Shopify Combo Products: The Ultimate Step By Step Guide To Combo Products [+ Examples]

Shopify combo products: We all know that increasing AOV is an important part of having a successful Shopify store, but figuring out how to do that isn’t always easy. One of the best ways to boost revenue in your store is by utilizing upselling and cross-selling techniques such as product bundles and kits. Another useful cross-selling technique is Shopify combo products. If you’re wondering what the benefits of a Shopify combo product are, or how to add Shopify combo packs to your store, keep reading – we’ve explained it all below.

What are Shopify combo products?

Unlike product bundles or kits, which are add-ons made up of separate products that can be purchased individually, Shopify combo products are products that are aggregated into one single product pack. This Shopify product pack is treated as one product in your store (and has its own product page) rather than being an addition to existing products in your store.

Why should you create Shopify combo products?

A Shopify combo product is a great addition to your store and can dramatically increase revenue. Shopify combo products immediately allow customers to purchase multiple products that you have grouped into a product pack – they may not even see individual items, and don’t have to choose to select add-ons to purchase additional items.

By making packs of products the default option, you’re encouraging your customers to spend up without having to work hard to upsell. Combo products can be treated just like any other product in your store – you can create a separate collection in your store for combo products, or you can add them to your Facebook or Google product feed to advertise your combos.

Who should create Shopify combo products?

Merchants in just about every industry can benefit from adding a Shopify combo pack to their store. For fashion stores, a Shopify create combo pack could include dress pants, a blouse, and a jacket, giving your customers a whole matching outfit in a few easy clicks. Home decor merchants could create a Shopify combobox featuring wall décor and a matching area rug. The possibilities are pretty much endless, and you’re really only limited by the products in your store and your own imagination.

When to use Shopify combo products?

Ultimately, you can add a Shopify combo product deal to your store whenever you feel like it. However, there are a few scenarios when a Shopify combo pack may be particularly effective:

#1 Add Shopify combo products for sales:

If you’re looking to move specific inventory from your store, a Shopify combo product is a great way to do this. You can create a combo that’s made up of the products you’re trying to sell the most and watch as they fly off the shelves. Rather than customers purchasing a single item, they’ll be drawn to combo packs and thus increase your AOV. This is a particularly effective technique for sales during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday period.

#2 Add Shopify combo products for the holidays:

A Shopify combo pack can be particularly effective when added to your store for the holidays. Customers visiting your store for holiday shopping may not have time to browse and may be more inclined to purchase a combobox that can easily be given as a gift.

Shopify combo products as gift boxes

Shopping online for gifts is becoming the preferred holiday shopping method for many consumers. A great way to be ready for the influx of gift shoppers is to have products specifically designed as gifts already in your store, ready to go. A Shopify combo pack makes a great gift – it feels more personalized than a single item, and you can even have your products arranged in a nice box ready to go. This is an excellent idea for beauty merchants – soaps, lotions, facemasks, and other such items make the perfect product combo box.

Create a collection of Shopify combo products

One of the challenges when it comes to using a Shopify create combo is knowing which products to lump together into a pack. It may take some time to go through your store to assess your options, considering which products work well together, or even consulting your recent sales data to see which of your products are frequently purchased together. You may even need to create multiple combo products and wait to see which are the most effective combinations for your store.

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5 best examples of Shopify combo products

If you’re wondering just what a Shopify combo product could add to your store, check out these great examples of Shopify combo product deals in action.

#1 Sephora

Sephora shows why beauty stores are the perfect place for your Shopify combobox to shine. Some of their combos are marketed specifically as gifts, and customers can search based on who they’re buying for, the type of products they’re looking for, or their price range. Next to the cost of the combobox, they tell you the dollar value of the individual components (though not broken down) so that customers can see how much they’re saving, sweetening the deal. 

shopify combo products

#2 St Frank

St Frank has a beautiful selection of homeware products, and their Shopify combo pack game is strong. Their products already serve themselves perfectly as gifts – all they had to do was find the right combinations (like this adorable and functional coffee gift set) and package their items neatly into gift boxes for everyone to enjoy.

shopify combo products

#3 Allbirds

Allbirds is showing how fashion merchants can also benefit from a Shopify combo product. Though mostly known for their environmentally-friendly (and super stylish) footwear, they also offer apparel and accessories. For fashion merchants, accessories are a great way to add a Shopify combobox to your store, and also work as gifts. As you can see, Allbirds is offering cool combinations of laces, available in packs with different color schemes.

shopify combo products

#4 Lush

shopify combo products

If you’ve ever been into an actual Lush store, you probably remember two things: The overwhelmingly fragrant smell of fresh soaps, and their adorable gift boxes that made the perfect last-minute present for any friend or relative. Lush is also offering their boxes online – their store makes it easy to browse different options and find an ideal selection of items available as one product.

#5 Goodfair

shopify combo products

Goodfair sells second-hand clothing that’s easy on the planet and your wallet. They have a Shopify combo pack to suit the needs of every customer, and their combos are easy to find directly from their homepage. They also offer a subscription service for customers who want to save money and re-order their combo products.

The advantages of creating Shopify combo products with PickyStory

Shopify combo products is one of PickyStory’s newest and most innovative features, and something that’s unique to this app. Unlike PickyStory’s other features (product bundlesproduct kits, and shoppable looks), combo products are separate products in your store, made up of combinations of your existing products. PickyStory product combos are really easy to create in your store – combo bundles are created automatically and it only takes one click! Combo product packs also look exactly the same as your existing product pages and blend seamlessly into your store.

PickyStory’s Shopify combo products are highly customizable (it can easily carry the same look and vibe as your brand), and, just like other PickyStory features, is mobile-friendly, and integrates perfectly into every store format. All you’ll need to do is choose which products to add to each Shopify combo product, upload the relevant product images, and let PickyStory do the rest. Another great feature of PickyStory’s combo deals is that customers can optimize each product in the pack (in terms of product options, e.g. color, size, material, etc.) before they add the combo to their cart.

Watch how to create Shopify combo products

How to create Shopify combo products with PickyStory

It takes only a few clicks to create Shopify combo products with PickyStory. Here’s how:

#1 Add PickyStory to your store

Go to PickyStory add click on “Add app”

shopify combo products

#2 Create a combo product

Click on Combo Products and then +Combo

shopify combo products

#3 Basic details

Set the name and price

#4 Add products to the combo product

Click +Products

#5 Edit the combo product in your Shopify admin

Change the image and description

#6 View the combo product

shopify combo products

Increase your revenue from every store visit with PickyStory’s Shopify combo products

Shopify combo products are a great addition for any e-commerce merchant, and PickyStory automates the process of creation and processing Shopify combo products to enhance the customer experience and boost revenue in your Shopify store. Create your first combo product with PickyStory and see just how easy it is.

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