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Nourishing Bubs Grows 70% of Revenue from Bundles

Nourishing Bubs offers nutritious, ready-made purees for little mouths and exhausted parents, delivered right to your doorstep


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Nourishing Bubs was founded by Olivia Bates (Liv), a Pediatric Dietitian and Nutritionist. While completing her dietetics degree and also babysitting, Liv came to understand the issues that busy parents faced when trying to provide nutritious meals for their little ones. 

Unfortunately, many of the pre-packaged, ready-made, convenient baby foods commercially available are excessively sweetened and don’t offer a lot of nutritional value. Liv created nutritional baby foods, made from 100% Australian produce, and snap-frozen to retain nutrients. 

Liv offers small portions of single flavors, so parents can test new flavors individually before creating different (delicious) combinations. Plus, they’re conveniently delivered frozen to your doorstep – a must for busy, sleep-deprived parents. 

“Our products are shipped and delivered frozen, which adds a significant logistics cost. With PickyStory’s bundles, we can make sure our order value is high enough to cover shipping costs, and it’s easier for us than trying to enforce a minimum required order value.”


Liv Bates, Founder

Nourishing Bubs



Nourishing Bubs ships products frozen, with weekly deliveries. The combined cost of cold packaging materials, plus the freight charge itself, means that each order has a significant shipping cost associated with it. 

To try to account for these costs, Liv established a minimum order value, but this was difficult to communicate to customers. It often led to confusion and customer emails when orders that didn’t meet the price threshold weren’t processed. Liv needed a solution that would increase order value to account for shipping costs and was easy for customers to understand. 

Liv was working with an agency that recommended PickyStory as a solution for increasing order value and also transferring the individual SKUs of the products in a bundle to Nourishing Bub’s 3PL. After a call with the PickyStory support team, Liv was able to set up bundles to display as a collection on Nourishing Bubs’ store. 

Liv was able to sell the bundles as single products, but show the individual products in the cart so that the customer could clearly see what was included. Liv displayed the bundles in a simple collection that made them easy for customers to find, and they are styled to almost identically match Nourishing Bubs’ existing products. 





A staggering 70-80% of Nourishing Bubs’ orders contain the bundles Liv set up with PickyStory. The most popular bundle is a “starter bundle” designed to give parents that are starting their baby on solid foods a great selection to begin with. It immediately hits the minimum required order value, which means Liv doesn’t have to worry about explaining this to customers. 

For Nourishing Bubs, the D2C channel in Australia has proven to be highly successful (shipping logistics aside), as well as convenient for busy, tired parents. 

“The convenience of the PickyStory bundles is really important to us, and our customers. Being able to get everything they need in one click, and then also being able to see exactly what’s included in the bundle, it just makes the bundles so easy to understand and purchase.”

Liv Bates, Founder

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