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Best 10 Shopify Apps for Product Navigation & Filter in 2023

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Implementing product filter and navigation apps in your e-commerce site can profoundly impact the overall customer experience, increasing conversions and boosting revenue. These apps enable customers to easily refine their search and navigate through your products, saving time and effort. By providing advanced filter options such as price, size, color, brand, and more, customers can quickly find the exact products they desire, increasing conversions.

Additionally, intuitive navigation tools enhance the browsing experience, allowing customers to explore categories, collections, and featured products effortlessly. With improved search functionality and seamless navigation, customers are more likely to find what they need, leading to higher conversion rates and increased sales, ultimately driving your revenue to new heights.

So, this article will focus on how your Shopify store can leverage the power of product navigation and filter apps to get the most out of your products.

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What Are Shopify Product Navigation and Filter Features?

In Shopify, a product filter and navigation refer to the tools and features that allow customers to easily find and narrow their product search based on specific criteria. These features help enhance an online store’s browsing and shopping experience by providing intuitive ways to filter and navigate the available products.

Let’s take a closer look at product filter functions:

Product filters enable customers to refine their search results by applying various filters or parameters that match their specific requirements. Filters are typically presented as options or checkboxes that customers can select to narrow the product selection. Here are some common filter criteria:

#1: Price Range

Customers can set a specific price range or select a minimum and maximum price to view products within their budget.

#2: Categories

Products are often organized into different categories or collections. Customers can filter products by selecting specific categories to focus their search.

#3: Product Variants

If a product has different variants, such as size or color options, customers can filter the available options to view products that match their preferences.

#4: Product Attributes

Depending on the nature of the products, additional attributes may be used as filters, such as brand, material, style, or product specifications.

#5: Availability

Customers may want to filter products currently in stock or available for immediate shipping.

Features of Navigation Apps

Now, here is a detailed look at product navigation features:

Navigation refers to the system or structure that helps customers move around and explore an online store’s different sections and pages. In Shopify, navigation usually includes:

#1: Main Menu

The main menu is typically located at the top of the online store. It provides access to different sections, such as product categories, collections, or pages like “About Us” or “Contact.”

#2: Collection Pages

Collection pages display groups of related products within a specific category. Customers can navigate these pages from the main menu or other links.

#3: Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are a navigation aid that shows the path or hierarchy of pages leading to the current page. They help customers understand their current location within the store and easily backtrack to previous pages.

#4: Search Bar

A search bar lets customers quickly enter specific keywords or product names to find relevant products. It helps them bypass navigating menus and directly search for what they’re looking for.

#5: Pagination

When multiple product pages are within a category or search results, pagination enables customers to navigate different pages.

#6: Sorting Options

Sorting options allow customers to arrange the product listing based on different criteria like relevance, price (low to high or high to low), popularity, or recently added.

Shopify allows you to combine filter and navigation features to give customers powerful tools to customize their product searches, refine results, and easily navigate your online store’s inventory to find the best products that meet their needs and preferences.

What Are Shopify Product Filter and Navigation Apps?

Shopify product filter and navigation apps enhance customers’ browsing and shopping experience on Shopify-based e-commerce websites. These apps provide advanced filtering and navigation options to help shoppers easily find the products they seek, improving user satisfaction and potentially boosting conversions for online stores.

Shopify product filter and navigation apps offer the following features and functionalities:

#1: Filter Options

These apps enable the creation of customizable filters based on various product attributes. Common filter options include price range, color, size, brand, rating, and more. Customers can simultaneously select multiple filters to refine their search and narrow the product selection.

#2: Collection Organization

Shopify product filter apps allow merchants to organize their products into collections or categories. These apps often provide dynamic collections that automatically update based on specific criteria or attributes, ensuring that the product lists are always up to date.

#3: Advanced Search

Some apps include an enhanced search functionality that goes beyond the default search feature provided by Shopify. Advanced search options enable customers to find products quickly by typing keywords or phrases, including misspellings or partial words. These apps may also include auto-suggestions and auto-corrections to improve search accuracy.

#4: Customizable Filters

Merchants can customize the appearance and behavior of the filters to match their store’s branding and design. This includes choosing the filter layout, color schemes, typography, and other visual elements. The ability to customize filters ensures seamless integration with the overall store design and enhances the user experience.

#5: Mobile-Friendly Design

As more users shop using mobile devices, the filter and navigation apps must provide a responsive design that works well on smartphones and tablets. These apps optimize the filter layout and navigation menu for smaller screens, ensuring customers can easily browse and filter products on any device.

#6: User Experience Enhancements

Shopify product filter and navigation apps often offer additional features to improve the user experience. These can include features like infinite scrolling, product quick view, color swatches, product badges, sorting options, and more. These enhancements make the shopping process more efficient and enjoyable for customers.

#7: Analytics and Insights

Many apps provide analytics and reporting features to help merchants understand customer behavior, popular search terms, and filter usage. These insights enable store owners to make data-driven decisions, optimize their product offerings, and improve their shopping experience.

Be sure to check out the Shopify app store to find the best product filter and navigation apps to help you build a killer e-commerce site your customers will surely love.

What Are the Benefits of Shopify Product Filter and Navigation Apps?

Shopify product filter and navigation apps offer many key benefits. Here is a detailed look at what you can expect:

#1: Enhanced User Experience

The primary benefit of using product filter and navigation apps is an improved user experience. These apps make it easier for customers to navigate a large inventory of products and quickly find the items they are interested in. By providing intuitive filter options and advanced search capabilities, the apps help customers refine their search and locate specific products based on their preferences. This streamlined and efficient browsing experience increases customer satisfaction. It reduces the likelihood of customers abandoning the site due to frustration.

#2: Improved Product Discoverability

Shopify product filter apps enable merchants to categorize and organize their products into collections or categories. This helps customers discover new products and different options within a specific category. By simplifying the browsing process and presenting products in a structured manner, these apps increase the chances of customers stumbling upon products they may not have found otherwise. Improved discoverability can lead to increased sales and conversions.

#3: Customizable and Brand-Consistent Filters

Shopify’s filter and navigation apps usually offer customization options, allowing merchants to align the app’s design with their store’s branding. This customization ensures seamless integration of the app’s features into the overall store design, maintaining a consistent and professional appearance. Merchants can choose from filter layouts, color schemes, typography, and other visual elements to create a visually appealing and personalized user interface.

#4: Increased Conversion Rates

Customers can easily find products that match their preferences with better product filtering and navigation. This reduces the time and effort required to make a purchase decision, increasing the likelihood of conversions. By providing a smooth and efficient shopping experience, these apps can positively impact conversion rates, leading to higher sales and revenue for merchants.

#5: Mobile-Friendly Shopping Experience

Many product filter and navigation apps are optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a seamless browsing experience across different screen sizes. As mobile commerce grows, online stores must provide a mobile-friendly interface. These apps adapt to smaller screens, maintain responsiveness, and optimize the filter layout and navigation menu for mobile users. This mobile compatibility enables customers to shop conveniently from their smartphones or tablets, enhancing the user experience and driving mobile conversions.

#6: Analytics and Insights

Shopify product filter and navigation apps often include analytics and reporting features that provide valuable insights into customer behavior. Merchants can gather data on popular search terms, filter usage, and other browsing patterns. These insights can help merchants understand their customers’ preferences and behavior, make informed decisions about product offerings, and optimize their marketing and merchandising strategies.

#7: Integration with Shopify Ecosystem

Since these apps are specifically designed for Shopify, they seamlessly integrate with the platform and other Shopify features. They can work alongside other apps and extensions, such as inventory management tools, email marketing platforms, and analytics software, providing a comprehensive e-commerce solution. This integration simplifies the management of the online store, enabling merchants to handle inventory, marketing campaigns, and customer engagement efficiently.

As you can see, Shopify product filter and navigation apps significantly improve the browsing experience for customers, increase product discoverability, drive conversions, and provide valuable insights for merchants. Leveraging these apps allows online stores to offer a user-friendly and efficient shopping experience, leading to customer satisfaction, repeat purchases, and business growth.

top shopify apps for Product Navigation & Filter
Source: https://unsplash.com/

What to Look for in Shopify Product Filter and Navigation Apps?

When selecting a Shopify product filter and navigation app, it’s important to consider several key factors to ensure it meets your specific needs and provides a seamless user experience. Here are the essential aspects to look for:

#1: Filter Customization Options

Choose an app that offers a high degree of filter customization. Look for apps that allow you to customize the filter layout, colors, typography, and other visual elements to match your store’s branding. The ability to tailor the filters’ appearance ensures a consistent and visually appealing user interface.

#2: Advanced Filtering Capabilities

Assess the app’s filtering options and consider whether they align with your product catalog. Ensure the app supports various filter types, such as price ranges, attributes (size, color, brand), tags, ratings, and more. It’s also beneficial if the app allows customers to apply multiple filters simultaneously for a refined search experience.

#3: User-Friendly Interface

The app should have an intuitive and easy-to-use interface for customers and merchants. Evaluate the app’s demo or screenshots to understand how the filter and navigation elements are presented to customers. A clean and user-friendly interface ensures customers can navigate and refine their product searches effortlessly.

#4: Mobile Responsiveness

With the increasing use of mobile devices for online shopping, choosing an app with a responsive design is crucial. The app should optimize the filter and navigation elements for smaller screens, ensuring a seamless browsing experience on mobile devices. This includes features like mobile-friendly layouts, touch-friendly interactions, and adaptive design.

#5: Speed and Performance

Customers expect a fast and responsive website. Check if the app has been optimized for speed and performance to avoid delays or slowdowns during the filtering and navigation. Apps that utilize caching mechanisms or employ efficient algorithms for filtering can help maintain a smooth and snappy user experience.

#6: Compatibility with Themes and Collections

Ensure the app is compatible with your Shopify theme and how you organize your products into collections. Verify that it seamlessly integrates with your existing collections and allows you to create dynamic collections based on specific criteria or attributes. This compatibility ensures the app aligns with your store’s structure and provides accurate filtering and navigation options.

#7: Search Functionality

Some product filter and navigation apps also offer enhanced search capabilities. Look for apps that provide features like auto-suggestions, auto-corrections, and the ability to search using partial words or misspellings. A robust search functionality complements the filtering options and helps customers quickly find specific products based on their search queries.

#8: Analytics and Reporting

Consider whether the app provides analytics and reporting features. This can include insights into popular search terms, filter usage, conversion rates, and other relevant data. Analytics help you understand customer behavior, identify trends, and make informed decisions to optimize your product offerings and marketing strategies.

#9: Support and Updates

Ensure that the app offers reliable customer support and receives regular updates. Look for apps with a reputable developer or company behind them, and check user reviews and ratings to gauge customer satisfaction. Regular updates ensure compatibility with the latest versions of Shopify and provide bug fixes and feature enhancements.

#10: Pricing and Scalability

Evaluate the app’s pricing structure to ensure it fits your budget. Some apps may offer tiered pricing plans based on the number of products or the level of customization required. Additionally, consider the scalability of the app as your store grows. Ensure the app can handle a larger inventory and accommodate increased traffic without compromising performance.

Selecting the Shopify product filter and navigation apps that best aligns with your store’s requirements and customers’ needs is essential. Making the right picks enhances customer experience, increasing conversions and boosting sales.

best shopify apps for Product Navigation & Filter
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Best 10 Shopify Apps for Product Navigation and Filter

Now, look at our carefully curated list of the best 9 Shopify apps for product navigation and filter. Be sure to look at these apps to decide on the best one to suit your needs and expectations.

App Name


Free Trial

Number of RATINGS

OVERALL rating


Boost AI Search & Discovery

$19 a mo.





Buddha Mega Menu & Navigation

$9.95 a mo.

Free to install




Cloud Search & Product Filter

$5 a mo.





Filterific: Collection Filter

$4.99 a mo.





Globo Mega Menu, Navigation

$9.90 a mo.

Free to install




qikify Mobile Menu, Navigation

$6.99 a mo.





Rapid AI Search Bar & Filters

$9 a mo.





sb: AI Search & Product Filter

$14.99 a mo.

Free to install




Smart Product Filter & Search

$19 a mo.





Sparq Product Filter & Search

$19 a mo.





#1: Boost AI Search & Discovery

Boost AI Search & Discovery is a comprehensive eCommerce toolkit that upgrades Site Search, Recommendation, Merchandising, and Navigation functions using cutting-edge artificial intelligence. The app reimagines navigation & filter, allowing you to customize filter trees and enable filter options on search result pages. Experiment with different filter settings to shorten your customers’ journey. Help shoppers find the products they want easier with Filters by Tags, Metafields, Range slider, Custom swatch, Tooltip Display, and more.

Source: https://apps.shopify.com/product-filter-search

Here’s why this is one of the best product filter apps Shopify offers:

#2: Buddha Mega Menu & Navigation

Buddha Mega Menu & Navigation by Buddha Apps makes the list of the best Shopify filter apps due to its multiple features. Experience the difference with this exceptional navigation menu application. Within minutes, you can effortlessly generate a sophisticated mega menu, surpassing the capabilities of standard options. The carefully crafted menus align with the latest design trends, ensuring a visually pleasing and modernized appearance that will elevate the overall aesthetic of your store. With this enhanced menu, your customers can seamlessly add their favorite products to the cart and effortlessly navigate through various categories directly from the menu. Simplify and enhance the shopping experience for your valued customers with our feature-rich menu solution.

Buddha Mega Menu & Navigation
Source: https://apps.shopify.com/buddha-mega-menu

Here’s why this is one of the best product filter apps Shopify offers:

#3: Cloud Search & Product Filter

Cloud Search & Product Filter makes our list of the best Shopify filter apps since it offers many effective tools. Elevate your online store’s search and filtering capabilities effortlessly with the Product Filter & Search Bar. This powerful tool empowers you to enhance search functionality without needing theme modifications, seamlessly preserving your existing collection page design and functionality. With this app, you can create a diverse range of filters such as tag-based, price, search, sort by brand, color, size, and more, catering to specific collections and enhancing navigation for your customers. Fine-tune your search results to perfection by prioritizing bestsellers, promoting specific products, and utilizing synonyms, ensuring optimal search performance that translates into increased sales conversion rates.

Cloud Search & Product Filter
Source: https://apps.shopify.com/cloudsearch

Here’s why this is one of the best product filter apps Shopify offers:

Grow your sales with high-performing deals.

#4: Filterific: Collection Filter

Filterific: Collection Filter by Supple Apps is another of the best product filter apps Shopify currently uses. Effective navigation becomes an arduous task for shops with extensive catalogs or a multitude of variants such as color, size, or brand. The sheer volume of products can overwhelm shoppers, necessitating countless clicks through numerous pages searching for their desired items. Fortunately, the Collection Filter app is here to provide a solution. This app efficiently organizes your collections, enabling customers to locate the required products. Streamlining the browsing experience will enhance the likelihood of securing a sale, as customers can easily discover the items they seek.

Filterific Collection Filter
Source: https://apps.shopify.com/collection-filter

Here’s why this is one of the best product filter apps Shopify offers:

#5: Globo Mega Menu, Navigation

Globo Mega Menu, Navigation by Globo tops the list of Shopify’s best product filter apps. Discover the versatility of One App’s Mega Menu, which offers a wide range of menu types to enhance your online store’s navigation. With the multi-level dropdown option, you can effortlessly create submenus with multiple levels, ensuring a comprehensive browsing experience. The tab menu type provides an easily accessible menu option for customers to conveniently explore your products and featured collections. If your store boasts a plethora of collections, the links list menu type is ideal, allowing you to add and edit links in bulk directly within your menu. Boost your revenue by showcasing featured products directly on the menu, effectively promoting their visibility and enticing customers to purchase.

Globo Mega Menu, Navigation
Source: https://apps.shopify.com/globo-mega-menu

Here’s why this is one of the best product filter apps Shopify offers:

#6: qikify Mobile Menu, Navigation

qikify Mobile Menu, Navigation by qikify is one of the best product filter apps Shopify uses to get customers to purchase more. Simplify creating a mobile menu with qikify Mobile Menu – Navigation, eliminating the need for coding expertise. This user-friendly app empowers you to seamlessly display your products and campaigns within the mobile menu, capturing customers’ attention. Customize the menu to reflect your brand’s unique style, ensuring a professional and cohesive appearance. Furthermore, you can independently add a floating menu to your store without affecting the main menu of your theme. Enhance the mobile navigation experience for your customers by leveraging the features of qikify Mobile Menu – Navigation.

qikify Mobile Menu, Navigation
Source: https://apps.shopify.com/mobile-menu

Here’s why this is one of the best product filter apps Shopify offers:

#7: Rapid AI Search Bar & Filters

Rapid AI Search Bar & Filters by Rapid Search makes the list of the best product filter apps thanks to its top-tier features. Experience a significant boost in the conversion rate of your Shopify store with the remarkable capabilities of Rapid Search, an AI-driven search engine equipped with advanced filters. Utilize the intelligent search bar and seamlessly integrate unlimited product and collection filters to assist visitors in finding their desired items effortlessly. The search recommendation system is an AI-powered upsell within your store, generating valuable data to inform your decision-making processes and fuel your marketing campaigns. With RapidSearch, you can witness tangible results right from the first day of implementation, maximizing the effectiveness of your online store.

Rapid AI Search Bar & Filters
Source: https://apps.shopify.com/rapid-search

Here’s why this is one of the best product filter apps Shopify offers:

#8: sb: AI Search & Product Filter

sb: AI Search & Product Filter by SoBooster makes our list of the best product filter apps due to its seamless integration into the Shopify environment. Elevate your store’s search and filtering capabilities with our advanced search and filter solution, designed to enhance the overall browsing experience for your customers and expedite product discovery. Powered by cutting-edge AI technology, our search engine revolutionizes how customers find products, boosting your store’s conversion rate substantially. By instantly improving performance and streamlining the customer journey, this solution effectively drives sales and increases revenue for your business. Experience the transformative impact of our Advanced AI-powered Search Engine and unlock the full potential of your online store.

sb AI Search & Product Filter
Source: https://apps.shopify.com/ultimate-search-and-filter-1

Here’s why this is one of the best product filter apps Shopify offers:

#9: Smart Product Filter & Search

Smart Product Filter & Search by Globo is one of the best Shopify product filter apps, thanks to its top-level features. Effortlessly refine your product searches based on various criteria such as price, size, color, tag, vendor, brand, collection, and metafields, among others. Our user-friendly installation process allows seamless customization of your product filter menu to suit your specific needs. Experience the power of our robust search solution, which provides instant suggestions and autocorrect functionality, ensuring accurate and efficient search results. With the ability to apply product filters directly on the search page, integration with the original search bar, theme filter, and category filter becomes hassle-free. Empower your users to locate the right products easily by implementing sidebar filters and filter collections, enhancing their overall shopping experience.

Smart Product Filter & Search
Source: https://apps.shopify.com/product-filter-and-search

Here’s why this is one of the best product filter apps Shopify offers:

#10: Sparq Product Filter & Search

Sparq Product Filter & Search by Sparq rounds out the list of the best Shopify product filter apps. Increase your sales and improve your online store’s search and filter capabilities with the Product Filter & Search App. Sparq, a trusted solution, offers a range of powerful tools designed to enhance the default filters in Shopify, resulting in a highly optimized shopping experience for your customers. Key features include advanced collection filters, real-time search-as-you-type functionality, customizable filter displays, location filters, and a user interface seamlessly integrating with your chosen theme. Trusted by esteemed brands such as World Bank Group, Steve Madden, and Pandora, Sparq delivers exceptional performance and reliability, elevating your e-commerce store’s search and filter performance.

Sparq Product Filter & Search
Source: https://apps.shopify.com/sparq-search

Here’s why this is one of the best product filter apps Shopify offers:

Conclusion for Best Shopify Apps for Product Navigation & Filter

Ultimately, even seemingly small changes can have profound effects on sales generation. That is why implementing product filter and navigation apps is the way to go. These apps offer a cost-effective solution that significantly enhances your site’s ability to generate sales without requiring substantial upfront investments in new functionalities or features. Integrating product filter and navigation apps empowers customers to easily navigate and explore your offerings, improving their overall shopping experience. Customers can swiftly refine their searches, find relevant products, and seamlessly browse through categories, leading to increased engagement and higher conversion rates. The transformative impact of these apps demonstrates that sometimes, the most impactful changes lie in the smaller, more focused enhancements.

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