Best Shopify Apps for Fashion: Merchants’ 13 Top Picks (2021)

Best Shopify apps for fashion: In 2020, the fashion industry generated a whopping $709 billion and is expected to reach further than $859 billion by 2022In 2020, more than 5,400 fashion brands closed their business. No, this isn’t only because of Covid-19 or that people have suddenly lost their passion for fashion. But rather that this industry has made a huge shift into the world of eCommerce, and is steadily growing in its new home.

As a fashion merchant, these stats must be really exciting to read. But, reaping the benefits from these numbers requires you to make active and smart choices for your brand. To have a successful fashion brand, you need to focus on so much more than just the apparel itself.

No worries! We did all the dirty work for you and examined over 30,000 leading Shopify fashion brands, to find the best apps for fashion merchandising. These upcoming apps include what we believe to be the most essential features for fashion merchants:

#1 PickyStory (Best Shopify Apps for Fashion)

Asos, Amazon, Shein – You are probably no stranger to these brands’ names, and there is a reason why. These leading fashion merchants have grown substantially due to providing customers high value for their money. The art of selling more products to existing customers is called upselling, and it increases your chances of selling by up to 65%. So if you want to see yourself in the list at the beginning of this paragraph, you should definitely start upselling ASAP.

PickyStory allows you to create numerous deals, urging your customers to purchase multiple items together. With PickyStory you can add product bundlesproduct kits and Shop the Look sections all with one app. Customers can add multiple products to their shopping bag with just one click.

fashion shopify product kit

These features make this app a shoe-in for fashion merchants. Present customers with a full look – such as a blouse, trousers, jacket and tote to add to their cart together. Add a bundle discount to make your offer even more difficult to resist. Presenting full looks is a great way to inspire fashion enthusiasts with complimentary products, while exposing them to more of the products you have to offer.

Top features:

Grow your sales with high-performing deals.

#2 Growave

It is essential to build relationships and retain your loyal customers for any fashion brand. Acquiring a new customer can cost up to five times more than keeping an old one. Customers that get rewarded for on-site activities are more likely to stay with your brand and turn into loyal customers. Also, generating social proof with user-generated content is extremely important in driving sales.

best shopify apps for fashion

This is why Growave is an excellent tool for building customer trust and loyalty. Growave is an all-in-one marketing solution for small and medium-sized Shopify brands that helps to reach their audience, engage users and increase conversions with ease. The app is perfect for growing Shopify businesses looking to build engagement, invest in word-of-mouth marketing tools and increase customer retention. Growave is the most cost-effective app that can easily replace 4-6 different apps on your Shopify store. The app offers multiple features, such as Reviews, Wishlists, Loyalty & Rewards, Social Login, and Instagram & UGC.

Top features:

#3 Reveal

The fashion domain is fast-paced and customers know best what the trends are and what they’re looking for. If your brand is falling behind the shopping patterns or you miss out on some key details that convince your clients to come back for more, then Reveal is the perfect tool to present all this data in one place and help you make smart decisions in your growth strategy.

What is Reveal? It’s a Customer Data Platform that analyzes your customers’ behavior across different channels, helping you understand how to acquire better customers, to retain and delight them. The ultimate goal is to lower CAC and increase the customer lifetime value.

Top features:

#4 Instafeed

Instagram is gradually becoming a necessity for fashion merchants. A third of it’s 500 million users have bought an item of clothing after seeing it on the platform. This is because this social platform helps promote not only an apparel item, but a whole lifestyle. So it’s no wonder that Instagram exceeds all other industries in social media usage for fashion lovers.

Expanding your brand into this social platform can help expose your brand to a wider audience of fashion-lovers and increase conversions.

Best Shopify apps for fashion

With Instafeed, connect your brand’s Instagram account to your website so that customers can view your feed right in your store. This creates ‘social proof’ of your brand, by presenting your fashion on other customers and instagram influencers, creating new conversions.

Top features:

#5 Weglot

The ability to sell to your customers, no matter where they are located, is an important element to growing your fashion brand. If your international customers can’t view your website in their own language, they will quickly move to a competitor’s site to find what they’re looking for. Weglot makes it quick and easy to automatically translate your website and connect with customers all over the world. 

With Weglot, you can have your entire store translated in a matter of minutes. There are more than 100 target languages to choose from, no code is required, and the intuitive dashboard makes it easy to manage your translations from one central location. 

Top features:

#6 Shopney - Mobile App Builder

What is the key to success in the fashion eCommerce world? The answer is clear: engaged and loyal customers. And a mobile app is the single best tool to create an engaged and loyal customer base. With that said, it’s not a surprise that top fashion brands like Zara, Net A Porter, H&M utilize heavily on their mobile apps.

The most important feature of a mobile app for a fashion business is the ability to deliver your brand message for free. You don’t have to pay for digital ads when you have free push notifications in place. And they can really boost your sales when used effectively.

Besides, you can reduce cart abandonments by 25% with automated push notifications. This can additionally boost your revenue further.

You can convert your store into a world-class mobile app in minutes and start to promote with the best rated Shopify mobile app builder. You don’t even need any coding or design skills!

Top features:

#7 Zotabox

Running a fashion brand can be hectic, requiring you to stay on top of all of your orders and ahead in all of the trends. If you feel as if you don’t have time to monitor real-time operations each day, you will need to deploy a tool that allows you to do more within the shortest possible time. Zotabox helps you do a lot with the least effort.

The app provides multiple tools for all of your retailing needs. Create a welcome header bar, pop ups, a facebook live chat tool, social sharing buttons and more using the Zotabox widgets.

Moreover, it offers social media synchronization to help you connect and interact with your customers on the go. Mobile usage is accountable for 65.4% of traffic to online fashion retailers and 57.1% of sales, making this tool great for fashion merchandising.

Top features:

#8 Mesa (Best Shopify Apps for Fashion)

From custom-built stores to enterprises with 3rd party integration, Mesa has it all. Shoppad’s Mesa allows you to automate certain tasks and systems, cutting down on the need for manual work. This is handy for fashion merchants who have heavy volume sales and tasks to take care of.

Mesa includes many tools your brand could really use, such as segmenting your customers based on their shopping behaviors, tracking of inventory tasks, reordering out of stock items or pausing ads when your inventory is running low.

This app is great for fashion merchants looking to automate their store.

Best Shopify apps for fashion

Top features:

#9 Klaviyo

Another great tool for creating strong ties with customers is personalization. Personalization has become such a norm that 71% of customers showed a certain level of frustration when their shopping experience was impersonal.

This is why Klaviyo makes our list. The app lets you use email, SMS, and in-web notifications based on customer profiles built from data of their behavior in your store.

If your customer tends to purchase mostly your footwear, target them with e-mails, SMS, and notifications, promoting your huge ‘Special Shoe Sale’ coming up.

Top features:

#10 Loox

Something that differentiates the fashion industry from others is that fashion products suit different customers in different ways. For instance, a blouse on a certain model can look a bit different than on yourself, on your sister or on your best friend. This is probably why 41% of fashion shoppers cite the lack of reviews as a reason not to buy something.

With Loox you can automatically send customers a request to leave a product review and offer a discount incentive for those leaving a photo review. Present your reviews on product pages, pop-ups, or on the homepage, targeting customers in different places throughout your store.

This is a great way to make your fashion brand more accessible for all customers and build better trust with them.

Best Shopify apps for fashion

Top features:

#11 Omnisend

Being one of the leading eCommerce fields, the fashion industry is bound to attract some cart abandonments as well. Specifically, the rates can reach up to 68.3%. But, that doesn’t mean your journey with this customer ends right there.

A good solution for this is retargeting. Omnisend is an app created to help you drive sales back into your store. The app offers automated email and SMS tools with pre-built workflows that urge customers to return. You can also create welcome series or transactional emails.

Send an email offering the customer to take another look at those jeans that were in their cart. Or, send an SMS to a customer that left his cart with a discount code for their next purchase to persuade them to complete their buy.

Top features:

#12 Smile (Best Shopify Apps for Fashion)

A standing out contender in this list is Smile. Smile is an app that allows you to encourage customers by rewarding them on their buying behavior. This urges customers to be more loyal towards your brand in order to get more back.

With Smile, you can build emotional trust and loyalty by offering your customers intuitive reward management programs. The app features include ‘loyalty points’, referral programs and VIP programs. The more the customer shop in your store, the more rewards they will get in return.

Show off deals that are exclusive only for VIP customers. For example – “VIP shoppers get an early 20% discount off our new collection!”. Customers will want to be a part of your exclusive club to not miss out on the best deals.

Best Shopify apps for fashion

Top features:

#13 TrustedSite (Best Shopify Apps for Fashion)

In eCommerce, it can sometimes be difficult to convince customers that your main goal isn’t to get them to spend as much money as they can. It’s important that the customer feels secure while roaming through your store. Trustedsite by McAfee is a perfect example of an app that offers all buyers the safehaven they seek.

Once customers know that their personal information is safe with you, they are more likely to trust your brand and remain loyal to you. Trustedsite is an important app for merchants who seek ample protection for both themselves and their customers online.

Fashion retail isn’t always the first place you’d think would attract a cyber hack. But in 2014, data of 40 million credit cards from Target shoppers were stolen, causing more than 40% of profit loss. So make sure you and your customers are staying safe!

Top features:

Be the Ultimate Fashion Destination

Make your brand the go-to for your customers fashion needs. Other than providing the most cutting edge fashion, it’s important to make sure that your store has everything else needed to make your store the best it can be.

We chose these best Shopify apps for fashion in order to show you the most efficient ways to achieve that goal. Each app presents a special and essential tool that every fashion retailer should have.

You can check out our blog to see more of our recommended apps.

Have fun!

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