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How Brands Inspire Shoppers With Shoppable Lookbooks

How fascinating it is to picture yourself in a classic jacket worn over a tee with funky jeans, and classic white sneakers just to be sure, how you will pull off the entire look. Yes, this digital delight is what you can offer to your customers by creating lookbooks for them. But before you know why you create them in the first place. Let’s divulge what exactly a lookbook is? A lookbook is a like a fashion catalogue filled with well-styled images of models. It is an artistic way of sharing your brand’s story that conveys the true essence of it.

Lookbooks serve the dual purpose of inspiration and information. Ever wondered why some websites stand out amongst the crowded fashion e-commerce space? It is because they create lookbooks that offer effervescent lifestyle images of their clothes or accessories as a part of their aspirational narrative.

Show Your Shoppers What You Got

Now your customers don’t need to have a fashion/style guide with them as they will have a complete assembled look from head to toe in the lookbook or shoppable image. It is no surprise that when a customer feel connected to the brand, they are likely to visit it more and shop through it. Make your brand the centre of attraction by portraying how they can style each look without any hassle.

Shoppers are always on the hunt for apparels that they can don on with minimum efforts, feel completely comfortable and still look attractive. Creating a lookbook for them that uses the magic of natural and day-to-day setting to show how they can use your products and look chic and stylish all the time is a thoughtful approach for your brand’s image. 

Hook Them on the Look

To some customers, shopping is a heavy activity. Having an ecommerce business means your shoppers might miss out on the experience of trying on clothes and match items to create that perfect stylish ensemble. As the author of “Why We Buy”, Paco Underhill says, “Sensual shopping gives shopper the pleasure and excitement to choose the products he buys.”

While in a lookbook you cannot touch or try on the clothing, it nevertheless gives the same experience and creates great visual appeal

Brands That Opt for Lookbooks

While creating a lookbook of your brand, use it considerately to breathe the brand’s personality into it. 

Forever21: Known for selling fun, and flirty clothing targeting the typical North American young adults, Forever 21 keep its lookbook youthful. The looks are chic and feisty with the models wearing it in the sassiest way, fitting with their brand persona. 

Source: www.forever21.com

Nike’s CR7 Digital Lookbook: It is a complete and creative online lookbook experience for consumers. Use of rich colours, music, and animation with the feature to click directly on items you want to buy, makes for an exceptional, up-to-the-minute lookbook. 

Source: www.nike.com

American Giant: This e-commerce apparel brand lately launched a full lookbook for one new dress stimulating their audience’s emotions. A fierce woman wearing a black maxi dress and staring boldly into the camera was paired with the tagline: “Dress like a badass.” 

Source: www.american-giant.com

The emotional tagline was enough to get the targeted customers shop the look.

A Complete One-Stop-Shop Shopping Experience

From seeking out a single product that could be conveniently bought online to becoming consumers of exclusive shopping experiences where they can purchase a complete look with a single click, online shoppers have advanced greatly. They want to make sure that they grab the best value in the least time under one roof. So why not optimize their shopping experience and present them with what exactly they are looking for?

“Great app! Very easy to set up lookbooks and insert into our site.”


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