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Increase Shopify Sales: 7 Tips to Generate More Revenue from Your Store

Increase Shopify sales: It’s what every Shopify store owner sets out to do, but it’s often not that easy. To generate more sales on Shopify, you have to generate more traffic to your store, create more customers from that traffic, and do whatever you can to ensure they are spending as much as possible when they visit your website. 

Made even harder by fierce competitors and a crowded market, increasing your Shopify sales is no easy task. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to make it easier to increase your store revenue. In this article, we’ve outlined seven top tips for making the most of every customer. 

Let’s get going!

Why do you need to increase your Shopify sales?

The answer seems obvious, really. More Shopify sales means more money. Selling more products increases your revenue, which is, in the end, what business is all about. However, it actually goes a little deeper than that. Increasing your sales on Shopify isn’t just good for revenue, it’s peace of mind that your business is growing, and trending in the right direction. 

Grow your sales with high-performing deals.

Diving deeper into your sales data might also tell you whether it is a sign of brand loyalty (if your customers keep coming back for more) or if your marketing tactics are paying off (if you’re generating a lot of new customers). Either way, it helps you focus your efforts and provides what can be a much-needed pat on the back for your hard efforts. 

How to increase your Shopify sales: 7 ideas to get you started

Of course, the steps that you need to take to increase your sales are different for every business, every industry, and every unique store. Based on your products, your customers, and your revenue goals, you can tailor your plan when it comes to how to increase sales on Shopify. That said, if you’re looking for somewhere to get started – this is it. 

#1 Increase Shopify sales with product deals

It’s one of the simplest, fastest things you can do, but it can have a profound effect on your store’s revenue. Creating product deals, such as “frequently bought together” bundles, kits of products with tiered upselling, or groups of products that you sell together as one, are a great way to sell more to each customer. 

increase shopify sales
Source: try.pickystory.com

With PickyStory, all of these deals can be created with just a few clicks. Deals can be displayed just about anywhere on your store – on product pages, added to collections, as pop-ups, or in the cart. Given that it’s expensive (and challenging) to acquire new customers, selling more to the ones you already have is a great strategy to increase Shopify sales in your store. 

#2 Increase Shopify sales with quality apps

The Shopify app store is a paradise for any Shopify merchant looking to improve their store and make more sales. There really is an app for everything – email marketing, restock alerts, shipping calculators, product reviews, and so much more. Identify areas where your store may be lacking, and find the solution you need on the app store. 

#3 Market your store

It’s pretty hard to increase Shopify sales if nobody knows your store exists. Marketing your store doesn’t have to be expensive – you can grow your existing customer base with clever (and frequent) use of your social channels, coupons and other incentives for customers that refer friends or share social posts, and email marketing campaigns to all your leads. 

#4 Embrace analytics

Numbers are everything. One of the best ways to increase Shopify sales is to study your existing sales data. What’s working? Which products are flying off the shelves? Do your customers jump on any discount code you offer, or are they happier to pay full-price for a quality or exclusive product? You can learn so much about your customers, their shopping habits, and your products from your sales data. 

This is particularly important for merchants who sell both in-person and online. E-commerce sales trends can differ significantly to what you may be used to seeing from selling in person, and you need to adjust your strategy accordingly. Of course, your sales data isn’t the only numbers you should be looking at. What are your cart abandonment rates like? Which products are viewed most frequently? Use these numbers to create a smarter shopping experience. 

#5 Build a sales funnel to increase Shopify sales

A sales funnel is another crucial component of your Shopify success. A sales funnel helps you evaluate every aspect of your customer acquisition process, and therefore helps you improve and optimize every aspect of this process. A sales funnel describes the steps or stages a (potential) customer takes on their way to purchasing something from your store. 

shopify sales funnel

As you might expect, a sales funnel has a wide top (representing every potential customer) then narrows as customers are filtered out at various stages within your store. The bottom part of the funnel represents those store visitors who go on to make a purchase. To increase Shopify sales, you need to push as many customers through the funnel as possible. Understanding how to build a Shopify sales funnel is a whole separate topic, which you should learn as much as possible about. 

#6 Organize your product catalog

Picture yourself walking into an actual store. Even if you’re not there to buy anything in particular, it gives you a much better impression of the brand when the products are neatly arranged, when the store is clearly broken down into sections, and when it’s easy to find what you might be the most interested in. 

Your Shopify store should be no different. Think carefully about the customer experience your store creates, and how you can improve it. Don’t dump all your products into huge, unwieldy collections and expect your customers to scroll infinitely. Yes – make it easy to browse your products, but also make it easy to find specific products. Use search functions, collection filters, and product tags to streamline this process. 

You’ll thank yourself later! 

#7 Use discounts when it makes sense

Discounts can be a great way to increase Shopify sales. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are arguably the busiest days on the e-commerce calendar, and they are built almost entirely around discounts. However, that doesn’t mean that you HAVE to add discounts in order to sell your products. In fact, you shouldn’t have to do that at all. But discounts can certainly help, as long as you have a solid pricing strategy in place. 

increase shopify sales
Source: try.pickystory.com

Discounting specific products is a great way to help move them off your shelves. Storewide discounts can also be extremely beneficial when it comes to increasing Shopify sales. You can offer a storewide discount to customers when they subscribe to your email list, or when they refer a friend, or when they spend a certain amount of money. These discounts incentivize your customers and can also improve brand loyalty over time. 

Increase Shopify sales: Simple steps with a big impact

Most of the tips above are easy to implement, but can have a big impact in terms of how to increase sales on Shopify. By spending some time working to add product deals, finding the best Shopify apps to increase sales, and marketing your store, you can increase Shopify sales and revenue without too much extra effort. 

If you’re looking for more Shopify tips and tricks, check out the PickyStory blog.

Good Luck!

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