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Shopify Multi-Currency: Benefits, How to Use, and Currency Converter for Bundles

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Today’s business landscape allows online retailers to reach a truly international marketplace. However, the worldwide marketplace poses an important challenge: dealing with local currencies. Dealing with local currencies is complex and requires careful attention to detail. 

In this article, we are going to discuss Shopify’s solution to this situation. We are going to discuss Shopify multi-currency as a solution to dealing with various currencies as part of the international marketplace. 

We will talk about how your e-commerce site can take advantage of these features to help your online store reach a worldwide audience.

What is Shopify Multi-Currency?

Shopify multi-currency offers customers an improved user experience by displaying prices in local currencies. This feature is highly important since more international e-commerce sites display prices in US Dollars. While displaying prices in dollars is a good idea, customers may prefer a more personalized experience. 

Consider these figures:

These figures underscore the need for e-commerce sites to display prices in local currencies. After all, if online stores make an effort to translate product information into local languages, why not display prices in local currencies?

Focusing on delivering a highly personalized user experience can go a long way toward reaching international audiences. In doing so, online stores can unlock a number of significant benefits.

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What are the Benefits of Shopify Multi-Currency?

Using a Shopify currency converter function can help offer the following benefits:

#1: Unlock new markets, easily

Online retailers looking to enter new markets may face a common barrier: converting prices to local currencies. Converting prices can be highly complex and time-consuming. Additionally, converting prices into local currencies is an ongoing task due to changing exchange rates. 

This problem goes away with Shopify currency converter functions. Shopify multi-currency facilitates automatically converting prices in US Dollars into other local currencies. As a result, businesses can essentially eliminate this barrier in new markets.

#2: Deliver a localized experience

Delivering a localized experience is a significant benefit of Shopify currency based on location. Shoppers can see prices expressed in their local currency, thus enhancing their overall shopping experience. This approach delivers a localized experience that boosts overall sales and growth.

Shopify multiple currencies function converts your e-commerce site’s prices into local currencies based on current exchange rates.

#3: Implement an integrated solution

International markets come with additional considerations, such as taxes and shipping. These elements must be considered when finalizing prices. Consequently, using a Shopify currency based on location allows your online store to display prices reflecting these considerations.

Furthermore, changing currency Shopify features allow you to include discounts, codes, gift cards, and manage returns. As you can see, Shopify multi-currency is an integrated solution that facilitates managing your online store in the international marketplace.

#4: Boost sales

Undoubtedly, using Shopify checkout currency functions allows your e-commerce to sell more. Your online store can reach customers throughout the world. This function is highly important as it allows your online store to engage customers in their local language and currency.

Please remember that roughly 33% of customers don’t purchase when prices are expressed in US Dollars. Consequently, Shopify currency converter features can go a long way toward boosting your sales. 

How to Sell Using Shopify Multi-currency

Selling with Shopify multi-currency is a straightforward process. Here’s how to do it. 

1. Activate “Shopify Markets”. You can follow this guide from Shopify regarding how to set up Shopify Markets in your store:

shopify multi currency
shopify currency based on location

2. Ensure the geolocation app is added to your store:

shopify auto currency converter

3. Choose whether to display a popup or currency selector for your customers to change their local currency:

how to sell bundles in multiple currencies

4. Test that the conversion is working properly in your store: 

shopify multiple currencies

Assuming everything is working correctly, that’s it! You can now sell your products globally.

What are Shopify Currency Converter Apps?

You can use Shopify third-party apps to perform currency converter functions. You can get these apps from the Shopify App store. 

Let’s take a look at the top three Shopify multi-currency apps currently available.

#1: Currency Converter Plus

Currency Converter Plus by Code Black Belt is a Shopify multi-currency app you can use to deliver a highly customized customer experience. This great app is compatible with Shopify Markets. As a result, you can deliver a wonderful customer experience by displaying prices in local currencies easily and effectively. 

shopify currency converter
Source: apps.shopify.com/currency-converter-plus

Here is why we love this Shopify multi-currency app:

#2: Vitals: All-in-One Marketing

Vitals: All-in-One-Marketing by Vitals is a Shopify multi-currency tool you definitely want to check out. This great currency converter tool allows you to display prices in local currency while delivering product reviewsupselling, and visitor replay functions. Get the most out of your comprehensive marketing efforts with this great Shopify multi-currency app.

change currency shopify
Source: apps.shopify.com/vitals

Here is why we love this Shopify multi-currency app:

#3: Currency Converter Bear

Currency Converter Bear by Conversion Bear is a great Shopify multi-currency app that must be on your radar. This awesome app provides an automated currency conversion function with a checkout feature. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense currency conversion app, check out Currency Converter Bear.

are there currency converters for shopify
Source: apps.shopify.com/auto-multi-currency-converter

Here is why we love this Shopify multi-currency app:

Using a Shopify multi-currency app allows you easily customize your current Shopify store. However, if you need highly complex customizations, you may need to contact a Shopify partner to help you develop custom-made solutions for your specific needs.

How to Sell Bundles in Multiple Currencies with PickyStory

PickyStory now supports multi-currency selling using Shopify Markets, which means that you can sell bundles and other product deals internationally with PickyStory. Here’s how: 

1. In Shopify, set up your markets and set a currency for each individual market:

shopify checkout currency

2. Ensure that you have the geolocation app installed: 

what is shopify multi currency

3. In the geolocation app, enable either “recommendations” or “selectors” (or both) for your store:

how to sell in multiple currencies on shopify

4. Check your PickyStory deals. If you use “recommendations”, the currency will be automatically updated. 

If you use “selectors”, the customer can change the currency using the selector on the page:

benefits of multi-currency for shopify

That’s it! Your customers can now purchase PickyStory bundles and deals in whatever currency you have established for their location using Shopify Markets. 

Grow your sales with high-performing deals.


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