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10 Effective Ways to Increase Sales in the Holiday Season

With the holiday season fast approaching and consumers expected to spend billions of dollars, a marketing strategy to boost holiday sales can bring fruitful results. So what can your business do for attracting these spending consumers and stay on top of sales this holiday season?



Here are ten ways any fashion merchant can benefit from and increase sales this holiday season.

1. Promote complete looks


If you sell a variety of clothing items, putting together a style guide or a complete look for your website visitors and subscribers can bring definite advantages. Give them ideas on how they can incorporate the products you offer into their existing wardrobe or how they can sport a completely different look. They might get intrigued into buying your products.  

Source: fashionistots.com

2. Combine complementary products


Bundling related products is also a useful strategy for increasing sales. Offer costumers related accessories or complementary products at a discounted price or promote them in the form of a bundle as a gift package. 

Source: mdnt45.com

3. Offer discounts


Discounts have the potential of spicing up your holiday sales. However, since almost everyone can be seen offering a discount, the same promotion would not help much. Think through ways that can get the customer excited for your products making your brand distinctive. 

Source: pickystory.com

4. Use counters (count down campaigns)

Creating a sense of urgency in closing a deal is a proven technique to boost sales. Putting a deadline on a sale campaign or discounted deal can really up the ante as people experience the fear of missing out. Hence, it drives them to make the purchase

Source: apps.shopify.com/countdown-timers

5. Apply discounts on complete looks

The holiday season is the time when people are looking for some best deals and discounts. Therefore, if they get a good discount on complete looks, the chances of converting an intrigued shopper into a real customer get higher. 

Source: pickystory.com

6. Promote looks on your homepage with shoppable galleries


Introduce shoppable galleries on your site to increase product discovery, drive inspiration, and boost sales. You can put up stunning shoppable galleries on your site’s homepage, product pages, or anywhere else you want to. You can also tag products on those photos, and let your customers shop what they see.

Source: gatorwaders.com

7. Send emails with customized holiday templates


Adding a bit of holiday flair to your promotional emails to your subscribers can also encourage people to shop from your store. As customers receive several emails, adding some wintry graphics, holiday-themed wording, and festive fonts will make your email stand out from the rest. 

Source: skydesk.jp

8. Run campaigns on Facebook and Google


It is also important to rank higher in Google search. Hence, holiday driven SEO is also a must if you want to stay in the competition and increase your sales. Also, running campaigns on Facebook and other social media might help you stay in the eyes of your target customers and your potential future customers. 

Source: blog.sprinklr.com

9. Add new holiday-related products


Introduce individual holiday product lines, i.e. items that you will be selling exclusively during the holidays. These could be themed or exclusive for the season but ensure that your shoppers get this understanding that these items are available for a limited time and will be gone for good or until next year.

10. Create branded holiday packages

Choosing the products you are more focused on promoting this holiday season and creating branded holiday packages or guides also help. It gives you the chance of putting items that are lesser-known in the spotlight. 

Source: shoppersbase.com

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Get the Step-by-step Ultimate Guide for Bundles [2023]


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