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Shopify Bundle Builder: Let Customers Create a Custom Bundle [Guide]

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Shopify Bundle Builder: Allowing customers to create their own product bundle is a great way to increase revenue in your Shopify store. Customized bundles give your customers the option of choosing from a selection of related products (curated by you) in order to create the bundle they find most appealing. Using an upselling app like PickyStory, you can add bundle builder deals and other upselling offers that help you generate more revenue from every store visit. Read on to learn how it all works.

What is a Shopify Bundle Builder?

Creating a Shopify bundle builder lets your customers choose several items from a pre-defined set of products to create your own bundle. You can offer discounts based on the number of products selected. This approach encourages your customers to add more items to their cart while boosting your Shopify store’s revenue.

Shopify box builders work very well because they allow customers to customize their shopping experience. Building a bundle allow customers to mix and match the products they want. As a result, you give your customers the freedom to choose whatever product options work best for them.

The flip side of this approach is giving customers too many choices. This can lead to confusion, or the customer feeling overwhelmed with options. Consequently, it’s also important to offer customers specific bundle packages they can select. In doing so, you give customers the best of both worlds. Your store allows a significant degree of customization. At the same time, your curated bundles take the guesswork out of upselling customers through Shopify box builders.

Curious to see how you can make bundle builders work? Let’s take a look at the following e-commerce site:

Source: livieandluca.com

Why do we love this example?

As you can see, Livie and Luca give customers the freedom to build your own bundles. They narrow the selection down by offering different discount parameters for different choices. In other words, customers can buy one, two, or three products to qualify for deals. However, the brand makes it known that the more customers buy, the better the deal. 

Giving customers the freedom to choose is the name of the game. When you combine this with a tiered discount, customers will feel far more compelled to buy. In the end, you upsell your customers while ensuring your store improves its overall bottom line.

Why Should you Create a Shopify Bundle Builder?

A Shopify bundle builder offers a few unique features that other bundle deals don’t provide. One of the major benefits of a bundle builder is that it allows customers to customize their own bundle. While pre-defined bundles (where you show your customer several related products that can be added to their cart at once) are effective, your customers might not select a bundle if there’s one item they don’t want, need, or like.

Using a bundle builder, customers can select the exact products to add to their bundle (from your pre-defined selection), which gives them the freedom to find exactly what you’re looking for and can result in a larger sale, meaning increased AOV and revenue for you.

Another great feature of a Shopify bundle builder is that you can almost steer your customers through different product categories in your store. Show them a selection of products to choose from in one category, then show them a selection of products to choose from in another (related) category. Nudging your customers in the direction of related products is easy to do with a Shopify bundle builder app, and it’s a very effective upselling technique.

So, how do we know that Shopify bundle builders truly work? Check out these numbers to see for yourself.

Buy-one-get-one (BOGO) bundle deals are customer favorites. According to research, 66% of customers indicate that BOGO is their preferred type of offer. Also, 93% of consumers indicated trying a BOGO offer at least once.

Studies suggest that anywhere from 10% to 30% of online revenue comes from upselling and cross-selling as a result of product bundling.

Research indicates that return rates dwindle when at least one of the items in the bundle package is labeled as a “free gift.”

On the whole, studies seem to indicate that upselling via product bundles is roughly 20 times more effective than cross-selling. 

As you can see, product bundling is an effective way of compelling customers to spend more while reducing the likelihood of returns. Stores that master bundling soon finds that a significant portion of their revenue stems from upselling and cross-selling via bundling. 

Sounds truly enticing, doesn’t it?

Who Should Create a Shopify Bundle Builder?

Shopify bundle builders can benefit merchants in any industry. You can use a bundle builder to encourage your customers to purchase a whole outfit rather than a single item for fashion merchants.

For instance,  beauty merchants can show customers a selection of foundations, primers, and brushes so they can create your own bundle. But that’s only scratching the surface. Let’s take a look at some wonderful examples of how stores have gotten it right.

Texas Lone Star Tamales

Texas Lone Star Tamales is a wonderful local brand that knows how to leverage bundles. Customers can purchase any individual taco product for a regular price. However, this brand entices customers to take advantage of their bundle packs. For instance, customers get an extra 10% off when they purchase six products.

Source: texaslonestartamales.com

Why do we love this deal?

Texas Lone Star Tamales got it right by leading off with a product bundle. The brand understands how useful product bundles can be for the food and beverage sector. As a result, they offer customers a great deal, enticing them to purchase more. 

Most importantly, they place the bundle package at the forefront of customers’ minds. Leading off with a good bundle deal is a great way for you to make purchases right off the bat.

Hak5 Electronics

Hak 5 Electronics is a brand specializing in equipment needed to access and manage electronic devices. In particular, this brand has gotten bundling right. It offers customers options to purchase single items and bundle packs. 

shopify bundle builder
Source: shop.hak5.org

Why do we love this deal?

Hak5 offers customers the chance to build customized bundles. As such, customers can create a package that suits their specific needs. Most importantly, customers can add three additional products to qualify for a 5% discount. This offer allows customers to find the right balance of price and options.

My Nature Book Adventures

My Nature Book Adventures knows how to use a publishing industry standard very well. This brand utilizes book bundles to entice customers. Specifically, the brand offers 30% off a three-book bundle of the customers’ choice. Customers have total freedom to add any three books they would like to purchase. Here’s a look at their deal:

shopify bundle builder
Source: mynaturebookadventures.com

Why do we love this deal?

We love this deal because it gives customers the opportunity to fully customize their bundle. While giving customers too many choices may be a drawback, this brand nailed it. They got it right because the books are travel guides. As a result, it’s quite difficult to anticipate customers’ destinations. If your product is hard to curate, you are better off leaving the door open for customers to use their imagination.

Kringle Candle

Kringle Candle offers wonderfully scented candles. Their seasonal deals are a great idea – customers can treat themselves to a holiday bargain, it’s easy to market seasonal/holiday deals, and a bundle builder can be displayed on a dedicated page, which can be made live as needed when it’s time to run the promotion. 

shopify bundle builder
Source: kringlecandle.com

Why do we love this deal?

This Memorial Day deal gives customers the perfect reason to stock up on some new scents. Given that there are so many scents to choose from, letting customers pick and choose a few of their favorites is a great tactic for selling more products to each store visitor. Plus, the discount sweetens the deal, making this offer even more irresistible. 

When Should you Use a Shopify Bundle Builder?

If you’re seeing orders come through where several products (or types of products) are commonly purchased together, it’s definitely a sign that your site could benefit from a bundle builder option. 

For example, if customers are frequently purchasing a pair of gloves AND a hat, why not create a bundle builder deal where your customer first selects gloves from a range of products, then selects headwear from a selection of your hats. 

This can serve two purposes: 

1. You’re making it easy for customers who wanted a pair of gloves AND a hat to find both products in one place. This type of convenience can play a role in helping customers return to your store. 

2. Customers who were only considering a pair of gloves OR a hat are now given the option of purchasing both, and many will choose to do so.

A Shopify bundle builder works best on unique, dedicated pages in your store where you give customers the option to build your own bundle. You can use a Shopify bundle builder app to create bundles for almost any scenario. Are you trying to encourage your customers to purchase from sets of related items? Are you looking to entice your customers to purchase multiple products by offering a discount?

A bundle builder is ideal for these situations, and more. It’s perfect for customers who are browsing your store for a whole new outfit, or new living room décor. It’s just as suitable for customers who are looking for the perfect gift – the opportunity to customize each item gives it a great, personalized touch compared to a gift box that’s already been put together by a merchant.

Use a Shopify Bundle Builder to Create Bundles from Collections

A bundle builder is a great feature to use when your products are arranged into different collections. You can use a bundle builder to show your customers a curated selection of products for them to choose from. You can then show products from a different collection, that complement your customer’s first choice.

For example, beauty store merchants can let your customers create their own skincare bundle. First, let them choose a moisturizing lotion. Next, show them a selection of exfoliating face scrubs. Finally, finish it up by offering a choice of hydrating face masks. 

Customers can choose their preferred scent/style for each product and may be encouraged to purchase one of the items when they didn’t initially visit your store for that product.

5 Best Examples of Shopify Bundle Builder Pages

The best way to understand how a Shopify bundle builder can be used is to see some of these deals in action. Let’s take a look at some of the best Shopify bundle builder examples.

#1 Chilled Freezer Meals

The team at Chilled Freezer Meals have used a bundle builder that allows their customers to choose their selection of five meals from a choice of 30+ options. 

By creating a dedicated product in Shopify for the bundle builder and displaying the deal on that specific product page, they are also able to add their bundle builder to collections to make it even easier for their customers to find.

Shopify bundle builder
Source: chilledfreezermeals.com

Why do we love this deal?

The build a meal bundle is extremely effective because customers have a basic combo they can choose from. From there, customers can include whatever add-ons they like. This strategy works because your shop provides customers with a curated combo. However, your Shopify store still allows them to choose options that suit their tastes. Ultimately, it’s the best of both worlds.

#2 Lili Sampedro

Swimwear merchant Lili Sampedro has a really clever bundle strategy – they let customers create a “family kit”, where they bundle a swimsuit for kids, dads, and moms, with a few different options to choose from in each selection. 

This makes shopping easy, while also allowing customers to choose the styles that suit them (and their families) the most.

Shopify bundle builder
Source: lilisampedro.com.br

Why do we love this deal?

The “family kit” helps take the guesswork out of shopping. These types of bundles give customers a one-stop option. Therefore, they don’t need to hop from one site to another. They can find everything they need on a single site and save money on top. Perhaps adding a free gift might be the cherry on top.

#3 Lush Decor

Lush Decor uses bundle builders on their product pages. On a specific product page, they display related products of interest to the customer. Displaying products that naturally make sense together is a great way to increase conversions, and it also makes it easier for your customers to find exactly what they’re looking for – win win! 

Source: lushdecor.com

Why do we love this deal?

This bundle deal works well because customers can build combos according to their specific needs. Often, brands offer “complete kits.” However, there are occasions in which customers need various items, but not the entire kit. 

Consequently, allowing customers to mix and match items is always a great alternative. This brand got it right because it offers customers total freedom to choose whatever items they need to complete their dining room décor.

#4 INMO Bags

INMO’s beautiful and versatile leather bags and cases are so good, sometimes one isn’t enough. They have created a bundle builder deal so that their customers can choose exactly what they’re looking for from a selection of products. 

INMO is also offering a discount when three or more products are purchased from the bundle builder – this is a great way to incentivize your customers to add more products to their cart, generating more revenue for you.

Source: inmoleatherbags.com/en-us

Why do we love this deal?

This brand got it right by capitalizing on a bundle builder discount. It’s hard for customers to pass up a discount, especially when the various product options look enticing. 

This great bundle deal works well, especially because fashion brands are classic examples of functional bundle deals. Please remember that passing on a discount is like leaving money on the table. For many customers, these deals are too hard to pass.

#5 Dip

Dip sells amazing shampoo and conditioner bars that offer a salon-grade experience without generating unnecessary plastic waste. Their fun holiday bundle builder allows customers to select a variety of their mini-bars, perfect for distributing as gifts (or not!). Bundle builders are a great idea if your products are available in a variety of scents/flavors/styles – you can let your customer pick their favorites to explore a greater selection of your offerings. 

Shopify bundle builder
Source: dipalready.com

Why do we love this deal?

This brand has got it right because they have a product that people frequently use. Therefore, it makes sense to stock up on it. So, why not save some money while you stock up? Dip has its right because they capitalize on customers’ natural inclination to buy more to save more.

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The Advantages of Creating a Shopify Bundle Builder with PickyStory

PickyStory is a great addition to your store. This bundling app will help you generate more revenue from every visit through product bundleskitslooks, and combo deals

PickyStory is also the best Shopify bundle builder app, for a number of reasons. There are several advantages of selecting PickyStory as your bundle builder app, including these:

Sync your inventory

With bundle builder, customers add bundles to their cart as one single product. However, using bundle builder with PickyStory allows you to keep your inventory synced at the individual product level, so you know precise levels of each individual item in your inventory.

Variety for customers

Other bundle deals allow customers to customize product features like color or style. PickyStory takes things one step further with bundle builder and allows customers to not only choose between product features, but between individual products themselves – extra options make it easier for customers to find something they love.

Manage each product uniquely

You don’t have to treat all the products you are offering in the bundle equally. You can lock or hide specific product options for each product, keeping you in control of your deals and allowing you to manage the customization available to your customers.

Easily customizable

Just like all the PickyStory deals, Shopify bundle builder is highly customizable. It can easily carry the same look and voice as your brand, is mobile-friendly, and integrates perfectly into every store format. What more could you want?!

Watch how to create a Shopify bundle builder with PickyStory

How to Create a Shopify Bundle Builder: Step-by-step Guide

#1 Add PickyStory to your store

Go to PickyStory add click on Add app

shopify build your own bundle

#2 Create a "build your own bundle" deal

Navigate to the PickyStory app and click on “Create bundle”. Then, select “Build Your Own Bundle”.

bundle builder for ecommerce store
build your own bundle ecommerce

#3 Add products and a discount (optional)

In the “General” section, name your bundle

build your own bundle app shopify

In the “Products” section, click on “add product” to start adding products to your bundle.

shopify bundler app
how to build your own bundle shopify

In the “Discount” section, select the type of discount you wish to use 

shopify build a bundle discount

Input the discount value, and set discount conditions (the minimum and maximum number of products that must be added to the cart in order for the discount to apply)

how to build a bundle shopify

#4 Choose where to display your bundle builder

In the “Locations” section, select “Use in campaign”, then click on “Add new location”

shopify build a box app
shopify custom bundles app

When your new location is added, click to edit it and re-name the location

shopify customized bundles app

Select where you want to display your bundle

shopify create a custom bundle

#5 Drag and drop your bundle builder onto the page

Click on “Customize in designer”

advantages of build a bundle shopify

Drag and drop your bundle builder onto the desired section of your page. Click on ‘Save changes’. If you would like the changes to appear in your store, click on ‘Publish.’

customers build own bundle shopify
pickystory shopify bundle builder app

Measure and Optimize your Shopify Bundle Builder Performance

Once you have set up your bundle builder deals, it’s important to track and measure its performance over time, so that you can optimize your deals and maximize your revenue.

So, how can you measure performance? The PickyStory analytics dashboard lets you see how much revenue you’re generating from PickyStory, as well as the number (and percentage) of orders you are receiving through PickyStory deals. 

You can make changes to your deals and track the performance of your deals over time to assess whether the changes you made were effective. Here are three factors you may want to test and adjust when it comes to optimizing your deal performance:

Consider the location of your Shopify bundle builder

Because they are often used to display a large number of products, bundle builder deals are commonly displayed on their own, dedicated page in your store. If this is how you choose to display your bundle builder, make sure that page is easily accessible, with a clear link from your main navigation menu. You may also want to link to the page from your individual product pages, especially for products included in the bundle builder deal.

Another option is to display your bundle builder on your existing product pages. If you choose to display your bundle builder deal in this way, make sure it’s not located too far down the page – you can’t be sure that your customers will scroll. Placing the deal as close as possible to the add to cart button is often an effective strategy. 

A/B test your Shopify bundle builder deals

A/B testing consists of contrasting two elements in a campaign to see which one is more effective. The metrics to measure effectiveness can be conversions, revenue, sales, or inventory turnover. In fact, you can use multiple metrics to build a highly comprehensive picture of your bundle builder’s effectiveness. 

Set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

KPIs serve as targets for your product bundles. These targets represent what your campaign aims to achieve. For example, you expect your BOGO campaign to increase revenue by 10% in a month. As the month goes by, you monitor the target to ensure you will make it. 

If not, you must reassess any adjustments you can make to achieve your target. Tweaks may include actions such as moving your BOGO offer to the homepage or adding product popups to focus customer attention on your product bundles.

Use PickyStory’s Shopify Bundle Builder to Generate More Revenue

If you’re looking for the best Shopify bundle builder app – look no further. PickyStory’s bundle builder feature automates bundles in your store, enhancing the customer experience and boosting your revenue from every store visit.

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