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Hagan’s ski bundles increased AOV by 200%

Hagan has been a specialist in high-quality backcountry skiing equipment since 1924


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Hagan is the oldest ski-making company in the world, and a pioneer in backcountry skiing. Founded in Austria in 1924, Hagan specializes in and exclusively sells mountaineering ski gear. Focusing their efforts has allowed this family-owned team to create and sell products of the highest quality, sold throughout Europe for almost 100 years.

Michael Hagen is the founder and owner of Hagan Ski USA, the North American distributor of Hagan skis. Michael has been growing D2C sales for Hagan over the last 15 or so years, as well as expanding Hagan’s retail network across the United States. 

“We have a wide variety of skis and bindings. Some customers are befuddled trying to determine which bindings pair best with certain skis. PickyStory enabled me to create pre-packaged bundles, allowing me to make ski set recommendations that can easily be purchased in one click.”


Michael Hagen, Founder and owner

Hagan Ski USA



In Europe, a majority of in-store sales of Hagan ski gear involve product bundles. Skis are sold with bindings, and often boots, climbing skins, poles, and other accessories. Typically, these products will be bundled together and heavily discounted, resulting in a larger sale. 

Selling online, Michael sought a solution that delivered the same experience for the customer – a pre-packaged product deal that not only made it easy for the customer to find what they were looking for, but also resulted in a larger sale and increase average order value (AOV). 

Michael needed a solution that allowed Hagan to display and sell several items as a single product, whilst correctly managing inventory in the back-end. Michael found PickyStory and started using combo products to sell pre-packaged ski sets.

Michael discovered he could also use PickyStory’s other deal configurations to offer product add-ons on his existing product pages, giving his customers another opportunity to purchase additional items.

“The setup was pretty straightforward, I reached out a couple of times through the live chat and got answers there quickly. The new layout of the app also makes it easier to navigate.” 

– Michael Hagen, Founder + owner @ Hagan Ski USA





Despite not having specifically marketed Hagan’s bundles, customers are discovering and purchasing Michael’s preconfigured product combinations. Sales of bundles result in a 200% increase in AOV compared to sales of non-bundled products.

Michael has set up more than 100 unique pre-configured product combinations that are offered across the Hagan site. Moving forward, Michael plans to continue to expand Hagan’s D2C business and further market and promote his PickyStory product bundles. 

“Some of the other solutions I looked into didn’t meet my needs functionally and also didn’t look good on the store. I’m happy with the customization and styling options available in PickyStory, it looks much nicer on our pages”


Michael Hagen, Founder + owner @ Hagan Ski USA

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