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Product Upselling on Shopify: Industry-Specific Ideas to Help You Sell More

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Product upselling on Shopify: Becoming successful in the e-commerce world requires a combination of know-how and intuition. After all, the best Shopify stores intuitively know what their customers want. This understanding can then allow them to use their know-how to offer the best deals to drive sales and generate revenue.

The best e-commerce sites use upselling strategies to upsell and cross-sell their customers. In doing so, they can sell more and generate more revenue. In this article, we’ll take a look at how you can leverage the power of product upsell tactics to improve your store’s overall performance.

What is upselling?

Upselling refers to the process in which a store entices customers to purchase more than they originally intended. Please note there is nothing shady about this strategy. In fact, in a lot of cases, you’re actually helping the customer find what they’re looking for. 

Think about this example: supermarkets place certain items at the checkout so customers can see them as they wait to pay for their purchases. These items include candy, chewing gum, magazines, and soft drinks.

Why do supermarkets do this?

They do it because these so-called “impulse items” are objects people don’t necessarily think about when they enter the shop. Customers might be thinking about buying eggs, milk, and bread. When they see a magazine featuring their favorite celebrities, they are much more likely to buy it.

In the e-commerce world, upselling on Shopify works the same way. You can use upselling tactics to compel your customers to purchase more than they had originally intended. Your store can achieve this by leveraging industry-specific strategies. 

Please remember that Shopify upselling is about compelling customers to buy items related to their original purchase. For instance, upselling occurs when a customer looking for shoes buys a pair of socks. Therefore, effective upselling tactics involve products that have some logical connection to them. 

Also, please bear in mind that a product upsell on Shopify does not work when you attempt to sell unrelated items. For example, a customer looking for shoes is unlikely to purchase a garden hose. Successful Shopify stores can intuit their customers’ preferences by looking at their search history, or their own sales history. From there, an effective Shopify store can help customers discover related products, thus leading to product Shopify upselling.


What is cross-selling and how is it different to upselling?

Cross-selling occurs when customers purchase seemingly unrelated products. However, these products do have some type of relation to them. For example, a customer looking for shoes decides to buy a watch. 

At first glance, shoes and watches don’t necessarily directly correlate. Nevertheless, they are related since most customers consider fashion items and accessories. In this example, we can intuit that a customer looking for shoes would be much likelier to purchase a watch than a garden hose.

What are the best practices for using product upsells on Shopify?

Using effective upselling practices can help your e-commerce store generate more revenue, but some techniques are more effective than others. Let’s take a look at some best practices when it comes to creating product upsell deals for Shopify. 

#1 Try tiered pricing

Tiered pricing entices customers to buy more because they save more. In other words, customers can pay full price for a single item. However, they can get discounts or deals by buying packs, sets, or kits. For example, a wine brand sells each bottle at $20. 

If customers purchase two bottles, they get a 10% discount. If they purchase three, they get 15% off. Depending on your preference, you can either offer a percentage-based or a dollar-based discount. 

#2 Group your products together and sell as one

Upselling using a group of products sold as a single item is another effective upselling technique. Your customers may not realize that these products can be purchased separately, or may enjoy the convenience of being able to purchase everything they need with one simple click. 

For example, a nail polish brand sells individually colored bottles for $5. There are five colors in all. So, purchasing them separately would cost $25. The brand offers a product bundle with all five colors at $20. This approach enhances upselling since customers can spend $5 for one color or $20 for the whole set. In the end, the customer spends more than they had originally intended.

#3 Be smart with your discounts

Discounts are a great way to help to sell your products, but it’s important not to overdo it. A small discount may entice customers to make a purchase, but if you offer too much of a discount, you might not make enough money on your products. 

Plus, if you are commonly offering discounts, your customers might not purchase products at full price anymore, as they will come to expect discounts and only visit your store when you’re running a sale.

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Industry-specific product upsell ideas for Shopify

When it comes to product Shopify upselling, there are various strategies you can use. So, we are going to take a look at the best industry-specific Shopify upselling ideas.

#1 Clothing/Fashion

Clothing is a highly popular category among Shopify stores. Consequently, the competition is fierce. Using a great Shopify upselling tactic like tiered pricing can help make a significant difference. 

So, how does tiered pricing work here?

Tiered pricing consists in offering deals based on the number of purchased items. For example:

In this example, we see a single item costing $10. Three individual items would cost $30. So, the $20 package looks good. Six individual items would cost $60. The six-pack at $35 represents an even greater discount.

Check out how you can use PickyStory as a Shopify upsell app to offer tiered pricing:

product upsell shopify
Source: try.pickystory.com

As you can see, PickyStory uses a tiered pricing strategy that offers a greater discount the more t-shirts you buy. For instance, buying three items gets you a 10% discount. Buying six gets you a 15% discount. As a result, customers are more inclined to purchase the six-pack than the three-pack.

#2 Beauty

Beauty products are also part of a highly competitive market segment. Thus, getting an edge on competitors is a must. Dip makes great use of tiered pricing and bulk discounts. Dip’s Shopify store allows you to buy as many items as you like. Nevertheless, offers kick in when you purchase two or three. 

Using PickyStory, Dip offers a 10% and 15% discount. If you purchase two products, you get a 10% discount. You get a 15% for three items:

product upsell shopify
Source: dipalready.com

As you can see, Dip aims to upsell customers by enticing them with the message “buy more, save more.” This approach is particularly useful to compel customers to buy more than a single item. After all, why would you pay more if you could save some money?

#3 Hardware

Hardware can be a tough segment to upsell customers. In fact, hardware items tend to cross-sell more than upsell. For example, customers usually buy one hammer, not three. Nevertheless, it is quite possible to upsell customers using a clever approach. 

In particular, hardware stores upsell their customers by selling them individual pieces or complete kits. Naturally, putting together the kit by purchasing individual parts is more expensive than purchasing the kit. As a result, this approach compels customers to buy the kit instead of individual parts:

Source: www.helidirect.com

In this example, we see how a standalone servomotor costs $95. Customers can purchase the additional parts that go with the servomotor separately. Conversely, they can buy the entire kit and get a $25 discount. 

The price of the individual parts adds up to $375. Buying the entire kit gets you a discount. This example highlights the power of product bundles. After all, why would you pay more for each part when you can save on the whole kit?

#4 Food and beverage

The food and beverage market segment lends itself perfectly to product upselling. However, not all brands know how to leverage the right tactics to upsell customers effectively. 

Food and beverage brands can use bulk discounts to entice customers to buy more than they intended. For example, you can buy one can of soda for a dollar or buy a dozen for ten dollars. You can choose to save money by purchasing more. 

Source: cococart.in

CocoCart uses the power of bulk discounts to upsell customers. Customers can buy a single item at a regular price or get the bundle at a significantly reduced cost. 

For example, customers can purchase a ten-pack of chocolate treats at a 25% discount. Thanks to a great bulk pricing strategy, this approach facilitates upselling by making a tasty treat much more appealing.

How can PickyStory help you upsell?

All of the deals created above are made possible with PickyStory. Using PickyStory, you can create product deals like Bundles, Kits, Combo Products, and more. You can add optional discounts to each of your deals, and use PickyStory’s discount engine to create in-depth discount rules. 

Plus, PickyStory is extremely user-friendly. Deals can be created with a few easy clicks, and you can simply drag and drop them onto your pages. Deals can be displayed on your product pages, in collections, as pop-ups, in the cart, or pretty much anywhere else you like. 

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Summing up

Product Shopify upselling is the most effective tactic your e-commerce can use to boost sales and drive revenue. Upselling tactics can help virtually any business make the most of its product offering and unique value proposition. Therefore, it makes sense to use upselling tactics to take your Shopify store’s performance to the next level.

With PickyStory, your Shopify store can reach that next level. Check out how PickyStory can help your Shopify store today. You have nothing to lose and plenty of sales to gain!

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