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Cheekbone Generates 18% of Orders From Bundles

Cheekbone is an Indigenous-owned beauty brand paving the way in sustainable cosmetics




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of total orders from bundles


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of total revenue from bundles


Jenn Harper, founder of Cheekbone Beauty, has a simple philosophy. Nature is perfect – everything is used, then recycled or repurposed. That was exactly Jenn’s vision for Cheekbone Beauty – to be sustainable by nature. 

Jenn’s ambitions extend beyond sustainability, though. Cheekbone’s aim is to make a difference in the lives of Indigenous youth through donations addressing the educational funding gap, and to create a space in the beauty industry where Indigenous youth feel represented and seen. 

Following a successful appearance on Dragons Den, Jenn and her team have been able to grow Cheekbone Beauty into a leading brand in sustainable cosmetics.

“In cosmetics bundles, customers need to be able to choose which shade they want for each individual product. Shopify doesn’t have a built-in solution for this, but PickyStory lets us sell bundles exactly how we wanted.”


Andrea Pohlmann, Digital Marketing Manager




Andrea Pohlmann, Digital Marketing Manager at Cheekbone Beauty, explained the issues that Cheekbone Beauty had faced when trying to sell bundled products. As customers needed to be able to select their preferred colors and shades for each item, Cheekbone needed a solution that retained the variants of each individual product within the bundle. 

Given that Cheekbone’s website is highly customized and branded, it was also critical for Andrea to find a solution that was customizable enough to display product bundles in a way that matched the existing fonts, colors, and layout of Cheekbone Beauty’s product pages.

Andrea started using PickyStory and found that the app allowed Cheekbone Beauty to sell bundles just as they had planned – with variants that the customer could select, and customization options that made the bundles look like the rest of Cheekbone Beauty’s products.

The app has been particularly effective for selling their most popular bundle – an intro to Cheekbone Beauty’s product line. This is a great seller with new customers who want to try a few different products, and with PickyStory, it can easily be sold as one product and purchased in a single click. 





Cheekbone Beauty’s best selling product is a bundle created through PickyStory, which can also be advertised across Facebook and Google. Overall, the Cheekbone team is seeing a high number of orders come via product bundles and can use PickyStory as a tool to test which combinations of products sell the best. 

For Andrea, the convenience of PickyStory has been just as beneficial as the bundle revenue. Andrea finds the PickyStory interface intuitive and easy to navigate, and can easily set up a new bundle in minutes. 

With new products in the pipeline and a planned expansion into the US market, Cheekbone Beauty is continuing to grow and rely on PickyStory’s bundle automation as their business scales.

“A big area of focus for us is marketing our products, and figuring out the best product combinations to sell. PickyStory makes it so easy to set up new bundles, test them, and enable or disable them on our storefront really quickly.”

Andrea Pohlmann, Digital Marketing Manager

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