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Shopify Shop the Look: Definition, Best Practices and Best Examples (2023)

Shopify Shop the Look: If you’re new to the world of e-commerce, you might keep hearing the phrase “Shop the Look”. If you’re wondering what it is, why it’s important, and how to make it work in your store, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to learn everything there is to know about Shopify Shop the Look.

What is Shopify Shop the Look?

Simply put, Shop the Look allows you to create shoppable looks (or lookbooks) for your customers. This inspires customers and helps them to see your products in action, and it also makes it easy for them to add multiple items to their cart in a single click. Your customers are happy that they’ve found a whole new outfit or living room that suits their taste, and you’re happy that you’ve sold multiple products without even trying.

So, what does a shop the look website look like? Here is an example of a shop the look gallery:

shopify shop the look
Source: try.pickystory.com

When your customers shop by look, they get a chance to see the various styles and combinations your store has to offer. As a result, your brand entices customers to find a product or combination that works for them. 

How does shop the look work?

You take the guesswork out of finding the right product combinations by giving customers curated options. Moreover, you encourage your customers to spend more by purchasing various items to complete their look.

Once your customer has browsed the gallery and found a “look” that they like, they can click on it to see the individual products, and add all the components to their cart from the popup that appears:

Source: try.pickystory.com

What are the Benefits of Shopify Shop the Look?

When using the shop by look feature on your Shopify store, you can derive several benefits for your Shopify store. Let’s take a look at the most significant benefits of using a shop by look feature:

#1 Increase AOV

When you use the shop the look feature, you can significantly increase your average order value (AOV). This is because customers that may have only intended to purchase one product will instead buy 2-3 products, resulting in a larger sale. 

#2 Position your brand

With improved sales comes brand positioning. 

How so?

Let’s put it this way: satisfied customers are your best advertising form. Happy customers tell their friends and family about the products they love. As a result, you stand to gain by showcasing your various product combinations. As these combinations become more popular, you can position your brand in your customers’ minds.

However, there is one trick you must keep in mind:

It’s important to update and refresh your looks regularly. Letting looks linger for too long may cause sales to slow down. So, don’t be afraid to spice things up frequently.

#3 Increase conversions

As well as increasing your AOV, Shopify shop the look can also help your brand increase its conversion rate. When customers see lifestyle images (such as the ones often displayed in shop the look galleries), they have a better idea of how to use a product and are more inspired to make a purchase. 

Therefore, even if your customer doesn’t purchase the additional products you are offering as part of the complete look, they may still be compelled to purchase the original product after seeing it in action, resulting in a sale that you would otherwise not have made. 

It’s the same tactic that brick-and-mortar stores use when they display mannequins, which brings us to the next benefit of Shopify shop the look:

#4 Bring an in-person shopping experience online

E-commerce merchants are at a disadvantage in that they can’t physically interact with their customers. Tools like Shopify shop the look help you create more of an in-person shopping experience for your online store. This in turn helps build brand trust and gives customers a better understanding of what you’re selling and how to use your products. 

Should Your Brand be Using Shopify Shop the Look?

If you’re considering whether your store could benefit from the addition of a Shopify Shop the Look app, the answer is probably yes. Adding a Shop the Look feature to your store is a great way to increase sales as it relies on upselling and cross-selling – selling more to customers you already have. This is a great sales technique, as you statistically have a 60-70% chance of selling to an existing customer, and only around a 5-20% chance of making a sale to a new customer.

Please bear in mind that “shop the look” doesn’t necessarily apply to fashion brands only. Virtually any type of brand can use this feature to showcase product combinations. The main thing is to display how various product combinations work so that your customers can see how well your products go together. 

You must keep in mind one thing: creativity is the name of the game. Obvious choices won’t make the cut. By being creative, you give your business the chance to pique customers’ interest leading to the benefits we have outlined earlier. So, let’s take a look at how shop by look features can work in other industries and product lines.

Shopify Shop the Look for Fashion Merchants

Every fashion and clothing store can benefit from a Shopify shop the look app. Many customers are visiting your store in need of a whole new outfit and wardrobe makeover – Shop the Look makes it easier than ever to find what they’re looking for. 

Need some shoes to go with that dress? Done. Need a jacket to go with that shirt? Easy. You’ll increase your sales by encouraging customers to add more items when they Shop the Look. 

Let’s take a look at how New Edition Fashion does it:

shopify gallery
Source: neweditionfashion.com

How does New Edition Fashion make shop the look work?

New Edition Fashion uses a curated list of product combinations to suggest various looks and ensembles. As such, customers can find different colors, styles, and patterns to suit their tastes. The best part is that New Edition Fashion offers a variety of looks. Consequently, customers have plenty to choose from.

Then, when customers find a look they like, they can click on it and clearly see the individual products included:

shopify gallery
Source: neweditionfashion.com

Shopify Shop the Look for Home Design Stores

When it comes to home design, shoppers have very specific styles and tastes. Customers browsing your home design store have no doubt realized that they like what you have to offer, so why not make it easy for them to purchase multiple products in one transaction? With a Shop the Look app Shopify store, customers can look at your beautiful images of home décor and add a whole new living room to their cart.

Let’s take a look at how Olive et Oriel does shop the look.

shopify shop the look
Source: oliveetoriel.com

How does Olive et Oriel make shop the look work?

Olive et Oriel has created several decoration options to give customers inspiration. Customers can either go with the curated options shown in the shop or use these options to create their own. The aim is to provide customers with various alternatives. Ultimately, Olive et Oriel take the guesswork out of creating a beautiful combination to suit any type of home décor.

Again, once customers find their favorite look, they can view the individual products and add them to the cart, right from the popup that appears:

shopify shop the look
Source: oliveetoriel.com

Shopify Shop the Look for Beauty Sellers

Source: try.pickystory.com

Shop the Look pairs with beauty stores just like foundation pairs with primer. A Shopify Shop the Look app helps you to increase the cart value of each customer by encouraging shoppers to add complementary products (like brushes, mirrors, and more) to items in their cart. You can even sweeten the deal by offering discounts for customers who purchase multiple related products.

Grow your sales with high-performing deals.

Using Shop the Look in Your Food and Drink Store

Source: try.pickystory.com

Whether you’re operating a restaurant or a delicatessen, Shop the Look can boost your sales by encouraging your customers to pair related items. Whether it’s a dessert to go with an entrée or some cheese to pair with wine, showing your customers related items in your food and drink store will make it easier for them to add more items and increase cart value for each sale.

Shop the Look for Home Furnishings

When it comes to home furnishing, shop by look features provide a great way for brands to showcase product combinations. In particular, customers can get a glimpse of how well they can customize individual items, collections, and decoration styles. As a result, using shop-by-look features can entice customers to purchase an entire ensemble as opposed to a single item.

Let’s take a look at how Lush Décor does it:

shopify shop the look
Source: lushdecor.com

How does Lush Décor make shop the look work?

Lush Décor gets it right by inspiring customers through their lookbooks. Instead of openly suggesting customers purchase a curated set, the site suggests possible looks to provide customers with ideas. The lesson here is to use the shop the look feature to give customers ideas so they can build their own bundles or sets. All you need to do is facilitate combination creation for customers.

Need Inspiration? Here are 5 Amazing Examples of Shopify Shop the Look

Sometimes, you have to see it to believe it. Take a look at these stores and how they make the most of Shop the Look.

#1 Glow Fashion Shopify Shop the Look

Glow Fashion is a women’s clothing brand that offers trendy items for all walks of life. This brand aims at customers of all demographics and socioeconomic levels. As a result, it has a cross-cutting appeal. 

Here is a look at how they do shop the look:

shopify shop the look
Source: glow-fashion.com

Why does it work?

Glow Fashion makes shop the look work because the suggested product combinations are on an individual product page instead of the home page or a specific collections section. 

Therefore, customers get specific product suggestions based on the individual item they view. This approach offers a high degree of customization. Please consider including shop-by-look features on individual pages whenever possible. In doing so, you can use shop the look features to enhance your customers’ interest.

shopify shop the look
Source: glow-fashion.com

#2 Kerrits Shopify Shop the Look

Kerrits is an equestrian-wear specialist selling classic riding apparel for every horse enthusiast. They use a “buy the look” feature to show their customers matching items, and also make it easy to adjust the size and color of each item all on one page. Buyers can then add all products to their cart with one simple click.

Source: kerrits.com

#3 Lula Fox Shopify Shop the Look

Lula Fox is a makeup company with a clever Shopify Shop the Look page on their store where customers can choose to shop a whole range of different looks. From “simple summer essentials” to “all about eyes” and everything in between, Lula Fox encourages customers to choose a style they are interested in rather than a product. 

Customers are more likely to Shop this Look and add each matching item to their cart to complete their new beauty regime. Lula Fox makes shop the look work by giving customers a clear picture of what their finished makeup would look like. Let’s take a look:

shopify shop the look
Source: lulafox.life
Source: lulafox.life

As you can see, the site displays the finished look along with the individual products that make up the look. Customers can choose to buy individual items or the full package. 

This brand makes shop the look work very well because it highlights how their products work very well as a whole. Showcasing an ensemble is the most effective way of using shop the look effectively.

#4 Arthouse Shopify Shop the Look

Arthouse is a perfect example of how well a Shopify Shop the Look app can work for a home design store. Their Shop the Look page is beautifully laid out and contains various décor styles that customers can browse rather than focusing on one piece of art. Let’s take a look at how Arthouse makes shop by look effective:

Source: arthouseco.com.au

Arthouse makes shop by look work due to its wonderfully curated collections. Each collection showcases an amazing look made possible by the tasteful product combinations. Please note that the look does not work with individual items alone. 

The look works by putting all items together. Therefore, customers wanting to achieve the same style must purchase the entire ensemble. Plus, Arthouse makes it easy to achieve a trendy home décor style without having to be a professional decorator.

#5 Zenbivy Shopify Shop the Look

Zenbivy sells a great range of camping and outdoor gear. Their Shopify Shop the Look section makes it easy for customers to splurge by displaying a selection of related items right below the product they are currently viewing. Each additional item can be viewed, customized, and added to their cart without leaving the product page, resulting in fast and easy upselling and a friendly, navigable store.

Source: zenbivy.com

Where Should You Display Shopify Shop the Look?

One of the most important decisions you need to make is where to place you shop the look features on your site. The best approach is to spread them out throughout your site. 

This approach makes effective use of your entire site. As a result, you avoid putting your eggs in one basket. Let’s take a look at where you can place your shop by look features.

#1 Gallery

The most common tactic is to use a gallery to display a series of looks. Usually, this is on a dedicated, separate page in your store. Make sure the page can be easily found (include it in your main navigation menu) so that customers can find their way there.

If you don’t want to set up a dedicated gallery page, you can also display a gallery of looks (or even just a single look) on your home page,  product pages, 

. A product gallery showcases product collections by showing how well they work together. You can place product galleries virtually anywhere on your sites, such as the home page, individual product pages, or dedicated galleries. 

Shopify allows you to create dedicated galleries by using its collections. With Shopify, you can create galleries to showcase how your products work well as an ensemble. Let’s take a look at how you can do it:

shopify shop the look
Source: try.pickystory.com

Why does this strategy work?

This strategy works because it allows you to feature your products anywhere on your site. Customers can get a good view of how your products work together without necessarily having to go through a specific spot on your site. 

The best approach is to place these product collections throughout your site. In doing so, your customers can interact with your products as much as possible.

#2 Widget

Don’t underestimate a widget’s effectiveness. Widgets allow customers to see how the shop the look function works for your brand. Then, customers can see a breakdown of all the products in the collection. Let’s see how you can make it work:

shopify shop the look
Source: rhaikalondon.com

Why does this strategy work?

Rhaika gets it right because they feature an individual product on the main product page. Then, they feature great combinations at the bottom, giving customers ideas of how they can combine the original product with various looks. 

Notice the use of the term “complete the look.” This idea entices customers to purchase the top along with a great pair of pants to round out their outfits.

#3 Button on Product Page

Adding a shop the look button can be a great way to get customers on board. The “shop the look” button allows customers to click on it to reveal the product showcase. It’s a great way of featuring your product collections without cluttering the home page or individual product pages. Let’s take a look at shop the look buttons in action:

shopify shop the look
Source: oliveetoriel.com
shopify shop the look
Source: oliveetoriel.com

Why does this strategy work?

We can see Olive et Oriel getting it right again by including the “shop the look” button instead of directly displaying the gallery. This strategy works because the product page looks crisp and clean without sacrificing any features. Please note that the button must be prominent, so customers click on it. Otherwise, they might miss it.

5 Tips for Increasing Revenue with Shopify Shop the Look

When creating your first Shop the Look selection, there are a few important things to keep in mind. To ensure that Shop the Look is a success in your store in terms of adding cart value and upselling, make sure you consider these points:

#1 Use Complementary Products for Shop the Look

When adding Shopify Shop the Look to your store, it’s important to use products that go together. If a customer is looking at a certain style of dress, make sure the shoes you’re adding to the look will suit their style as well. This makes it more likely for your customers to “bite” and add the related items to their cart.

Complementary products are part of a strategy known as cross-selling. In cross-selling, you use related product suggestions to boost sales. According to a study by the Harvard Business Review, some major brands report as much as 70% of their sales coming from cross-selling or complementary products. Using the shop by look can help you entice customers to purchase more by giving them the right options for their needs.

#2 For Shopify Shop the Look, 1 + 1 = 3

That’s right – when it comes to Shopify Shop the Look, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Customers come to your store for a single item, but by providing them with pictures of related items, you may tempt them to spend more than they otherwise would and make a sale that you would not otherwise have made.

Remember that shop the look works because you give your customers a set of products. While useful, individual products don’t replicate the same effect as they do together. This approach is why fashion brands use shop the look consistently. 

There is one caveat: using a shop by look strategy is about giving customers options. However, you must be careful not to give too many options. Doing so may confuse your customers by making it hard to choose a single style. Consequently, you must ensure to give your customers options by taking the guesswork out and helping your customers see your products as a whole.

#3 Sell the Experience

When introducing Shopify Shop the Look to your store, think of the whole customer experience. Carefully consider each item and find related products that bring a little extra to the table. Tempt your customers with beautiful images of complete outfits or beautifully decorated living rooms, then break down each individual item to make it easy for them to purchase the entire experience.

Please remember that a wonderful experience differentiates good brands from great ones. After all, there are great products everywhere. So, it’s the experience that sets brands apart. Great products with a terrible shopping experience are a surefire way of pushing customers away.

How can you sell the experience with shop the look?

Please remember that people recall 10% of information they hear. When you pair information with visuals, customers remember roughly 65% of the information. Thus, using great visuals with relevant data enhances your customers’ shopping experience. So, always make sure to match great product details with stunning visuals. You’ll get a winner every time.

#4 Use High Quality Photos for Shopify Shop the Look

Remember that, unlike in an actual retail store, all your customers can see is the pictures you give them. Make sure that they are top-quality, professional images that will engage your customers, show them every detail, and inspire them to make a purchase. Also, high-quality photos that look great on any screen are going to reassure your customers that they are investing in high-quality products.

Also, don’t be afraid to use video – it’s an extremely eye-catching way of engaging your customers and drawing them into your brand. This means that you can enhance your e-commerce store’s reach by using video whenever and as much as possible.

#5 Customers love discounts!

There’s endless marketing research that shows just how important discounts are to shoppers. Your customers are much more likely to make a purchase if they feel like they are getting a great deal, and they are especially more likely to invest in multiple products if you offer a discount when they Shop the Look.

Discounts generally work. However, you must keep some ground rules in mind. Bundle and combo discounts go hand-in-hand with shop the look features. According to HubSpot, discounts can drive short-term sales. You must, nevertheless, be careful with using discounts as a long-term approach. Over the long term, your customers may see discounts negatively. So, it’s best to use discounts sparingly.

How to use Shop the Look with PickyStory

Offering Shopify Shop the Look with PickyStory is as simple as adding a new product to your Shopify store. Here is how you can add Shop the Look offer with PickyStory in three simple steps:

1. Create a new campaign for your looks

Go to the PickyStory app and navigate to Campaigns. Click on the purple “Create campaign” button:

Name your campaign and select “Shop the Look” as the campaign type:

2. Upload an image for your look

This will be the image that’s displayed next to the look/in the gallery. If you have an image that displays all of the products included in the look – perfect! You can also set up an (optional) discount for your look:

3. Add products

Add products to your look:

4. Choose where to display your look

Choose which page(s) of your store your look is displayed on (product page, homepage, custom, etc.):

5. Choose how to display your look

Scroll down to the “Widget” section and choose whether to display your look as a widget on the page, a gallery, or a Shop the Look button. If choosing inline section (widget) or gallery, position the widget on the page.

6. Drag and drop your look onto the page

Drop the widget to the part of the page where you want to display it

7. Enable your campaign and view it in your store

That’s it! You’re about to generate some new sales.

Sell Complete Looks with PickyStory and Increase Your AOV

Regular retail stores use upselling techniques all the time to encourage customers to spend more. Mannequins are used in every fashion store to show customers just how well a shirt and jacket pair together, and there’s no reason your e-commerce store should be any different.

Adding a Shopify Shop the Look app to your store comes with too many benefits to ignore. It makes it easy for your customers to find related products, it inspires your customers to invest in a whole makeover, and most importantly, it boosts revenue from each store visit. So, what are you waiting for?!

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