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How Shopify Plus Checkout Customization can Set Your Store Apart

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Shopify Plus checkout customization: Creating an amazing online shopping experience can greatly enhance your e-commerce site’s success. With so much competition out there, your brand needs to find the best ways to stand out. One way to do this is to create a highly customized shopping experience, that caters to your customers regardless of where in the world they are located.

In this article, we will explore how you can use Shopify Plus to create a checkout customization page to set your store apart. We will discuss how checkout customization works so you can take full advantage of its powerful features.

What is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is Shopify’s premium e-commerce platform. It offers the same features and functionalities as the regular Shopify plans, but builds upon those to cater to larger brands and their unique e-commerce needs. 

Shopify Plus aims to serve high-volume, high-traffic stores. If you have outgrown your standard Shopify plan, or if you have an extremely high volume store that handles hundreds or even thousands of transactions per hour, Shopify Plus is a great option for you.

What is Shopify Plus checkout customization?

E-commerce sites use a checkout feature so customers can pay for their purchases. On Shopify, there’s a native checkout built-in, which offers basic checkout options and is pretty much standard across all stores. With Shopify Plus, you have far more control over your checkout, and can essentially fully customize it if you would like. 

It’s one of the major benefits of Shopify Plus, but it does require some dev skills to set up. If you don’t have dev experience, you will need assistance with checkout customization. 

What are the advantages of Shopify Plus checkout customization?

Sometimes, a store has a specific requirement that necessitates customizations of the checkout in order to make it possible. Other times, merchants may want to customize their checkout for a variety of reasons. 

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages you may see when you customize Shopify checkout page design. 

#1 Easier to sell internationally with Shopify Plus checkout customization

Expanding your customer base to include international customers is exciting, and a great way of growing your revenue. However, it also comes with new challenges, including dealing with international taxes, currencies, and shipping. 

Using Shopify Plus checkout customization, you can create separate groups of customers based on geolocation and can tailor pricing, taxes, and shipping costs for each group. This ensures you aren’t losing revenue to the high prices of international shipping. 

#2 Helps your store feel less “samey”

Even if you don’t specifically need to customize your checkout to achieve a certain functionality, sometimes it can be nice just to give it a different look. One criticism of Shopify has been that all stores somewhat look the same, and this is especially true for the checkout, which is instantly recognizable across all Shopify stores:

shopify plus checkout customization
Source: try.pickystory.com

Shopify Plus checkout customization allows you to put your own spin on your checkout. You can make it look more on brand, which in turn may help your customers to remember the shopping experience you offered, increasing brand loyalty.

#3 Shopify Plus checkout customization gives greater flexibility over pricing

With Shopify Plus checkout customization, you can offer deals, gifts, or free products to certain groups of customers. With Shopify Scripts, an app exclusive to Shopify Plus users, store owners can create different groups of customers, and for each group, provide distinct messaging in the checkout, as well as specific discounts triggered by codes, specific products purchased, or cart value. 

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What are some common Shopify Plus checkout customizations?

If you’re not sure exactly what you would like to customize, here are some ideas and common Shopify Plus checkout examples of customizations that Shopify Plus merchants make to their checkouts. 

#1 Using Shopify Plus checkout customization to create extra fields

The regular Shopify checkout generally comes with a default template. They request standard information regarding name, address, phone number, anything else required for shipping, plus payment information. To customize your Shopify Plus checkout page design, you can add extra fields so your customers can include any specific requests or details they want. 

For instance, adding Shopify custom checkout fields might allow your customers to input special delivery instructions, or gift wrapping/gift messaging notes, or other information that may be relevant to your order fulfillment or shipping process. 

#2 Changing verbiage for credit card payments

The typical Shopify checkout experience has buttons for accepted payment methods (such as ShopPay, AmazonPay, or PayPay, depending on what your store accepts). Then, there’s small font that says “or”, followed by a section where you can enter your contact information. 

This is designed for paying with a credit card, but there’s a chance that some customers don’t realize this, and abandon their cart. To counteract this, some brands change the “or” text to something that more clearly explains the next steps for those wishing to pay with a credit card, as shown in the Shopify Plus checkout example above.

#3 Social media integration

Nowadays, it seems that virtually everything happens on social media. As such, your e-commerce site must make an allowance for social media integration. Social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram can serve as marketing tools for your brand. However, you may feel more comfortable redirecting your customers to your website from your social media pages. In this approach, you can offer customers a unique checkout experience.

Shopify Plus custom checkout pages allow you to integrate social media marketing with your online store. You can redirect customers to your site or allow them to complete purchases right on your social media pages. Shopify Plus gives you the flexibility to enable your customers to choose how they want to complete their purchases.

Another powerful aspect of social media integration is that you can allow your customers to checkout after logging in using their social media credentials. This often means they don’t have to spend as much time entering shipping and payment information, leading to a faster checkout experience and reduced cart abandonment. 

Add PickyStory to further customize your Shopify Plus store

Shopify customization extends beyond the checkout page design. With PickyStory, you can sell custom, unique product deals to your customers, designed by you and displayed at key points across your customer’s journey throughout your store. 

PickyStory gives you much-improved flexibility over how you sell your products – you can create a three-pack of a given product and sell it as a single item, or create packs of products with tiered pricing to encourage bulk purchases (using Kits). 

shopify plus checkout customization

Unlike Shopify Plus checkout customization, adding PickyStory deals to your store is not technically difficult at all, you simply need to create the deals with a few clicks, then drag and drop each deal onto the relevant page in your store. Plus, your inventory is tracked at SKU level for each product – no manual updates required when a bundle is purchased.

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The next steps towards Shopify Plus checkout customization

Customizing your checkout is a fantastic way for your e-commerce site to create a unique shopping experience for your customers and also gives you better control over your order fulfillment and shipping. While it does require some technical knowledge, checkout customization may help you solve specific problems when it comes to order fulfillment, or reaching new customers. 

While you’re at it, apply Shopify customization to your whole store by adding PickyStory’s unique product deals across your site. You could create a beautiful, shoppable gallery to inspire your customers or offer a “build your own” bundle where customers can pick and choose the products they are most interested in. 

Get started today and help your store stand out from the crowd.

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