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Holiday Promotion Ideas: 12 Tips and Examples for Your Brand [2023]

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With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s worth looking ahead to prepare for the busiest shopping time of the year. E-commerce sites and brick-and-mortar retailers are gearing up for this upcoming shopping extravaganza.

As such, there is no reason you shouldn’t gear up for the holiday season, too. In this article, we are going to explore 12 tips and examples for your brand in this 2023 holiday shopping season. 

So, let’s jump right on in with the best holiday promotion ideas you can quickly put into practice.

Why are Holiday Sales Ideas so Important?

To say that the holiday shopping season is important is an understatement. So, here are some figures that will help put the holiday shopping season’s importance into perspective:

If you need even more reasons, a recent survey revealed that 93% of respondents planned to purchase holiday gifts on Amazon. This figure reveals that e-commerce is front and center of consumers’ minds.

12 Holiday Marketing and Promotion Ideas (Tips + Examples)

#1: Gift boxes

Holiday gift boxes are a wonderful way to package multiple products into a single promotion idea. Gift boxes allow you to build a curated product bundle to impress the most discriminating tastes. Goldenerre does a great job of creating elegant and stylish gift boxes:

holiday promotion ideas
Source: goldenerre.com

Why do we love this holiday marketing and promotion idea?

These product gift boxes get it right because customers can purchase a bundle that costs less than an individual item. As a result, customers can get a thoughtful gift box package to complement their full look. 

Here’s the best part: this gift box idea is a curated package with various options and alternatives. Consequently, customers can still customize their purchases without guesswork. It’s a win-win for all in the end!

#2: Holiday flavors and fragrances

What’s the holiday season without its traditional flavors and fragrances? Kringle Candle has this part of the holiday season down cold. Its singular collection of scented candles helps create the ultimate holiday atmosphere:

holiday marketing and promotion ideas
Source: kringlecandle.com

Why do we love this holiday marketing and promotion idea?

Kringle Candle gets it right because they offer their signature holiday promotion ideas by bundling products together. Like gift boxes, mix-and-match product bundles allow customers to add as many items as they like. However, be sure to entice customers by giving them a good deal when they buy more. 

Grow your sales with high-performing deals.

#3: Increase AOV with product bundles

Speaking of product bundles, you can boost your average order value (AOV) with killer product bundle ideas. If you’ve noticed your AOV hasn’t increased much recently, take a look at his holiday promotion idea for small businesses. 

Phase Zero Makeup knows how to boost AOV by offering enticing product bundles. This brand offers its best products at a regular price. However, customers can get a great deal when they bundle up:

holiday promotion ideas online store
Source: phasezeromakeup.com

Why do we love this holiday marketing and promotion idea?

Phase Zero gets it right because they offer customers an array of choices. Customers can choose to buy a single item or a product bundle. The catch is that the more customers buy, the more they save. 

This feature compels customers to purchase more, thus boosting your AOV. Please remember that customers hate missing out on a good deal. If the deal is too good to pass up, you can be sure your customers will buy more to save more.

#4: Curated sets to eliminate the guesswork

One of the major themes in our list today is curated sets. Curated packs and bundles are staples of our holiday promotion ideas. These sets help your customers solve a major pain point: figuring out which products can complement one another. Epic Gardening knows how to build curated sets. They bundle everything a gardener needs to hit the ground running:

ideas for holiday sales shopify
Source: shop.epicgardening.com

Why do we love this holiday promotion idea?

We love this holiday sales idea because Epic Gardening takes the guesswork out of gardening supplies. Their curated bundles give customers everything they need to get started planting. Best of all, customers can see what they’re getting in the bundle. This holiday promotion idea works very well as a gift idea. 

Think about it.

You can give someone with a green thumb everything they need in a single pack. Epic Gardening eliminates the guesswork entirely. You can do the same by building curated bundles with products that complement each other. 

#5: Build-your-own bundle

There’s nothing better than giving customers choices. In doing so, you allow your customers to customize their purchases. Please bear in mind that people love customization. After all, who doesn’t love individualized products? People pay a premium for bespoke items.

Build-your-own bundles are fantastic holiday promotion and marketing ideas. Brands like Nopalera have nailed it. This brand gives customers ultimate flexibility in choosing what products they want. In the end, the more customers buy, the more they save.

top holiday promotion examples ideas
Source: nopalera.co

Why do we love this holiday promotion idea?

This holiday promotion idea for small businesses hits the mark because customers can choose any combination of products they like. This high level of customization gives customers the ultimate opportunity to create bespoke product bundles. 

Best of all, this holiday promotion idea works well because folks can buy a product bundle for their stocking stuffers or friends and colleagues. You can’t go wrong with a killer product bundle!

#6: Showcasing your products on a single page

If there’s anything folks hate, it is having to switch from one page to another. Switching back and forth costs time and effort. As a result, shoppers would much rather scroll down the page to find their favorite deals. Samara has that angle covered. They showcase their products on a single page, so people don’t have to switch back and forth. 

Source: samarabags.com

Why do we love this holiday promotion idea?

This awesome holiday promotion idea works very well because customers don’t need to run around the site looking for the best in curated bundles. They can easily scroll down one page to find everything they need. After, customers can click on individual product listings.

But here’s the best part: if a customer wants to purchase, all they have to do is click “add to cart,” and they are good to go! Please remember that making things easy for your customers is the best way to go. 

#7: Bringing deals to life

One of the most effective holiday promotion ideas is to bring deals to life. You can achieve that by using a “shop the look.” Shop the look allows your customers to see what your deals look like in real life. 

Plus, you allow customers to visualize the possibilities they can achieve with your product bundles. Caskata knows how to rock shop the look. They use wonderful product photography to create tasteful product bundles. Then, they use various combinations to create unique bundles customers love.

top holiday promotion ideas shopify
Source: caskata.com

Why do we love this holiday promotion idea?

As you can see, Caskata nails this holiday marketing and promotion idea because they create a number of classy looks customers can pick. These product bundles not only take the guesswork out of building the perfect look but also offer a wide assortment. 

The amazing pictures help seal the deal. So, don’t overlook the power of wonderful imagery. Please don’t forget that a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, a great picture is worth thousands of dollars!

#8: Sell in a flash

Flash sales have become a staple of e-commerce holiday promotion ideas. Your e-commerce site can hit one out of the ballpark with a carefully crafted flash sale by offering killer deals and offer. Now, here’s the secret to a great flash sale: don’t tell anyone about it!

That’s right. The best flash sales are apparently spontaneous. Since customers don’t know what to expect, you can keep them on their toes. This approach builds anticipation and keeps your customers coming back to your site. Abercrombie & Fitch knows this. They run textbook flash sales that keep customers coming back:

best holiday sales examples
Source: blog.hubspot.com

Why do we love this holiday promotion idea?

This holiday promotion idea works very well because it builds excitement. In particular, customers get an extra 50% off already discounted items. 

This approach is a great way to clear out inventory, especially as your e-commerce site gears up to bring in new merchandise for the peak holiday shopping season. So, don’t overlook flash sales. They could be a great way for you to get the ball rolling as you approach the main shopping days.

#9: Gift certificates are always in style

Gift certificates are a popular gift idea. Certificates allow folks to provide a thoughtful gift, especially when they can’t find that perfect item. Instead, gift certificates allow people to give cool gifts while letting recipients choose what they want. 

This holiday promotion idea works very well for gift ideas such as dance lessons. Arthur Murray, a dance studio, takes advantage of this situation by offering great gift certificate ideas. 

holiday promotion ideas shopify
Source: planodancelessons.com

Why do we love this holiday promotion idea?

This holiday marketing and promotion idea works wonderfully because customers can choose the type of package they’d like to gift. Also, recipients get flexibility. They can book their lesson at their convenience. As you can see, gift certificates provide a wonderful gift-giving alternative.

Here’s the best part: gift certificates can become a trial for brands. Yes, that’s right. Once people try the brand, the brand can easily gain new customers. It’s a win-win! So, think about how gift certificates could become a great alternative for your brand.

#10: When in doubt, discount code

Discount codes are a highly popular way of using holiday promotion ideas effectively. Discount codes allow your customers to save while making them feel smart. Many brands offer discount codes through their email subscriber list. 

Only subscribers get access to special discount codes. Other times, brands post their discount codes right on the site. However, customers must go to the site to get access to the code. Paper Source does discount codes very well. They post codes right on the site so customers can take advantage.

holiday promotion ideas for small businesses
Source: papersource.com

Why do we love this holiday promotion idea?

As you can see, Paper Source rocks this holiday marketing and promotion idea because they use a discount code in tandem with a build-your-own bundle. By adding any products they choose, customers score the deal. Whether you choose to post codes on your site or them by email, you can build killer deals using discount codes.

#11: Put an end to it

As brands gear up for the holiday shopping season, they may have excess inventory they need to clear out. This opportunity is perfect for getting running an end-of-season sales. This approach serves two purposes: 

First, you offer customers great deals on last season’s items. Second, you can clear out inventory as you gear up for the holiday shopping season. Hari Mari understands the importance of clearing out last season’s inventory. So, they have a great end-of-season sale.

ecommerce holiday sale ideas
Source: harimari.com

Why do we love this holiday promotion idea?

This holiday and marketing promotion idea for small businesses works because Hari Mari keeps it simple. They don’t have any complicated conditions. You buy, you get a 25%. It’s that simple. As you get closer to the peak holiday shopping season, it’s worth looking at last season’s items you can discount. 

This approach allows customers to get a head start on their shopping without necessarily thinking about holiday gifts. Your e-commerce site clears out inventory. Customers get great deals. That sounds like a great deal!

#12: The preview sale

Alright, so you’ve cleared out last season’s inventory, and you’re all set to go. Well, what about a preview sale? Preview sales are a great way to sneak into your customers’ minds by offering them a sneak peek at your best sales. 

These preview sales help you prime the pump. Customers see what deals you have up your sleeve allowing them to keep your brand in mind. 

Why do we love this holiday marketing and promotion idea?

This killer holiday promotion idea sets the tone for what customers can expect. However, there’s one caveat: save your best for last. While dropping a great sale is always a good idea, save the best ones for the best shopping days. 

Don’t use up your best deals early. Otherwise, your customers may become disappointed. Saving your best for last can be the best way for you to rack up killer holiday promotion ideas.

Create High-Performing Holiday Promotions with PickyStory

Gift boxes, bundles, and curated sets are all great holiday promotion ideas that help sell more products, increasing your AOV. With PickyStory, it’s easy to create deals like these in a matter of minutes. No code is required, and deals can be simply dragged and dropped onto your pages. The best part? Your inventory is synced in real-time for all products that are included in your deals. 

With the holidays just around the corner, the time to get started with your holiday promotion ideas is now. You’ll make the most of this upcoming holiday shopping season by getting a head start. Great deals and offers are the best way to take advantage. With PickyStory, you have everything you need to ensure this is your most successful holiday season yet. 

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