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Shopify Grouped Products: How to Group Products on Shopify

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Shopify grouped products: Do you know that you can increase your average order value (AOV) by grouping several products together on Shopify and selling them as one? Yes, you can.

As consumers search for great deals, grouping products and selling them as a set can help boost your sales. And the best part is that you’re not just increasing sales. You are also keeping your shoppers happy and engaged, and making it easy for them to find exactly what they’re looking for.

In this article, we’ll define what exactly Shopify grouped products are and discuss the benefits of using this strategy. Also, we walk you through the steps of setting it up and what to do to create grouped products that sell themselves.

What are Shopify Grouped Products?

Shopify grouped products refers to a type of product bundle on Shopify. This technique involves grouping several, distinct products together in Shopify, and selling them as one product, on a unique product page, with a single “add to cart” button. 

Grouping products together like this is an upselling method that offers several big advantages (more about that later) and appears to your customers as a single product.

This upselling method is often applied on dedicated product pages where selling many products as one is logical. (e.g., a product kit that consists of lipstick, foundation, and compact powder).

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Six Advantages of Using Shopify Grouped Products

Product grouping on Shopify has many advantages. Here are the key benefits your e-commerce business can enjoy when you group products together and sell them as a single item. 

#1: Shopify grouped products increase your average order value

Product grouping can efficiently raise the average amount customers spend on orders. Essentially, grouping products makes it incredibly easy for customers to add multiple products to their cart at once, through a single call to action button. This, in turn, leads to a higher sale value. 

A Harvard Business school study showed that Nintendo sold 100,000 units and made over a million dollars in video game sales after grouping the two products. Also, Doe Lashes increased its average order value by 86% after launching multi-product items. 

#2: Decrease distribution costs

With grouped products, you can create a lower cost per unit by selling several products in one package. This approach lowers freighting, distribution, and shipping fees. When you’re working with fine margins (as many Shopify stores are), these types of savings can add up to make a significant difference, particularly when paired with an increased AOV. 

shopify grouped products
Source: try.pickystory.com

#3: Reduce inventory waste

Grouping slow-moving inventory items with fast-selling ones can help to increase sales of your less popular products, which helps you to move old or surplus inventory quickly and reduces stock waste. 

In addition, when you group a slower selling item with a more popular one, you’re creating a new product offering, which may even help to unlock a new client base you didn’t realize you were missing out on. 

#4: Shopify grouped products increase customer loyalty

Shopify grouped products can also help foster customer loyalty. While it may come as a surprise to some, the reason isn’t far-fetched. Here’s why. Grouping products together makes it easy for your customers to buy everything they need at once. 

For shoppers in a hurry, not having to navigate through your store or search for additional products is a big win, and they’ll keep coming back for your streamlined shopping experience.

#5: Promote product awareness

Grouping products gives shoppers the chance to try an item they wouldn’t have bought as a single item. Let’s say a false lashes retailer has an inventory that includes lashes, tweezers, and lash glue.

Interestingly, most consumers don’t buy lash tweezers since they are not crucial to the application process. However, if advertised within a product group or pack, customers can see how tweezers simplify the process. They may even decide to buy a single pair in the future.

#6: Upsell products

Shopify grouped products can help build upsells into a package. It works by shifting focus away from the cost of single items.

For instance, when you buy a new mobile phone, you also get a charger in the box. We all know that the charger cost makes up part of the device’s total ticket price. 

Now, if a phone retailer sells the charger separately, many wouldn’t buy it. And that’s because a lot of phone users already have the right charger at home. But they will budge if the charger is in the box.

Using Shopify grouped products in this manner can help minimize friction. Some shoppers feel displeased at the thought of buying another item to complete their set. Hence, group the products to eliminate that obstacle to buy, and adjust the price of the main-ticket item accordingly.

Grouping Products on Shopify with an App

The best (and easiest) way to add Shopify grouped products to your store is via a dedicated app. PickyStory allows you to build Combo Products – packs of existing products that you can display and sell as standalone products. 

Source: pickystory.com

Combo Products are displayed on their own product pages, and have a separate listing in Shopify, so that you can easily add product images and a description to the Combo Product page. What’s more, you can feature these products and add them to collections, just as you would for your regular products.

With a few clicks, you can group your products, and have them live on your storefront within minutes. You can even advertise Combo Products across your existing marketing and sales channels. 

Best Practices for Creating Shopify Grouped Products

There are a few things to keep in mind when setting up your Combo Products on Shopify. These will not only improve the performance of your grouped products, but also save you time and make the setup go much smoother.

#1: Only group relevant products together

Group products that complement each other. This approach is important when you know your customer behavior and which products go best together – you can even dig through your sales history to find the answers to these questions. You can also group identical products, if you’re looking to sell a 3 or 6-pack of the same item, to encourage upselling. 

shopify grouped products
Source: shekouwoman.com

#2: Use images to display how the products look or work together

Using images to display how products look is a subtle but powerful way to push more customers to buy. True, some shoppers do not particularly seek out combo products, products bundled into a package, or discounts

However, it doesn’t mean they won’t feel compelled to buy if they find products that work well together. Using images can help customers discover the value of buying all the items you are offering as a pack. 

Source: shop.huonaqua.com.au

#3: Create compelling product descriptions

A product description introduces a particular product. This piece of information helps your customer know more about the combo they are viewing. It will also help them decide if they need your product or not. So make sure you hit pain points and explain why they need the product. You can also use an automated product description generator to help you write your descriptions. 

Group Your Products Together with PickyStory

Grouping products together and selling as a single Combo Product has benefits that extend beyond increasing your AOV. With PickyStory, it’s never been easier to sell grouped products on Shopify, so what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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