Shop Instagram in Your Shopify Store?

As Instagram is taking the world by storm, the number of active users surpassing monthly are 1 billion worldwide. Over 400 million people post Instagram Stories daily and this makes the case for retail shops, ecommerce brands, and various small businesses to reach their customers by marketing plentiful products and services in an exciting way.

This social media site has advanced into a prosperous marketplace for online shopping brands to connect with consumers with just one tap. By connecting your online store to your Instagram account, you can easily connect with your target customers.

Why Shop the Look is So Popular on Instagram?

Since the world today has become a fan of visuals and focuses more on pictures and snaps, why not make a brilliant use of this outburst of posting pictures and put up complete looks for your customers to shop directly from Instagram. Sounds exciting? It is very much. 

With Instagram shop the look, you can drive sales and achieve the growth your business needs. The picture of the complete look on the app drives the customer to opt for all the products shown in the picture. According to a research, 80% of Instagram users follow online business accounts, making the shopping experience more effective than ever, for the merchants to tag products in their day-to-day posts and simplifying the entire shopping journey from discovery to checkout. The most famous and popular brands from across the world such as H&M, Zara, Forever21, Mango, etc. are driving proven outcomes with Shopping on Instagram.

1. Promote looks on Instagram

Source: @judithandcharles (Instagram)

Is Shop The Look on Instagram Enough?

The basic mechanism is the smart feature of the app that allows the customer to instantly tap on the picture and know the cost of every product the model is displaying, something very commendable of Instagram. Having said that, the feature however, does not add the products to the cart keeping the customer unsatisfied.

Posting the pictures of the complete look is not enough unless the customers can easily add the same products in their shopping cart. So, how about giving a similar experience to your customers on your e-store, where the customers can scroll through all the sassy and chic looks and shop them as well. 

2. Offer to purchase the looks in store


The Simplest Solution

Keeping in mind the need of adding a Shop the look on the page, PickyStory is built seamlessly to transform the shopping experience of your customers. With PickyStory app, you can upload all the looks on the app, create widgets of the all look in the gallery section, add a shop the look button, easily customize all the looks as you want to post them and also link new products to the look as you expand your product line. 

With PickyStory app, you can create a seamless and all-in-one shopping experience for your customers. So, give the app a shot and be your customer’s favourite online store!

“Great app! Very easy to set up lookbooks and insert into our site.”


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