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Ecommerce Email Marketing: 10 Examples of Brilliant Campaigns [+Examples]

Ecommerce email marketing: We listed ten excellent examples of professional email marketing for e-commerce from real brands. You’re going to learn some of the best practices for engaging potential customers and see how other businesses did the same.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.


#1 The 5TH (Ecommerce Email Marketing)

Many subscribers might be interested in buying your products, but they might not be ready to do that. One way to encourage them to buy is to make an awesome product presentation that serves as both an introduction and promotion.

In this great email example, The 5TH announces the return of popular products. The announcement is made via a large headline. But what makes this email awesome is an excellent product presentation thanks to quality product visuals.

What we like is the visual that shows the watch on a person’s arm, which might help customers imagine having that product. Another visual at the bottom offers a side view of the product, which almost makes us feel like we’re looking at it on the product page.

ecommerce email marketing
Source: https://the5th.com

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#2 Beardbrand

Many ecommerce email marketing experts say that great emails have attention-grabbing headlines, and this is an awesome example. Beardbrand’s email opens with “Get Stoned,” which is a nice way to make the recipient want to learn more.

But as we read on, we understand that the headline refers to a brand whose products are promoted in the message. Check out the text, too, it’s got a nice conversational style that makes it easy to read and understand.

The final push to convert the recipient is the 15% discount. Offering discounts via emails is a common practice to increase sales that provides extra motivation to buy. In this specific case, Beardbrand gives the discount because the product is new on their online store, so it’s a way to motivate shoppers to try it out.

ecommerce email marketing
Source: https://www.beardbrand.com

#3 Vessi (Ecommerce Email Marketing)

Want to see a marketing email that promotes a brand without actually mentioning any products? This example from Vessi, a footwear brand, does a great job at doing just that.

The email opens with a question, which is another good way to grab the attention of recipients. Since the message was sent in July, the question about going on vacation should sound relevant to many people.

Vessi continues the email with several options for answering (which are basically product categories). A recipient can choose shoes for common vacation types, which is very convenient. And look at those images, too—they will definitely make many recipients imagine themselves being on vacation.

ecommerce email marketing
Source: https://vessi.com

#4 Holland & Barrett (Ecommerce Email Marketing)

This email is an excellent example of deep knowledge of customers’ needs. Holland & Barrett, a health retailer, uses this message to share products with people who have sleeping problems. The email’s subject line “Struggling to sleep?” will definitely catch the attention.

What makes this ecommerce email marketing example great is product categorization. Instead of promoting products in a more traditional way, the brand uses a creative solution. There are alarm clocks with different hours to help recipients find products they need.

For example, they can find products for fatigue reduction under the first alarm clock with 7 am on it. Scroll down a bit lower and they’ll see the second clock with 11 am and some products designed to help with “pre-launch” focus.”

ecommerce email marketing
Source: https://www.hollandandbarrett.com/en-us

#5 HelloFresh

Product bundle discounts are a great way to encourage customers to try new products and services. HelloFresh, a meal kit company, uses this strategy to get some new purchases from email subscribers.

There are several great practices from this ecommerce email marketing example. First, the recipient will know its purpose immediately thanks to a prominent headline. Second, the colorful product visual catches our attention and makes us scroll down. Third, the concise text has the main message in bold text, which helps us understand the offer without reading the whole thing.

Also, note the bottom section where the email describes how to get in touch with customer support. This is an excellent idea since potential customers might have a lot of questions related to products in meal boxes, calories, delivery terms, etc.

ecommerce email marketing
Source: https://www.hellofresh.com

#6: Timberland

This next example is a welcome email—the very first email that businesses send to new email newsletter subscribers. Since welcome emails generate 4x more opens and 5x more clicks compared to marketing emails, they are super important to get right.

Timberland did a great job at that. The email is full of information that potential customers would want to learn about the brand including several marketing messages to encourage them to make the first purchase.

A quick glance at this ecommerce email marketing example reveals that customers can get a discount for the first purchase, enroll in a referral program to unlock even more perks, receive birthday gifts, and get free shipping.

ecommerce email marketing
Source: https://www.timberland.com

#7 Illy (Ecommerce Email Marketing)

The Italian coffee producer lets its subscribers know about a pre-holiday flash sale with this simple email. Although the message focuses on the main value proposition, the 20% discount on coffee products, there are also several other product sections to encourage exploration.

The brand’s ecommerce email marketing strategy is all about simplicity. The message doesn’t have as much content as other examples in this list, but that’s okay because it gets straight to the point. Another great thing is the use of white space that allows the CTA button and other elements to stand out.

Note that the email has a heading and a subheading. One possible reason is that the brand wanted to convey two messages: about the sale’s duration and the discount size. Two headings are okay in this case since the following text is short and doesn’t overwhelm the reader.

ecommerce email marketing
Source: https://www.illy.com/en-us/home

#8 Gget (Ecommerce Email Marketing)

The next ecommerce email marketing example is asking recipients to take part in an online survey. Collecting feedback is essential for ecommerce businesses, so survey emails need to be as appealing as possible.

Gget did an excellent job with that. The email opens with an amazing visual of the food served by the brand. If that won’t get you in the mood for a snack, nothing will. What follows is a short and sweet text asking recipients to complete the survey.

Another great thing about this email is the incentive. Giving free products and discounts as a thank-you for completing surveys is a common ecommerce email marketing practice. Note that the sentence with the reward (a free drink) is written in bold to highlight the offer.

ecommerce email marketing

#9 Made In (Ecommerce Email Marketing)

This email is an excellent example of making a non-promotional campaign and still getting an opportunity to get conversions. In this case, Made In gives its take on the great burger debate that many of its customers have: smash vs pub styles.

The brand adds a note about the product (a frying pan) by saying that it’s an easy and convenient way to cook both styles. This way, Made In does the promotion in a non-pushy way and presents how customers can use the product to get burgers for fans of both cooking styles.

Last thing: just take a look at that awesome picture of burgers being prepared. Such amazing visuals are a must for Shopify ecommerce email marketing, especially in cases where food or kitchen products are promoted.

Source: https://madeincookware.com

#10 Death Wish Coffee

Using a dark theme in your emails? Then you’ll like this email example from Death Wish Coffee. It uses white and red color to make the text stand out on the pitch-black background, which is a must for readability.

Another good practice from this example is the text size. Large fonts allow to convey the message about the sale effectively, so the recipient will understand the offer immediately. You can use similar sizes for sales emails to raise awareness among subscribers.

Note the calendar at the bottom of the email. Since the offer is timed and there are only a few days left, the brand reminds subscribers about the deadline in this great creative way.

Source: https://www.deathwishcoffee.com

Examples of E-commerce Email Marketing: Final Thoughts

Email marketing for e-commerce is a great way to connect with customers directly and promote your products, sales, and special deals. With Shopify, it’s easy to market to your customers and store visitors using an e-commerce email marketing app – there are many to choose from. 

Another great thing about this marketing method is that you can be creative and use different designs, texts, styles, and techniques to engage potential customers.

We hope these ecommerce email marketing examples were helpful to inspire you to create nice campaigns for your ecommerce store.

If you’re looking for more recommendations from the Shopify app store, check out the PickyStory blog.

Good Luck!

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