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Shopify Apps: How to utilize apps to improve your store’s functionality [+ Examples]

Shopify apps: Making a name for your brand on Shopify requires a combination of creativity and the right tools. The tools you need to make your Shopify store successful pertain to the apps you use. Apps for Shopify are each designed with specific functions in mind – some can make it easier to market your store, others help you increase your revenue, and many deal with the logistics of an online store like inventory management and order fulfillment. 

In this article, we provide an overview of Shopify apps, how your store can benefit from them, and everything you need to know to get started. Read on to learn how (and where) to find the best apps for your store, plus some examples of top apps that can really help to take your store to the next level.

What are Shopify apps?

Like all apps, Shopify apps allow you to perform a specific function. These functions make your Shopify store work more efficiently while enhancing your customers’ experience. Theoretically, you could run your shop without any apps. However, your customers’ experience and your store’s performance would not be optimal.

In essence, apps for Shopify allow you to manage product orders, ship products, and interact with customers effectively. As such, these apps aim to make your life easier. Their purpose is to streamline your processes so you can work smarter.

Also, please remember that some apps are free while others have a cost. Startup stores may consider using free Shopify apps at first and then migrate to paid subscriptions as your store grows – it’s important to keep this point in mind as you evaluate apps for your store.

Who should use Shopify apps?

In short, if you’re on Shopify, you should add apps to your store. Any store, brand, or product line can benefit from apps. The challenge lies in identifying which apps are right for your brand or store. As such, you must consider your shop’s individual needs to find the best Shopify apps.

So, let’s consider who can benefit from using apps for Shopify:

Fashion brands can use apps specifically designed to improve image display with features such as zooming, high-resolution image uploads, slideshows, and galleries. To make running your fashion store easier, explore our deep-dive into the best Shopify apps for fashion merchants.

Beauty and cosmetic stores can also greatly benefit from using apps. These brands can streamline their user experience, checkout, and order fulfillment without using complex software or coding. Given that such stores typically have an expansive inventory and complex display requirements, utilizing some of the best Shopify apps for beauty stores can be a lifesaver. 

Those in the restaurant business can also benefit – top Shopify apps for food and drink stores can make it easy to schedule order pick-ups, local delivery, and more. 

High-volume retailers can simplify their order management processes by using apps. For instance, apps can automate order fulfillment, inventory management, and stock availability. If you’re selling digital products on Shopify, there are apps made for that as well. Shops with customers around the world can use apps to localize product information. For instance, these shops can use apps to translate product descriptions into various languages.

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What are the main benefits of using Shopify apps?

Several key benefits come with using apps in your Shopify store. However, the list can be quite extensive. So, we’re going to focus on the top three benefits that virtually all stores can obtain when using apps.

#1 Save time and money

Indeed, using apps can save you time and money. Shopify apps facilitate your store’s processes, reducing the time you need to fulfill orders. As such, you can serve your customers better without hiring additional staff or spending more time monitoring your store. Apps can automate practically every aspect of your store’s online presence. As a result, you can reduce the amount of effort needed to serve your customers’ needs effectively.

#2 Increase sales and drive profitability

Apps help boost your sales and profitability by streamlining all of your processes. As a result, your store’s performance can reach its optimal delivery level. In turn, your shop can serve more customers, fulfill more orders, and upsell products. For instance, you can offer product tiers or add-ons to base products. Additionally, your shop can boost your products’ margins by reducing your overall cost impact.

#3 Improve brand positioning and customer loyalty

As your shop improve its overall performance, your brand and products will gain a foothold in their respective market niche. Furthermore, your customers will keep coming back thanks to your outstanding service. Ultimately, using the right mix of Shopify apps will help boost customer loyalty while simultaneously bringing in new ones.

Where can you find Shopify apps?

The go-to place for Shopify apps is the Shopify App Store. Here, you will find every app available for your store. Once you select an app, you can easily install it to your Shopify admin.

Shopify apps
Source: https://apps.shopify.com/product-kits-bundles-pickystory

The Shopify app store displays recommended apps. These apps appear in various categories such as trending, top new; in the spotlight; discount, sales, and limited-time offers; product upsell and cross-sells; new and noteworthy; and loyalty and reviews. Feel free to check out these categories. You will surely find an app that works well for your store.

Each app’s listing features images and media that gives you an idea of the app’s services, links to the developer’s website and demo store, and Shopify app reviews written by real users that offer useful insights into each app’s functionality. 

However, amid a sea of apps, it might be tricky to find the right one for your shop’s needs. So, we’ve done the legwork for you. We’ve identified the top Shopify apps based on individual needs and functions. We aim to help simplify your search to spend more time growing your store.

8 of the best Shopify apps for your store

We have put together a list of top apps from eight of the most commonly-used categories to make it easier to find top-performing apps that can have a real benefit in your store. Of course, every Shopify user’s needs vary based on their store and their products, but if you’re looking for somewhere to get started, this is it!

#1 Shopify apps for increasing revenue

Revenue is of course an essential part of any successful e-commerce venture. One of the most effective ways of increasing revenue is with upselling and cross-selling deals, product add-ons, and bundles. PickyStory is an extremely versatile Shopify product bundles app that allows you to create almost any type of deal you can imagine, and customize it to suit your brand.

With Pickystory, you can build an entirely customized sales experience for your customers. Set up an inspiring “Shop the Look” gallery, group multiple products together and sell as one, offer cross-sell bundles or pop-ups, and so much more. 

how does shopify work

Top features:

#2 Shopify apps for translation

Multiple language support becomes essential when your shop caters to customers from various regions. As such, a solid Shopify translation app will help your store best serve your customers. 

Translate your Store by Weglot is a Shopify translation app that instantly converts your store into multiple languages. With this Shopify app, you can save yourself the time and effort needed to add multiple language support to your shop. Weglot translates your main and product pages as well as pop-ups, reviews, and even messages from third-party apps.

Source: https://apps.shopify.com/weglot

Top features:

#3 Shopify apps for reviews

Customer reviews are crucial to your Shopify store’s success. Thus, having a reliable Shopify app for product reviews can help your customers see what others are saying about your products and service quality. REVIEWS.io by Reviews.io is a great Shopify review that facilitates your shop’s ability to display customer reviews. REVIEWS.io allows you to filter and organize reviews so that relevant reviews appear on the main and product pages. REVIEWS is a Google-licensed platform. As such, it integrates seamlessly with Google Reviews.

Source: https://apps.shopify.com/reviews-co-uk-product-and-merchant-review-collection

Top features:

#4 Shopify subscription app

Subscriptions are an effective way to boost customer loyalty and drive revenue. Thus, your Shopify store needs to make it quick and simple for users to sign up. Once users sign up, they can become privy to exclusive offers and deals. Ordergroove Subscriptions by Ordergroove facilitate that signup and management process. This top Shopify subscription app provides an effortless subscription experience. In return, your users get access to the best deals your brand has to offer.

Shopify apps
Source: https://apps.shopify.com/ordergroove

Top features:

#5 Shopify apps for fulfillment

Successful stores need a strong fulfillment system to meet their customers’ demands. Thus, a reliable Shopify fulfillment app is the answer to growing shops’ demands. ShipBob Fulfillment by ShipBob offers customization, same-day shipping. With this app, you can sync various warehouse locations into a single streamlined system. 

Shopify apps
Source: https://apps.shopify.com/shipbob

Top features:

#6 Shopify apps for customization

Customization is a highly useful way of improving your shop’s ability to upsell orders. In turn, you can drive your store’s profitability and overall revenue. A trusted Shopify customization app will help your store improve its ability to customize products. Custom Product Builder by Buildateam offers a solid app with easy-to-use features.

Source: https://apps.shopify.com/customization-tool

Top features:

#7 Shopify chat apps

Communicating with customers is an essential part of building a successful Shopify store. Having a useful chat or chatbot feature can make a significant difference in your store’s customer service capabilities. Live Chat by Roger Wilco LLC is a top Shopify live chat app that enhances your shop’s ability to communicate with customers. This app features live chat, chatbot, and cart saver features. As such, your customers can be sure to get the information they need when they need it.

Shopify apps
Source: https://apps.shopify.com/chatra

Top features:

#8 Shopify apps for dropshipping

Dropshipping has become one of the most effective ways entrepreneurs can make a name for themselves in e-commerce. As a result, successful dropshippers need tools that can provide the capabilities they need, particularly when sourcing materials and products from other countries. With Spocket by Spocket, you get everything you need to boost your dropshipping business effectively. This Shopify app for dropshipping integrates with Oberlo and AliExpress to give you the edge you need in your market niche.

Source: https://apps.shopify.com/spocket

Top features:

Shopify apps: The perfect way to customize and streamline your store

Building your Shopify store doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the Shopify apps we have described, you have the tools to succeed. Whether you’re looking for Shopify upsell apps to boost your sales growth, or a Shopify app to increase conversion rates in your store,  or the best Shopify apps for home design stores to make it easy to ship your furniture overseas, the app store has it all.

So, what’s the next step?

These Shopify apps offer free trial options. Thus, take advantage of them. Try them out before you commit. You have nothing to lose. Once you get the hang of these Shopify apps, you can continue building your brand. After all, these Shopify apps simplify your life so you can focus on what truly matters: making your business the best it can be! 

If you’re looking for more recommendations from the Shopify app store, check out the PickyStory blog.

Good Luck!

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