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Upsell on Shopify Product Pages with These 4 Practical Tips

Want to upsell on Shopify product pages? Keep reading! Upselling is one of the best ways of increasing your average order value, and your product pages is a great place to start. 

According to the research analyst Sucharita Kodali, upselling can help boost your earnings by 10 to 30%. But how can you upsell on your Shopify product page? This article will discuss the benefits of upselling and the best practices for upselling on your Shopify product pages.

What is upselling?

Upselling is a sales strategy that encourages customers to buy more or spend more than they had initially planned. Let’s say a shopper adds a pair of shoes from a collection to their cart. Showing them similar but higher-priced shoes from another collection could lead to an upsell.

The advantages of upselling on Shopify product pages

Upselling on your Shopify product pages lets you create targeted deals based on the products your customers view. In the example below, Dollar Shave Club added restock options on their product pages to remind shoppers to buy more razor cartridges if they are running low. 

These helpful reminders, as opposed to pesky sales pitches for irrelevant products, can help boost your business’s bottom line, because you are actually offering products of value to your customers. 

Source: dollarshaveclub.com

In addition, upselling helps retailers build stronger relationships with their customers. It helps your customers’ win’ by offering add-ons or upgrades that will ultimately give more value and make customers feel like they’ve got a better deal.

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Industry-specific ideas for upselling on Shopify product pages

When you upsell on Shopify product pages, you expect customers to pay more. A great way to convince your customers to spend more is to offer them a small discount incentive for doing so. 

A reward system is one of the best upsell ideas. It works and helps bring visible results. Here are some industry-specific product page upsell ideas for Shopify.

#1 Hardware

HeliDirect is a direct-to-consumer retail store that provides hardware parts for vehicles, jets, and helicopters.

upsell on product pages shopify
Source: helidirect.com

Its bundles include two products, and you save $25 when you buy the bundle. It also has another bundle option that allows customers to buy identical products for $15 off. The product bundles do not only make life easier for HeliDirect’s customers, they also help the retail store sell more and boost their average order value. 

Finally, by offering these deals on their product pages, they can ensure they are suggesting tailored, relevant upselling deals to their customers. Such deals are much more likely to result in a sale than an upsell that is not relevant to the product the customer is browsing initially.

#2 Fashion

If you own a clothing store, a great tactic to upsell on your Shopify product pages is with tiered pricing. Tiered pricing involves giving your customers different pricing options for buying your product, based on the quantity they purchase. 

upsell on product pages shopify
Source: try.pickystory.com

For each separate product deal, you get to add more value and make better returns. So instead of just selling shirts for $14 each, you offer two packages, as shown in the example above.

Deal A = Buy 3 at 10% off

Deal B = Buy 6 at 15% off

#3 Food and beverage

COCOCART delivers delicious, rich, imported chocolates on demand. Its Nibbly Fingers Pouch product bundle offers the option to buy more and save 25% while increasing average order value at the same time.

Source: cococart.in

One Nibbly Fingers Pouch usually costs Rs. 145.00, but as a pack or bundle, the cost is Rs. 1,087.50. This gives customers enough of an incentive to purchase in bulk, leading to a larger sale. 

#4 Beauty

Dip is a beauty product company focused on creating environmentally-friendly, sustainable, quality haircare products. The “Buy more, save more” deal that’s offered on Dip’s product pages is an excellent example of upselling done well. 

upsell on product pages shopify
Source: dipalready.com

Shoppers can find various shampoo bars that fit their needs, no matter their hair color. Dip creates incentives by allowing customers to save 10% when they buy two, or 15% when they buy three products. 

4 practical tips to upsell on Shopify product pages

Upselling can make up more than 50% of your online store’s total revenue. However, you must apply upselling deals properly in order to make them work. Here are the best practices for upselling on your product pages.

#1 Use upselling tools

It doesn’t matter if you’re tech-savvy; you still need to use some existing tools to upsell with Shopify. The easiest and most effective way to start upselling on Shopify product pages is with an app like PickyStory. 

With PickyStory, you can create custom deals as shown in the examples above. Such deals make it easy to tempt your customers with either multiple quantities of the same product, or an upgraded version of the product they are already viewing. 

Not only do PickyStory upselling deals take but a few minutes to set up, you don’t need any coding experience or knowledge. Deals are just set up with clicks and then added to your product pages using the drag and drop tool. 

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#2 Group your products into different tiers

You’re convincing customers to buy more when you upsell on Shopify product pages. And to do this properly, you must group your product catalog into various price levels. 

Assume you sell home essentials such as towels, pillowcases, and sheets. How can you encourage shoppers to buy a more expensive bundle of these products? One option is to create two separate bundles, like this:

The higher the tier, the higher the price. You only need to convince shoppers that they’re paying less by buying more.

#3 Upsell to your repeat customers

It’s easier to upsell to a repeat customer than a new prospect. This is because sometimes new customers don’t trust your brand or products enough to buy more than they need to, or to spend up and buy expensive packages on their first order. Alternatively, your current customers already trust your brand. Thus, they aren’t afraid of buying more since their first experience was great.

So as you upsell, focus on your repeat customers and make sure you are still catering to new customers by offering basic or single products so that they can become acquainted with your brand.

#4 Keep things simple and personal

Personalizing your upsells is important. Keeping things personal will make your customers feel like your recommendation was explicitly made for them. Also, make sure the products you’re trying to upsell on Shopify product pages have:

In essence, the anticipated upsell value on offer must be higher than the standard product. It must be so convincing and valuable that shoppers might regret not taking the offer.

Upsell on Shopify product pages. You won’t regret it.

Successful upsells can help your business generate extra revenue. And as long as the products you suggest suit your customer’s needs, you’re bound to have higher customer satisfaction, average order value (AOV), and store revenue. With PickyStory, you have the perfect tool to easily create effective upselling deals for your Shopify product pages.

If you’re looking for more Shopify tips and recommendations, check out the PickyStory blog.

Good Luck!

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