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How to Create Shoppable Images on Shopify in 5 Minutes (+ Examples we Love)

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In this article, we’re going to explore shoppable images on Shopify. We’ll discuss what these images are and how you can take advantage of them. In particular, we’re going to look at examples you can use to get the inspiration you need to take your e-commerce site to the next level.

What is a Shoppable Image on Shopify?

 So, what exactly is a shoppable image? A shoppable image is a new way of marketing your products. It uses well-crafted product photography and lifestyle images that contain detailed product information when users click on them. These details include product specifications, price, features, and add-to-cart options.

In essence, shoppable images eliminate customers’ need to click on the image and go to a product page. The image contains all the information customers would need about the product. 

What’s the best part of a shoppable image?

When customers can see all the information they need in a single spot, they can make their choices and go straight to checkout. This feature is fantastic because it helps save time. You see, the more clicks and pages customers have to go through, the less they feel enticed to purchase.

Does this mean you won’t need product pages anymore?

Not necessarily. Product pages are still relevant. The difference is that product pages may offer additional features such as more detailed information, images, and additional purchase options like color swatches, bundles, and bulk discounts.

Let’s take a closer look at how a shoppable image works:

shoppable image gallery
Source: try.pickystory.com

First, we have a traditional product gallery. When you hover over the images, you get a message that says, “Shop the Look.” Now, let’s take a look at what happens when you click on one of the images:

shoppable images for shopify
Source: try.pickystory.com

As you can see, this image is a shoppable image on Shopify as it displays two product suggestions to complement the look in the image. Customers can add the accessories to complete the look directly to their e-commerce cart

What are the Advantages of Shoppable Images on Shopify?

Using shoppable images on Shopify is something you want to look into. Here’s why:

Grow your sales with high-performing deals.

5 Powerful Examples of Shoppable Images on Shopify

When it comes to taking full advantage of shoppable images, it’s worth looking into how successful brands do it. In this section, we’re going to look at five amazing and effective examples of shoppable images on Shopify you can use to turbocharge your brand’s performance.

#1: New Edition Fashion

New Edition Fashion is a fashion brand that offers trendy looks for any occasion. This brand focuses on delivering edgy looks by combining its various product offerings to suit every consumer’s tastes. Its large catalog gives consumers various options to choose from. 

In particular, New Edition Fashion presents a gallery for Shopify that curates specific looks. In doing so, this fashion brand takes the guesswork out of building great looks.

Here is a look at one of their galleries for Shopify:

how to create shoppable images on shopify
Source: neweditionfashion.com

Why do we love this shoppable image gallery for Shopify?

This shoppable fashion gallery checks all the boxes because it provides curated outfits that customers can purchase a bundle. As such, customers save time and money by choosing one of these bundles. 

First, customers save time because they don’t need to scroll through product pages to assemble an outfit that suits their tastes.

Secondly, customers can save money by purchasing the bundle instead of individual items. So, New Edition Fashion uses shoppable images for Shopify to help customers make their selections. Here is what happens when you click on “shop the look:”

examples of shoppable images shopify
Source: neweditionfashion.com

Clicking on “shop the look” reveals the full picture with listings for individual items. Customers can choose sizes and add them directly to their cart. 

But what if a customer only wants a single item?

There’s nothing to worry about. The customer can purchase any individual item they want. Shoppable images work very well in this context because shoppable images for Shopify save them time by allowing them to choose the products they want on the spot.

#2: LulaFox

LulaFox is a beauty and cosmetics brand that delivers quality products to suit customers from all walks of life. As such, it offers a wide product catalog that caters to individual needs. Having a large catalog provides customers with a vast array of options. However, too many options can make things confusing for customers. Fortunately, LulaFox has this covered. 

Here is a look at one of their galleries for Shopify:

what is a shopify shoppable image
Source: lulafox.life

Clicking on “shop the look” reveals the following shoppable image:

gallery for shopify
Source: lulafox.life

We now get a gallery that allows the customer to add the products they need to create the look shown in the image. So, here are two key elements in this shoppable image for Shopify:

First, customers can find a look that suits their specific skin tone and desired look. The shoppable image displays the products needed to create that look.

Second, the brand has created a great list of curated bundles. As such, customers don’t need to guess which products, tones, or colors work best for them. 

#3: Lush Décor

Lush Décor is a home furnishing brand that aims to provide customers with contemporary looks for their homes. This brand offers a wonderful array of home decoration products to suit various tastes. 

They also focus on providing customers with great product combinations. Each combination suits a specific taste and style while showcasing the individual items that comprise each look.

Here is a look at one of their galleries for Shopify:

how to use shopify shoppable images
Source: lushdecor.com

In this image, we see beautiful bedroom decor. The image is comprised of various items that achieve the overall look. The brand has carefully curated the combo to give customers the look they want to achieve. 

Why do we love this shoppable image gallery for Shopify?

First, seeing the individual pieces allows you to determine if it’s the right look for you. Seeing the products individually helps get a better sense of the overall look.

Second, this curated look takes the guesswork out of building the style you want for your home. As such, you can decide if it’s the look you want or if you’d rather check something else out. The best part is that there are no surprises.

#4: Glow Fashion

Glow Fashion is a fashion brand offering great items to suit any taste. Their products work very well with any type of look you’re going for. Glow Fashion also provides customers with curated looks to create an overall look. 

Here’s a peek at one of Glow’s product listings:

shopify shoppable images guide
Source: glow-fashion.com

On this product page, we can see an individual item (a pair of jeans). Below are two curated looks to match the jeans on the main product page. So, let’s see what happens when you click on “shop the look.”

advantages of shopify shoppable images
Source: glow-fashion.com

Glow gives customers two different curated looks to choose from. Each look contains the jeans as the main item but adds other items to create various looks.

Second, the shoppable image eliminates the need to leave the main product page and go to individual product listings. Everything the customer needs is in a single spot. 

Best of all, the customer can choose which items they want to purchase. Thus, there is no need to purchase the entire combo. Customers are free to purchase individual items.

#5: Olive et Oriel

Olive et Oriel is a brand focused on creating artful home furnishings to suit highly demanding tastes. As a result, the brand must provide customers with stunning visuals and informative product listings to drive its sales.

Let’s take a look at one of their galleries for Shopify:

shopify image gallery
Source: oliveetoriel.com

In this gallery, we can see beautiful home decoration ideas based on amazing wallpaper and picture designs. Now, let’s take a look at what happens when you click on “shop the look.”

Clicking on “shop the look” reveals the following shoppable image:

shopify shoppable images
Source: oliveetoriel.com

As you can see, the shoppable image reveals the pictures that comprise the look. Customers can purchase every picture or just the ones they like the most. The curated combo includes four pictures customers can incorporate into their home decoration. 

Ultimately, Olive et Oriel gets it right because they provide customers with options and flexibility. Instead of pushing an entire combo on customers, the brand allows customers to choose the products that work best for their individual tastes and desires.

Create Shoppable Images for Shopify with PickyStory

Each of the examples shown above was created using PickyStory’s “Shop the Look” feature. Using this feature, you can create a beautiful shoppable image (or images), and display these on your product pages, home page, a dedicated gallery page, or anywhere else in your store that makes sense. 

With PickyStory, shoppable images can be created in a matter of minutes, with no coding required (all you do is drag and drop the images onto the desired section of your page). You can add an optional percentage- or value-based discount, and inventory is auto-synced in Shopify for all of the individual SKUs. 

Using PickyStory to create shoppable images for Shopify can dramatically increase your average order value and store revenue – check it out today. 

Grow your sales with high-performing deals.


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