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Are You Ready for the Holiday Season?

Summer season is about to end and as the leaves change, winter fashion begins filling up the racks. We’d see the start of holiday season in no time. What follows next? Holiday shopping frenzy with stores offering big deals and discounts to attract prospect customers.

Do you know why the holiday season is so important for the merchants?

Statistics reveal that only online shoppers spent $122 billion online last holiday season, which is a 17.4% increase over the 2017 holiday season. The total retail holiday sales reached $719.77 billion for the 2018 holiday season with a 5.6% increase from last year. For millions of retailers and merchants, holiday season is, hence, the time of the year when they can make their best sales figures and meet their yearly sales goals.

Second only to gift cards, clothing and clothing accessories are on 55% of the wish list of consumers, which means the fashion and apparel industry has a major share in the sales figures mentioned above. This is why the holiday season is an important time for fashion merchants. They have to put their best foot forward to ensure they gain the competitive edge and in sight of their prospects.

What worked well in the past years?

A recent survey by BigCommerce of more than a thousand online merchants revealed that about one-third of merchants began planning for the holiday season a month or two ahead of it, while 21% started planning in September. So why not start preparing in advance? This preparation well-ahead of the time can bring a smoother and more profitable holiday season.

Of course, simply planning early would not bring the required results. It also requires putting forth some well-thought out strategies to market your products and yield good sales numbers. For example, H&M used video marketing for the holiday season and it became an instant hit and was the #1 trending video the day it was released. What brought such a lot of attention to their video ad? Well, the video incorporated the fashions of H&M into the video’s storyline in a subtle manner, while the story of the video had very little to do with apparel and was more like a memorable experience that touched people’s hearts.

Whether you offer discounts, deals or have any other strategies under your pocket, creativity and making use of available options innovatively is the key to win sales.

How to take advantage of Shop the Look?

Let’s face it, competition in the market today is intense and more challenging than before. To stay in the game, fashion merchants have to look out for new strategies and align themselves with the current trends.

A useful solution to enhance the shopping experience is Shop the Look. PickyStory provides an in-store solution and allows you to create shoppable image galleries so that you can add your looks anywhere on the website. Shoppers can discover complete looks on homepage, product pages, or checkout and can buy the look. Promoting looks related to holidays, creating aggressive look discounts, incentivizing your shoppers to purchase multiple items together, and coming up with style guides for special occasions during the holidays are some of the ways in which Shop The Look can be taken advantage of.

At the end of the day, the holiday season can be overwhelming but if they are well-planned they can also bring incredible rewards. For the fashion industry, the holidays are huge and require time investment, advanced preparations, and strategic promotions that are introduced with your target customers in your mind.

Source: kerrits.com

Happy holidays!


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