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Shopify Gift Box: How to Sell Gift Boxes on Shopify and Increase AOV

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Finding the perfect gift can be challenging at times. With so many options out there, finding the perfect one can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. For customers visiting your e-commerce store, it can be frustrating to browse through hundreds of products trying to find the perfect gift. 

So, why not make things easier for your customers? 

That’s what a Shopify gift box can do. In this article, we’re going to look at what a Shopify gift box is and how you can build a curated gift box on Shopify. We’ll discover how to sell gift boxes on Shopify easily and effectively.

What is a Shopify Gift Box?

In essence, a Shopify gift box is a package containing an assortment of items that complement one another. While there is no specific number or limit to the items in the box, building a Shopify gift box allows you to include a number of items in a neat package.

So, what does a Shopify gift box include?

Gift boxes can include practically anything your e-commerce site offers customers. However, there’s one catch: gift boxes need to make sense. The items included in the package must work together to offer customers a unique experience. That’s why a curated gift box makes the perfect gift.

Check out this great example:

build shopify gift box
Source: crewhome.com

Crew Home has put together this amazing gift box of essentials for home mixologists. It’s beautifully packaged, and more importantly, so easy for customers to purchase. All the products can be added to the cart with one click, and customers can clearly see what’s included in the gift box. Plus, adding a discount sweetens the deal for customers. 

Ultimately, curated gift boxes on Shopify allow you to capture your customers’ imaginations while taking the guesswork out of thoughtful gifts.

Grow your sales with high-performing deals.

What are the Advantages of Selling Curated Gift Boxes on Shopify?

There are three key benefits of selling curated gift boxes on Shopify.

#1: Increase revenue

Think about it this way: you can make more money selling packages than individual items. The secret lies in building curated gift boxes that make sense to your customers. Take a look at which products customers frequently buy together, and build your gift boxes around that.

#2: Boost average order value

When customers buy several items together, your average order value (AOV) increases. That’s what Shopify gift boxes do. A customer that might have come to your site to simply buy one product may end up with a gift box instead, significantly increasing your AOV. 

#3: Clear inventory

Shopify gift boxes can also become a great way to clear inventory. This approach works when you have slow sellers packaged with great sellers. Consequently, customers purchase the gift box, including items that may not sell very well on their own.

The question now is, “how can you build Shopify gift boxes?” After all, creating curated product packages requires time and effort. The answer is: with PickyStory!

What is the best Shopify Gift Box App?

If you’re looking for an app to increase your AOV, PickyStory is a great choice if you are looking to build Shopify gift boxes for your store. With PickyStory, you can create gift boxes with just a few clicks (no code required!) and customize the look and feel of these items to suit your brand’s colors and style. 

Importantly, PickyStory syncs with your Shopify inventory, so you can’t sell a gift box if one of the components is out of stock. Also, when a customer purchases a gift box, your inventory for each individual product is adjusted automatically – no more manual updates! 

shopify gift box app
Source: pickystory.com

What are the Advantages of Using PickyStory as a Shopify Gift Box App?

PickyStory offers the following benefits:

#1: Save time and effort

Creating Shopify gift boxes requires coding or modifying your e-commerce site to accommodate building gift boxes. Additionally, customers need to spend time going through your site to build Shopify gift boxes. 

Using PickyStory allows you to automate the entire process, saving you significant time (especially if you have a lot of different gift boxes to set up!). 

#2: Create custom gift boxes

What if customers want to build Shopify gift boxes themselves?

No problem!

PickyStory allows customers to mix and match combos. Customers can also create combinations based on several products. Customers can even choose to drop items or add new ones to their chosen gift box. 

Check out this example:

what is a shopify gift box
Source: kinapparel.org

In the example above, we can see a curated gift set. Customers get to choose a zip-up, a pullover, and a beanie. When they purchase all three, they get a discount. This is a great option as it gives customers more freedom over the products they add to their gift box. 

#3: Simplify things for your customers

Often, holiday shoppers looking for gift boxes aren’t your regular customers, and may not be familiar with your products. In a regular retail store, customers would likely ask a sales assistant for recommendations. 

In the online world, creating pre-defined packs of products is the equivalent of offering recommendations to new customers. 

shopify gift box
Source: picky-story.myshopify.com

In the example above, all products are included in the kit, and customers don’t need to make any selections or decisions. It couldn’t be easier, and it also means you don’t need to worry about customers returning products if two incompatible products are purchased. 

Top 4 Shopify Gift Box Ideas we Love this Year

If you’re wondering about practical Shopify gift box ideas, here are four great ideas to get you started:

#1: Nopalera

Nopalera offers wonderful beauty and wellness products to suit a range of tastes. Their products are so good that choosing only one is tough. Well, Nopalera makes it easy for customers to build their own custom bundles.

Check out how Nopalera does it:

the best gift box app for shopify
Source: nopalera.co

Why do we love this Shopify gift box idea?

This Shopify gift box idea encapsulates everything we’ve been talking about. Customers can mix and match the products they like to build gift boxes to remember. This approach allows customers to get the maximum freedom to spend as much as they want while boosting the site’s revenue.

#2: Passion Planner

Passion Planner offers gorgeous planners and notebooks to suit all tastes. Its variety of styles, colors, and sizes makes it tough to choose only one. Plus, these planners make great gifts for groups of friends, relatives, and colleagues.

That’s why this brand offers its books in a great bundle. 

So, let’s take a look at how Passion Planner does it:

shopify gift box examples
Source: passionplanner.com

Why do we love this Shopify gift box idea?

We love this Shopify gift box idea because customers can pick the books they want to qualify for this great offer. Additionally, the wide selection of books allows customers to get a variety of products at a bundle price. 

#3: Goldenerre

Goldenerre offers the best in luxury jewelry gift sets. If you’re looking for amazing jewelry box sets, this is it. Goldenerre goes the extra mile in producing curated gift boxes that customers will love.

Let’s check out how Goldenerre does curated gift boxes on Shopify:

shopify gift box builder
Source: goldenerre.com

Why do we love this Shopify gift box idea?

This curated gift box idea shows how you can simplify things for your customers. They can pick a tastefully built gift box idea, and voila. They’ve got everything in a net package that’s ready to ship.

You can’t beat the convenience of a carefully curated box gift.

#4: The Green Mumma

The Green Mumma specializes in mother and baby gift boxes. This brand emphasizes sourcing environmentally sustainable products. Customers get great products while helping the environment. 

Let’s see how the Green Mumma does it:

what are the advantages of selling gift boxes on shopify
Source: thegreenmumma.com

Why do we love this Shopify gift box idea?

This Shopify gift box idea allows customers to mix and match the items they’d like to include. This approach allows folks to customize their gift boxes to suit their individual tastes and needs. So, don’t hesitate to give customers the option to choose. If anything, customers love the flexibility.

PickyStory: The Complete Tool for Shopify Gift Boxes

There you have it! Shopify gift boxes are an awesome way to get your customers to take control of their shopping needs. Harness the power of product bundles to give your customers everything they want in a neat package. Add PickyStory to the mix, and you have a killer combination that’s hard to beat.

Grow your sales with high-performing deals.


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