Shopify Product Bundles: The Ultimate Step by Step Guide to Bundles in 2021 [+ Examples]

shopify product bundles

What are Shopify product bundles? Shopify product bundles are a tool designed to help merchants upsell products to their customers. Upselling is the art of offering your customers to add more items to their cart for a better deal than they would get when purchasing a single item. Product bundles on Shopify […]

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Shopify Product Page: 8 Tips on how to Customize and Optimize in 2020 (Plus Examples)

Need tips and Inspiration? We’ve got both. Find out how to optimize your Shopify product page to get huge conversions in 2020. Image credit Product pages are pretty high maintenance. They require the perfect balance of elements and ideas to be effective in their main aim – converting your visitors into […]

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Upsell on Shopify: How to upsell, best practices, examples (+Pro Tips)

How to upsell on Shopify is an extremely helpful asset for a Shopify retailer to have. Your store can lose up to 30% of potential revenue if you’re not upselling your products. Upsell techniques are used by some of the fastest growing eCommerce brands such as Judith & Charles, Kerrits and Texas Dance Supply. In this […]

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How to Create a Unique Brand Voice and Tone for Your Shopify Store

Several fashion small business owners do not worry about branding, their voice, and tone. They forget the fact that branding builds businesses that endure. The leading fashion companies understand this perspective. They know that the brand’s voice and tone:  Build 65% of the connection  Ensure 64% of trust  Increase 23% […]

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10 Effective Ways to Increase Sales in the Holiday Season

With the holiday season fast approaching and consumers expected to spend billions of dollars, a marketing strategy to boost holiday sales can bring fruitful results. So what can your business do for attracting these spending consumers and stay on top of sales this holiday season?     Here are ten ways […]

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