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4 E-commerce Personalization Strategies with Proven Examples & Trends

In today’s uber-competitive business world, customers want to feel that your e-commerce site is doing things differently. Now more than ever, customers want to see that your brand is prepared to go the extra mile to offer e-commerce personalization and give them a real, in-store shopping experience. 

But what does it mean to offer a personalized experience?

In this article, we will discuss what e-commerce personalization is and the advantages that come with it. Also, we will discuss four e-commerce personalization examples that will set your store apart from the competition.

What is E-commerce Personalization?

E-commerce personalization refers to tailoring your customers’ experience of your brand and shop. Personalization offers your customers an experience that they won’t get anywhere else. Moreover, the highest levels of personalization offer an exclusive experience that fits individual customers. 

The secret to successful e-commerce personalization lies in understanding each unique customer and personalizing their experience based on various factors. This may be:

On the whole, your e-commerce platform may function similarly for all users. However, the difference lies in how your customers react to the products and services you present.

When you think about it, personalization is a highly valuable weapon in today’s extremely competitive marketplace. Nevertheless, we must ask, do customers truly want personalization? 

Let’s take a look at the numbers.

E-commerce Personalization Trends You Need to Know

Here are ten data points to illustrate how much customers truly want personalization:

1. 80% of shoppers say they are more likely to buy from brands offering customized experiences.

2. 2020 data indicates that 66% of consumers want brands to understand their needs.

3. Research shows that 71% of interviewed customers feel frustrated by non-personalization.

4. Furthermore, 90% of US shoppers love the idea of personalization in their shopping experience.

5. Additionally, 70% of customers indicate that they are loyal to brands that intuit their needs.

6. According to Accenture, 91% of shoppers engage with brands that provide personalized offers and suggestions.

7. 45% of shoppers think that the “coolest” personalization strategy is emails apologizing for poor shopping experiences. 

8. 84% of survey respondents indicated that they would buy from a brand that treats them like a “person, not a number.”

9. 90% of customers interviewed indicated they are willing to share their data in exchange for exclusive discounts and deals.

10. 79% of companies with customized customer strategies exceed their revenue goals.

Indeed, personalization is a highly important strategy that you cannot neglect. Personalization and customization in e-commerce is a critical component of an effective customer engagement plan. 

By offering highly personalized and customized shopping experiences, your brand can foster loyalty while boosting sales across the board.

Grow your sales with high-performing deals.

Do Consumers Want Personalization? What are the Benefits?

Personalization and customization in e-commerce is a surefire way to boost your brand’s overall revenue. Additionally, there are other benefits that your e-commerce site can derive from implementing a solid personalization strategy.

#1 Improved customer loyalty

As the data shows, customers are far likelier to prefer brands that offer them personalized experiences. These experiences focus on giving clients products and services that cater to their specific needs and wants. As a result, customers feel that brands listen to them. 

#2 Improved customer retention

Keeping customers is vital to ensuring your e-commerce site’s overall performance. You can boost your customer retention by giving them customized product suggestions, unique combos, or singular experiences.

#3 Improved cost reduction

When customer retention is high, your e-commerce site’s advertising needs shrink. Specifically, your brand won’t need to do as much advertising since acquiring new customers is no longer your e-commerce site’s top priority. 

What is E-commerce Personalization Software?

Depending on the type of personalized shopping experience you wish to offer your customers, you may need to explore some e-commerce personalization software. 

There are many different software tools that can help you deliver e-commerce personalization, from personalized cart recovery emails to tailored product suggestions based on what your customers are browsing. 

First, establish the type of personalized experience you are trying to offer, then find the right software to make it happen.

4 Highly Effective E-commerce Personalization Strategies for Your Store

Here are four great e-commerce personalization examples you can use to guide your brand’s strategy:

#1 Offer product deals based on products customers are viewing

This e-commerce personalization solution displays tailored product suggestions for the main item customers view. In other words, customers see specific suggestions based on what other customers are currently viewing. This approach allows customers to see tailored suggestions based on what’s most popular at the moment. 

e-commerce personalization solutions
Source: glacierpeakholistics.com

The suggestions located below the main product provide customers with customized suggestions. Moreover, they are great attempts at upselling users. Ultimately, it is a great strategy as it uses the power of personalization to upsell and cross-sell users.

#2 Let your customers customize their own purchase

This e-commerce personalization solution checks off a number of boxes. First, it provides customers with the opportunity to choose the products they want. Second, customers can cash in on great discounts regardless of the number of items they purchase. 

e-commerce personalization examples
Source: livieandluca.com

Lastly, customers don’t face restrictions when it comes to the items they can purchase. The lesson here is that e-commerce personalization solutions focus on giving customers as much freedom as possible. 

#3 Show personalized product recommendations in the cart

This e-commerce personalization solution displays customized product suggestions once items are in the cart. When users navigate to their cart, a customized popup appears. This popup offers specific combos and discounts. This strategy works since the popup does not appear until customers are ready to purchase. 

e-commerce personalization software
Source: try.pickystory.com

Think about that for a minute.

A customer is ready to finalize their purchase at full price. So, what are the chances they will go for a better deal? It is quite likely that a specialized combo deal will entice your customers to go for a much better deal!

#4 Personalize product offerings based on your customers

LulaFox uses the “shop the look” approach so customers can see what specific products can do for them. As a result, customers get a glimpse of various unique product combinations. From there, customers can choose the products they feel best fit their specific needs. The wide array of models gives customers plenty of room to decide which one best represents their individual characteristics.

personalization and customization in e-commerce
Source: lulafox.life

Once customers find a “look” that they feel most connected to, they can click on the look to view the individual products that make it up. Importantly, customers can also purchase all of the relevant products form the popup that appears – they don’t need to click on additional products or navigate to multiple product pages to complete a purchase.

e-commerce personalization
Source: lulafox.life

How Can You Create Personalized E-commerce Experiences with PickyStory?

PickyStory is the go-to option for complementing your e-commerce personalization strategy. Once you have decided on the best approach for your e-commerce personalization campaigns, you can use PickyStory to offer tailored product deals across your store. 

Set up product suggestions on product pages based on what your customer is viewing, create personalized offers to display in their cart, create a shop the look gallery where customers can choose the look that they most identify with, or let your customers build their own bundle. The possibilities are endless!

E-commerce personalization helps set your store apart. PickyStory offers a great solution for personalized product deals and can help you give your customers a truly unique, memorable, and personalized shopping experience. 

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