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10 CTA Examples to Drive Conversions from Your Product Deals

CTA examples: After all of your marketing efforts to increase sales, you still need to work to apply them all through the customer life cycle.

Bringing customers to your store isn’t enough – you need to convince them that your products are worth purchasing. One of the most effective ways to do this is to use strong call to action (CTA) examples across your website. 

There are many different CTA examples that can have a significant impact on your conversions. In this article, we’re going to take a look at what makes a good CTA, and provide CTA examples that you can use to drive conversions in your store.

What is a CTA?

A call to action is pretty much what the term sounds like: you’re asking shoppers to do what you desire. CTA examples include clicking a “buy now” button on a product page or signing up to an email list to “get a discount.” 

Why is a strong CTA important for your product deals?

Not adding CTAs (or adding generic, weak CTAs) is a huge mistake that will hurt your business. There are reasons why strong CTA buttons are so popular on e-commerce sites – three main reasons, actually.

CTAs motivate your sales funnel

CTAs and sales funnels go hand in hand. The calls to action serve as transitions between the phases of the buyer’s journey. They instruct your customers on what to do next, prompting them to take immediate action. 

Grow your sales with high-performing deals.

These CTA examples guide shoppers

CTAs tell shoppers what to do next and encourage them to act immediately. Without them, your potential customers may not know where to go next. And as a result, they are more likely to exit the product page or abandon their cart.

CTAs are a great way to keep your audience engaged with your brand or product. Whether you want customers to visit your store or add a product to their cart, you must induce this action with a well-placed (and well-worded) CTA.

Shoppers want CTAs

Shoppers want and expect a CTA; they are not just important for sales. Many customers rely on the CTA to prompt them to take the next action. They have looked at your product, are interested in buying, and want a CTA button to proceed.

So omitting a CTA might mislead shoppers and jeopardize conversions. With CTA buttons, customers can easily take your desired action. That benefits them and your online store.

10 CTA examples to increase your conversions

#1 "Buy Now" CTA (most common CTA example)

“Buy Now” is one of the most popular CTAs. Indeed, it appears simple and obvious, but it helps boost sales conversion rates. You can place this button alongside special offers. In many cases, a “buy now” button is added above or below the “add to cart” button. 

This usually takes customers directly to the checkout/payment page and is a great option for customers looking to make a speedy purchase. 

CTA examples
Source: biomedcan.co.za

Biomedcan is advertising its product as an all-natural solution to better personal well-being in this picture. And underneath that statement, they added a simple, yet strong CTA button, “Buy Now.”

#2 "Add to Cart" CTA

The “add to cart” button is another incredibly important CTA. If you want to encourage your shoppers to keep browsing your products, an add to cart button is the CTA you want on your product pages, as it will simply add a product to the cart and allow the customer to keep shopping in the meantime. 

CTA examples
Source: dipalready.com

Of course, you can play with the wording. If you are selling a package of products, you could use “add package to cart” or “add all to cart” to improve clarity for customers. If your brand tends to use more fun or playful language you could also create an add to cart CTA with a bit more sass. 

#3 "Sign up For Free" CTA

Not all CTAs need to be centered around encouraging your customers to make a purchase. By pushing customers to sign up for emails, you are increasing your reader base and extending your audience. 

People love free stuff. As a result, businesses often use the word “free” in their marketing campaign – and it works. If you can offer free services or products, using this CTA will push potential customers to take action. If they eventually find the product or service useful, they may decide to upgrade or buy a full package.

CTA examples
Source: evernote.com

Evernote has applied this strong CTA quite well. They have a green “Sign up For Free” button on their homepage. That means every potential customer will get to see it and get the free offer.

#4 "View My Bag" CTA (must-have CTA example)

Many shoppers add their favorite items to their carts but sometimes fail to complete the checkout process. It only takes a simple push. You can do this by placing an irresistible e-commerce CTA!

The best way to do this is by offering a special discount or free delivery on the products they have in their shopping carts.

CTA examples
Source: revolve.com

Instead of using “Shop Now,” use this instead: 

Title: “You’re so close. Don’t let these items in your cart slip away.

“CTA Button: “View My Bag”

#5 "Yes/NO" CTA

This CTA example can help make the “No” option strengthen your call to action. In the example below, Bulkly’s “No” option is “I like doing repetitive tasks.” Since most people would disagree, more people will select “Yes.”

Source: bulk.ly

#6 "Get started with a quiz" CTA

Quizzes are popular because people love them. Adding a quiz to your brand and homepage can help improve conversion rates. Surveymonkey, Typeform, and Quiz Maker are some of the best platforms for developing website quizzes. 

Your CTA can be like this:

Source: scentbird.com

#7 "Free Trial" CTA

This strong CTA offers free and paid options to customers. Since they know visitors want a smarter business tool, they make the process easy. You can either try it for free or buy the premium version at a huge discount. 

Source: quickbooks.intuit.com

#8 "Claim Discount" CTA

The CTA is clear: “claim discount,” making it a strong CTA example. In fact, you can use CTAs just like this to increase your sales conversion rate.

#9 "Discount code" CTA

In the image below, the CTA button was changed to include the offer in the button, SAVE40NOW. This works because many visitors won’t have the patience to read your campaign. Instead, they’ll go to areas that pique their interest the most. When they notice the reward on the button, they’ll be tempted to click it and activate their discount code.

#10 "A wish list" CTA

A wishlist CTA lets visitors keep a list of things to buy later. This helps shoppers simplify the purchase process, compare prices, and ultimately increase conversion rates.

What makes these CTA examples so effective?

Short and clear

A strong CTA is short, concise and clear. So avoid using sentences; use short phrases instead. You only need 2 to 5 words to convey a message effectively. You can use up to 5-7 words in some situations. But make sure these longer CTAs (e.g. “Buy Now and Save 50%.”) add value. 

A sense of urgency

CTAs that include a sense of urgency encourages viewers to act instantly without letting a distraction sway them from your offer. For example, “Limited time offer” portrays a sense of urgency to act or respond immediately.

Action words

The most effective CTAs include action words that tell customers what to do next. So use powerful words to evoke an emotional response and persuade people to take action.

Attention-grabbing design

A strong CTA example has an eye-catching design that grabs buyers’ attention. Use a distinct color for CTA text or a brightly colored button to capture attention. This strategy makes it easier for buyers or visitors to find the CTA.

How to change the “Add to Cart” text in PickyStory

By default, your PickyStory product deals will have the CTA “Add to cart” or “Add selected to cart,” depending on the type of deal you are offering. However, you can easily customize this to create any CTA you wish to use. Here’s how: 

Navigate to Settings >> Text Labels and alter the text in the “Add selected items to cart” field: 

CTA examples
Source: app.pickystory.com

Use these CTA examples to captivate your customers

CTAs are important tools for pushing customers through your conversion funnel, and also can be a great way to simplify and add clarity to the customer journey. Make sure you create relevant and useful CTAs that your customers can clearly understand. 

Finally, never add a CTA without testing it. Do an A/B test on every strong CTA repeatedly. You’ll be amazed by how a few tweaks can greatly improve conversion rates.

If you’re looking for more e-commerce tips and recommendations, check out the PickyStory blog.

Good Luck!

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