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Rap Snacks Enjoys a 12% Revenue Boost with PickyStory

Rap Snacks partners with some of rap’s most recognizable names such as Lil Baby, Rick Ross, Migos, Master P, and Lil Boosie.


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In the 1990s, Rap Snacks Founder & CEO James Lindsay established the first snack food company in the United States to feature hip-hop artists on the brand. A partnership with Universal Records meant that Rap Snacks could feature Universal’s artists on the bags, allowing James to build a multi-million dollar company selling mostly 25-cent bags of chips. 

Rap Snacks has since grown significantly, launched a beverage line, and is available in major US retailers including including Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and others. James also started a Rap Snacks foundation, Boss Up, which teaches youth from under-resourced communities how to plan, start and run profitable businesses as a means of empowering themselves and their communities.

“PickyStory offers the ideal opportunities for product development and increasing AOV. Through PickyStory I was able to create the #1 selling product for the company, which is a bundle.”


Blair Walker 

CEO at The Klutch Mgmt, LLC



Although Rap Snacks is a well-established brand that’s been selling in US retail stores for decades, their Shopify D2C channel was only established in 2021. Almost immediately, the brand saw the potential of selling packs or bundles of products to increase their average order value (AOV) and sell more products. 

The challenges that Rap Snacks faced were mainly around inventory management. Their team needed a solution that accurately adjusted inventory from the individual products when a bundle was sold. Also, they needed a simple solution for building bundles, and the ability to easily switch them on and off quickly, without needing to wait for a developer. 

Blair Walker, CEO of The Klutch Mgmt has previously used PickyStory with other e-commerce clients. Based on this experience, Blair believed that the platform’s tools would offer the functionality needed by Rap Snacks. Blair was able to use PickyStory to set up bundles that could be sold as standalone products.

The bundle setup via the app’s interface was easy to navigate, thanks to Blair’s previous experience with PickyStory. The platform allowed Rap Snacks to sell bundles the way they wanted to, without having to worry about manual inventory management or overselling out-of-stock products. 





Rap Snacks is able to set up product bundles to sell as single products, increasing AOV and selling more products to each customer. Plus, these products can be marketed across Facebook ads, driving more traffic to the specific bundle product pages. Today, Rap Snacks sees an increase in store revenue of approximately 12% from bundle sales. 

Being able to easily set up and sell bundles with automatic inventory tracking has been great, but Blair is keen to start capitalizing on some of PickyStory’s other capabilities as well. Letting customers create their own bundles, using BOGO deals, or offering product recommendations using PickyStory’s AI algorithm are two features that Blair is looking to explore. 

“One of the most important features for us was inventory management and tracking for the bundles. With PickyStory, we don’t need to manually manage inventory and it’s made everything much easier.”

CEO at The Klutch Mgmt, LLC

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