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How to Sell Bundles for E-commerce in 5 Simple Steps [Complete Guide]

Selling products as bundles has become an extremely popular technique for increasing the revenue of e-commerce businesses across all industries. If you’re wondering how to sell bundles for e-commerce, you’ve come to the right place – we’ll explain what bundles are, the benefits they can bring your store, and best practices for setting up and selling bundles on your website. 

Let’s go! 

What are product bundles?

“Products bundles” is a blanket term used to describe groups or sets of products offered in your store. There are lots of different types of product bundles – sometimes a product bundle consists of multiple quantities of the same product, while other times, a bundle consists of related or grouped products that naturally make sense to be sold together. 

Product bundles can be displayed on your existing pages, or as separate, standalone products on their own product page. 

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What are the advantages of product bundles?

There are many advantages of selling product bundles, some of which are obvious, but others may be less so. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits you can expect to see when you start using product bundles on your e-commerce site

#1 Product bundles generate more revenue

Of course, one of the major advantages of product bundles is that they entice your customers to add more products to their cart before they check out. 

The main reason this works is due to simple consumer psychology – you are placing these extra products right in front of your customers at the right moment (more on that later). This makes it incredibly easy for your customers to add all products to their cart at once. 

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Source: try.pickystory.com

Think about this example. In your store, you sell live plants, planters, and plant fertilizer. Many customers who are shopping for a live plant will also want a planter to keep it in. Some customers will also feel the need to buy fertilizer, to give their new little plant the best possible chance at life. 

Despite the fact that you sell these three related products, they are likely arranged in separate product catalogs. This means that customers would have to go to the plant section, add a plant to their cart, then go to the planter section to browse planters. Because a majority of customers aren’t specifically visiting your store for fertilizer, they will likely checkout before they make it that far, and you are missing out on valuable revenue.

By including the planter and the fertilizer in a bundle with the plant, you can set up a “new plant starter kit” for your customers – everything they need all on one page. This helps to make your store easy to navigate, and also encourages your customers to purchase more products than they normally would, resulting in a bigger sale and more revenue for you. 

#2 Product bundles provide a unique shopping experience

As mentioned, product bundles make it easier for your customers find the products they need. Creating a user-friendly website is something your customers will truly appreciate, and also remember. This increases brand loyalty, and makes your customers more likely to come back again and again. 

You can also use your product bundles to create a fun shopping experience for your customers. Let customers build their own bundle, or even create mystery bundles that will be an exciting surprise for your customers when they arrive! Use bundles in a fun and novel way to sell your products. 

Source: try.pickystory.com

#3 Product bundles help your customers understand how your products go together

One of the perceived disadvantages of selling online is that you can’t physically guide your customers through your store, or explain your products and answer their questions as they shop. 

While most of this can be addressed with great product descriptions, an FAQ page, and a live chat app, new customers who are unfamiliar with your products might still not understand how they can be used together, or what to buy together. 

shopify combo products
https://prxperformance.com makes it easy for customers to find what they need with home gym bundles sold as packages

By creating product bundles, you can ensure your customers only purchase compatible sizes or products. For example, if you sell tents with optional add-on accessories like awnings or spare poles, you can create product bundles of a tent, size-specific awning, and the appropriate poles. 

This reduces (or even eliminates) the chance of your customer inadvertently purchasing two incompatible products, which would have to be returned and refunded, leaving the customer frustrated and unlikely to return to your store. Product bundles can be used to hold your customer’s hand and help them make the right purchase for their needs. 

How to sell bundles in 5 easy steps

Ready to start selling bundles in your store? You will be glad to know it’s extremely easy – let’s take a look at how to sell bundles in your e-commerce store in just five steps. 

How to sell bundles - step 1: Add PickyStory

Go to PickyStory’s page in the Shopify app store and add the app. Make sure you are signed in to Shopify. 

how to sell bundles

Once installed, PickyStory will appear in your Shopify admin in the “apps” section. 

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How to sell bundles - step 2: Set up your bundles

In PickyStory, you can create bundles and start adding your products. Before you do this, however, it’s important to think about how you want to bundle your products. 

Review your catalog (as well as your existing sales data) to look for products that are commonly purchased together, or that you think make sense to group together into a bundle. 

Remember that the bundle should make sense to the customer – they should clearly be able to see the value that the additional products are adding to their purchase. 

It’s important to make the customer feel like you are helping them find the right products, rather than simply trying to push other products onto them. 

How to sell bundles - step 3: Decide where to display your bundles

PickyStory allows you to display your bundles on just about any page in your store. Where you choose to offer these deals depends primarily on how customers usually navigate through your store. 

For instance, it probably won’t be highly effective to display bundles on your product pages if your customers usually add products to their cart directly from the collections page – they won’t even see your bundles. In this instance, displaying your bundles as a popup would be more effective. 

How to sell bundles - step 4: Add an optional discount

Discounts are a great way to sweeten the deal for your customers. However, not every merchants wants to discount their products. With PickyStory, you can simply choose whether or not to add a discount to your bundles. 

Each bundle’s discount is independent of the next, so it’s easy to set different discount rules for each bundle. 

how to sell bundles

PickyStory allows you to add a percentage-based or fixed-amount discount, or sell your bundles for a target price. You can also adjust the number of products that the customer must purchase before the discount is applied. 

How to sell bundles - step 5: Watch your revenue increase!

It’s that easy. With your bundles displayed on the relevant pages in your store, you can use the PickyStory analytics dashboard to start tracking the performance of each of your deals. 

Use this information to make any necessary adjustments to the products you are bundling together, or the pages on which your bundles are displayed. 

If you’re looking for more Shopify tips and recommendations, check out the PickyStory blog.

Good Luck!

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