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Almond Clear Boosts AOV with Flexible Bundles

Almond Clear’s skincare products harness Mandelic Acid to unclog pores and reduce redness, inflammation, and irritation






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Almond Clear founder Leslie Eisen is more than willing to speak candidly about the challenges she has faced with her skin, including severe foliculitis and acne. Leslie spent years trying just about every skincare product available, and spending thousands of dollars on dermatology appointments. After a 20 year battle, Leslie discovered Mandelic Acid (MA), and everything changed. 

MA is derived from almonds, and clears the skin with its natural exfoliating power, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Leslie had finally found a winner, but was frustrated to have spent 20 years searching for it. Leslie founded Almond Clear to make MA-based products more available and accessible, so that others need not wait so long.

“We have a lot of repeat customers that we want to thank for their loyalty. We offer subscriptions, but not everyone wants to subscribe. With PickyStory, we can reward our repeat buyers by offering bundles at a discounted price.”


Leslie Eisen

Founder @ Almond Clear



When a buyer starts using Almond Clear products and sees their skin improve, they often become a long-term and loyal customer of the brand. Leslie wanted to find a way to reward these customers and encourage them to continue using Almond Clear and perhaps try some new products when they came back to order again. 

One solution was to offer subscriptions, so that repeat customers could order Almond Clear on a regular basis, at a reduced cost. However, Leslie realized that not everybody likes subscriptions, and prefers to place orders on their own terms. Leslie needed a different solution that rewarded repeat customers and encouraged them to purchase additional products. 

Leslie found that there were many bundle-building apps on Shopify, but lots of these didn’t meet Almond Clear’s needs. Several apps that Leslie tried lacked important design features, and couldn’t be tailored to match the theme and branding of Almond Clear’s website. With PickyStory, Leslie found she had more control and flexibility over how the bundles were displayed.

While Almond Clear already offered pre-made packs of products, PickyStory allowed Leslie to set up more customizable bundles. Shoppers could choose to purchase 3, 4, or 5 products, and save different increments depending on their selection. Customers could also choose whether to purchase a variety of products, or stock up on their favorite item – another feature which Leslie struggled to find in other bundling software. 





For Almond Clear, orders placed through PickyStory yield an average order value that is twice as high as the store’s regular AOV. This makes sense, as bundles are an effective tool for customers to purchase more items. With around 10% of total store orders now including PickyStory bundles, Almond Clear has seen a modest boost in AOV since implementing PickyStory deals. 

Leslie has also noticed that a lot of her international shoppers choose to purchase the bundles she has set up with PickyStory. A “bundle and save” option is a great way for Almond Clear to approach an overseas audience and help to counter the major costs associated with international shipping for these customers. 

“Our customers can be hesitant to try our newer products, and we don’t want to always offer discounts. With PickyStory, they can bundle a new product with an item they already use, which is a great way to encourage our customers to Branch out.”

Leslie Eisen, Founder @ Almond Clear

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