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Best 10 Shopify Themes for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) [2023]

Best Shopify themes for SEO: What comes to mind when you think about search engine optimization (SEO)? Most likely, you think about using text and data to help boost your Shopify store’s visibility on Google. Indeed, the best SEO practices maximize text to make your Shopify store much easier for search engines to find.

Now, did you know that your Shopify store’s theme can also help boost your SEO scores?

That’s right! If you haven’t thought about how your Shopify theme can help boost SEO, the time has come to do so. In this article, we will explore how you can use your Shopify store’s theme to boost SEO, and take a look at some of the best Shopify themes for SEO. 

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Shopify SEO is a critical practice in digital marketing. The best Shopify stores utilize it to maximize their visibility on search engines. On the whole, SEO refers to utilizing keywords that users use in their search terms. In short, the more times keywords pop up on your e-commerce site, the easier it is for search engines to find it.

Here is a look at what search engines consider in their rankings:

As you can see, several factors go into building a high SEO ranking. The question then becomes, does your Shopify theme affect SEO?

Does Your Shopify Theme Affect Search Engine Optimization?

In short, yes!

Your Shopify theme greatly affects your e-commerce site’s SEO ranking. The criteria listed earlier can improve depending on the Shopify theme your site uses. Thus, it is important to choose the most SEO-friendly themes.

If possible, conducting an SEO audit is a good idea. An SEO audit measures responsiveness loading times and evaluates code. Whenever possible, sites using the least code produce the fastest loading times.

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How Do You Choose the Best Shopify Themes for SEO?

The best Shopify themes for SEO offer the following features. When choosing a Shopify theme, keep these in mind and ideally, go for a theme that offers:

The best Shopify themes for SEO are easy to use and provide a great user experience. If you’re planning to switch, a good rule of thumb is to back up your original site, make changes, and test out the new SEO-friendly theme. In doing so, you can gauge how well the new theme works for your e-commerce site.

Side note: Shopify also has apps for SEO that can help improve your site’s rankings. 

The 10 Best Shopify Themes for SEO

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#1 Motion by Archetype Themes

Motion by Archetype themes is a great option. It’s light and loads quickly despite using high-quality images and video. Most importantly, it delivers a great user experience. This theme is ideal for clothing, accessories, health, beauty, home, and garden shops. However, it can adapt to any type of brand or product. 

Source: themes.shopify.com/themes/motion/styles/classic

Motion offers more than 20 sections, product sales points, metafields, multiple landing points, and collections templates. It’s highly versatile and easy to use. This theme features a drag-and-drop approach. This feature makes it highly customizable without making substantial changes to the site. It boasts smooth animations and transitions.

This great Shopify theme for SEO has a one-time payment of $320. A free trial is available. The theme is free until you publish.

#2 Flow by Eight

Flow by Eight is a sharp, minimalist Shopify theme that focuses on products. It’s ideal for Shopify stores with a smaller catalog, though it can easily adjust to any catalog size. This theme is best suited for food, drink, clothing, and accessories shops. Nevertheless, it can fit any type of product or brand. Flow is also a great option for international sales.

Source: themes.shopify.com/themes/flow/styles/queenstown

Flow stands out due to its customizability and speed. Its minimalist layout allows for quick loading times. It utilizes sections and blocks that avoid cluttering the screen. Moreover, images, videos, quotes, and ads load smoothly.

Flow costs $350 for a one-time license. It’s free until you publish. Free updates are also available.

#3 Showtime by Mile High Themes

Showtime by Mile High Themes is a solid all-around theme option. It can handle any catalog size, making it ideal for dropshippers and high-volume shops. 

This SEO-friendly theme is ideal for clothing, accessories, home, garden, sports, and recreation shops. Its easy product search features allow customers to go through the site, thus easily enhancing the user experience.

best shopify themes for SEO
Source: themes.shopify.com/themes/showtime/styles/cooktime

Showtime’s minimalist layout helps showcase large product catalogs without cluttering the screen. Moreover, it strives to deliver fast loading times and smooth transitions. 

This great Shopify theme costs a one-time payment of $180. It has an unlimited free trial. You won’t pay until you publish your theme.

#4 Showcase by Clean Canvas

Showcase by Clean Canvas is a simple and visually appealing Shopify theme. It uses a minimalist approach that allows for bold and beautiful imagery. Overall, it’s divided into 20 sections. Each section is customizable using a drag-and-drop approach.

best shopify themes for SEO
Source: https://themes.shopify.com/themes/showcase/styles/betty

Showcase is ideal for Shopify stores with large catalogs. Nevertheless, smaller shops can take full advantage of its simplicity. It’s ideal for clothing, accessories, health, beauty, sports, and recreation brands. It handles high-volume shops international sales and facilitates visual storytelling. Showcase is one of the most flexible and versatile themes you will find, making it one of the overall best Shopify themes for SEO.

Showcase has a one-time $300 payment. It has a free trial. You pay until you publish.

#5 Retina by Out of the Sandbox

Retina by Out of the Sandbox is a chic and sophisticated Shopify theme. This SEO-friendly Shopify theme showcases products with a refined sense of taste. Retina’s features make it an ideal option for health, beauty, home, garden, sports, and recreation brands. Nevertheless, any e-commerce site looking for a special touch can use this theme successfully.

Source: themes.shopify.com/themes/retina/styles/amsterdam

Retina offers a sleek design that’s highly responsive. In particular, Retina works extremely well on mobile devices. It offers very easy customization and adaptability. It’s great for large catalogs, high-volume sales, and shops with physical locations.

Retina has an unlimited free trial. You pay when you publish. It comes with a $240 one-time free.

#6 Vantage by We Are Underground

Vantage by We Are Underground is a great Shopify theme aimed at small and large product catalogs. As such, it is highly adaptable. Overall, it strives to improve conversion rates by boosting visual storytelling. It’s great for high-volume stores and those with physical locations.

best shopify themes for SEO
Source: themes.shopify.com/themes/vantage/styles/clean

Vantage offers easy customization through its use of drag-and-drop sections. You can easily modify any aspect of this great Shopify theme without the need for coding. This theme allows for a visually appealing shop without cluttering the storefront. Plus, Vantage is ideal for speed and a comfortable shopping experience.

Vantage has a free trial. Pay when you publish. The one-time license costs $240.

#7 Brooklyn by Shopify

Developed by the team at Shopify, Brooklyn is one of the few free themes on the Shopify theme store. While it may not have all of the features of some of the other themes on our list, the fact that it’s free makes it a great choice for those just starting out with Shopify. Plus, this theme is reliable, responsive, and a solid choice for merchants looking for an SEO-friendly theme choice. 

best shopify themes for SEO
Source: themes.shopify.com/themes/brooklyn/styles/playful

Brooklyn is specifically designed for clothing and apparel stores, but there’s nothing stopping merchants across other industries from giving this theme a chance. With features like a dynamic product grid, a home page video, and a slide cart, you won’t be disappointed. 

#8 Spark by Fluorescent Design

Spark by Fluorescent Design is a no-nonsense Shopify theme to produce a streamlined shopping experience. It serves direct-to-consumer brands and dropshippers. In particular, it’s a great Shopify theme for newcomers to the e-commerce world. 

Source: themes.shopify.com/themes/spark/styles/chic

Spark uses a visually appealing style to engage customers. It’s a highly responsive theme built with mobile devices in mind. It’s also great for international sales as it facilitates multi-language support currency conversions and cuts down significantly on loading times. It’s a great theme for clothing, accessories, equipment, supplies, health, and beauty brands looking to cultivate a professional-looking image.

Spark offers a free trial. Pay until you publish. It has a one-time licensing fee of $250.

#9 Streamline by Archetype Themes

Streamline by Archetype themes is an SEO-friendly Shopify theme that captures customers’ attention right from the start. It’s a highly flexible and customizable theme. As such, it’s perfect for any catalog size and product type. Streamline works well with clothing, accessories, health, beauty, sports, and recreation brands. This great Shopify theme enhances visual storytelling tactics.

best shopify themes for SEO
Source: themes.shopify.com/themes/streamline/styles/core

Streamline offers quick loading and instant product pages. It focuses on saving customers time so your brand can get its products out there. This theme is predominantly mobile-based. Thus, it’s highly responsive, making it ideal for brands focusing on mobile devices.

Streamline comes with an unlimited free trial. Pay if you publish. It has a one-time licensing payment of $320.

#10 Simple by Shopify

This minimalist theme isn’t just great for SEO purposes, it also makes your store look elegant and high-end. With minimal elements that really help to let your products do the talking, Simple loads quickly on all device types and is responsive to screen size, making it one of the top Shopify themes for SEO purposes. 

top shopify themes for SEO
Source: themes.shopify.com/themes/simple/styles/light

Simple is made by the team at Shopify, making it ultra-compatible with all of Shopify’s latest features and add-ons. Plus, this theme is free, even after you publish it. This makes it an excellent choice for merchants just starting out with Shopify. 

Choose Your SEO-Friendly Theme, Then Add PickyStory

PickyStory is the go-to option for maximizing your Shopify store’s SEO-friendly theme. Compatible with all themes, PickyStory helps merchants to generate more revenue by offering extra products to their customers at every turn. Display bundles of frequently bought together products on your product pages, offer a pop-up to tempt your customer with more products, or display extra products in the cart. 

PickyStory deals only take a few minutes to set up, and can simply be dragged and dropped onto your pages – no code required. Once you choose your theme, install PickyStory, create your deals, add optional discounts, and position the deal widgets on the desired portion of the page. It’s that easy! 

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