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PickyStory Helps NxTSTOP Fly To 150% Higher AOV

NxTSTOP offers next-gen travel wear with a focus on environmental and economic sustainability






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Brendan Kennedy, an avid and passionate traveler, created NxTSTOP with the vision of offering versatile, comfortable, and practical travel wear and accessories. 

For travelers who love exploring the planet, protecting it could not be more important. NxTSTOP has committed to sustainable practices, from using eco-friendly materials to efficient production methods and compostable packaging. 

NxTSTOP’s TravleisureTM is the fusion of sustainability and high-performance fabrics. Having gone to market in late 2019 with men’s and women’s apparel and accessories, NxTSTOP is selling D2C and wholesale to select partners including Delta Airlines, Avis Budget Group, Virgin, and more.

“Most people when they travel have a go-to kit or outfit. We knew we wanted to sell our apparel like this, to drive order value and also to outfit our customers as easily and quickly as we could. PickyStory has helped us do that, and offers a more simplified shopping experience than our previous solution.”


Brendan Kennedy, Founder and CEO




Ultimately, NxTSTOP had complete outfits for both men and women, and wished to sell these products both individually and as kit. When selling as a kit, it was essential that the individual SKUs for each product were retained. As NxTSTOP uses Amazon for order fulfillment, they needed to be sure that SKUs on the order matched those of the individual products.

NxTSTOP’s e-commerce site delivers a clean, minimalist, and simple shopping experience. Their previous solution for selling their kits didn’t offer a user-friendly or intuitive layout, so the team wanted a solution that could easily be integrated into their existing pages and didn’t negatively affect the customer’s experience.

Brendan and the NxTSTOP team found PickyStory to be an affordable and versatile solution that allowed them to create a collection of product sets, and also offer deals on their existing product pages. This has helped NxTSTOP in two main ways:

Firstly, it offers a simple way to make customers aware of other, relevant products when viewing a specific product – essential for a growing brand that’s still developing product awareness. Secondly, adding a small discount when the customer buys the set incentivizes a larger purchase, increasing AOV. 





After switching to PickyStory, NxTSTOP began to sell a large number of their women’s and men’s travel kits. Brendan believes that this is in part due to the simplified layout of the PickyStory deals compared to NxTSTOP’s previous solution. As a result, NxTSTOP sees a 150% increase in orders generated via PickyStory deals. 

Sales of certain products have also increased significantly when added to a bundle and paired with other products. For example, an extremely popular pair of pants, when bundled with a t-shirt, has increased t-shirt sales. In this sense, NxTSTOP can use their bestsellers to boost sales of their lesser-known products, further growing their brand. 

“Something really important to us was how to display these deals cleanly and simply on our pages. We’re ultimately trying to get more products added to the cart with fewer clicks, and PickyStory has helped make that possible.”

Brendan Kennedy, Founder and CEO

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