for your site. You can customize product pages, collection pages, blog posts and your homepage. Create pages that match with your store’s style in order to promote your brand’s theme.

The app also offers built-in email opt-in forms, helping you collect customers’ emails easily, and integrates with Google Analytics and Facebook.

Source: apps.shopify.com/hypervisual

Top features:

Become a Top Beauty Brand with these Game-Changing Apps

The beauty industry is always evolving. It requires you to constantly keep up with new trends and social aspects in order to become and stay successful. Using the best beauty apps for Shopify can help you stay on top of all of these things, while putting in minimum effort. Using this wide range of features are proven ways to increase sales and boost your brands revenue.

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