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Once installed, bundles are displayed on your product pages based on historical purchases.

product kits on shopify


Sell on a large scale with Product Kits and tiered discounts. Offer pre-defined packs with tiered pricing to increase sales and revenue.

Example – Sell 3 and 6 t-shirt packs with tiered pricing to increase sales and revenue.

Buy the Look.

Inspire your shoppers to buy the look right from your product pages. Increase the cart value by encouraging your shoppers to add complementary products.


Example – show complementary products right under the main product your shoppers are viewing. Shoppers would be able to add more products without leaving the page.

Shoppable gallery.

Display shoppable galleries and inspire your shoppers to shop the look from any page in your store. Create dedicated lookbooks and help shoppers to explore your products.


Example – display your top selling looks on your homepage so shoppers would be able to quickly discover your products and add complete looks to their cart.

Recommended products.

Automatically add a Recommended Products section to every product page in your store and offer similar products to your shoppers.


Example – Display related products on every product page to increase revenue per customer.

Upsell button.

Add an Upsell button next to every Add to Cart on your product pages. Upsell to your shoppers at the right moment when they add products to the cart.


Example Add a Shop the Look button on your product pages and offer shopper to complete the look at the right moment.

"This app is excellent and has all the features I was looking for. I love how I'm not only able to have the Shop The Look button on the product pages, but I also am able to display a gallery of all the looks available in my store on one page. App support is very responsive and will help you with anything you need! I highly recommend!"

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