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Zenbivy generates 42% of total revenue from PickyStory Deals

Zenbivy is revolutionizing outdoor sleeping by ditching the bag and embracing the bed.


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Like a mad scientist on a mission to make sleeping outdoors more comfortable, Zenbivy founder Michael Glavin spent a good 15 years developing the perfect alternative to a traditional sleeping bag. As an avid backpacker himself, Michael had spent too many uncomfortable nights confined to a traditional “mummy” sleeping bag. His solution, the first Zenbivy bed, offers much more flexibility than a traditional bag and accommodates pretty much any sleeping position. 

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2017, Zenbivy transitioned to Shopify to start selling their revolutionary outdoor beds. The response was overwhelmingly positive from backcountry enthusiasts who were finally able to sleep in their natural sleeping position. Zenbivy has grown steadily in the years since, selling worldwide to happy (and well-rested) customers.

“A lot of customers don’t want to deal with selecting and size-matching individual components. They just ask “I want a complete Zenbivy bed; what do I buy?”. And PickyStory says, “here’s what you buy”. It’s very simple.”


Michael Glavin
Zenbivy Founder



The complete Zenbivy bed experience is made up of several separate pieces: The sheet and quilt make up the bed, then there’s the mattress, plus a pillow and a dry sack to keep it all together. For customers new to Zenbivy, understanding which bed goes with which mattress can be a challenge.

The Zenbivy team needed a solution for selling bed bundles as single products, but came across several problems. As Zenbivy founder Michael Glavin explained, “We tried a custom coding solution similar to how PickyStory works, but every time we changed our site, it broke.” Similarly, other apps created a custom SKU for a bed bundle, and didn’t transfer the correct product information to their shipping warehouse. 

By using PickyStory’s “Looks” feature, Zenbivy could easily give customers the option to add the right mattress, pillow, and dry sack to their order when buying a bed. PickyStory’s “Combo Products” allowed Zenbivy to offer bed bundles as single products, so that customers could add the whole package to their cart with one click. Plus, the SKUs of the original products were retained, ensuring the correct products were shipped out to customers.

“One of the big problems we found with a lot of the apps we tested before PickyStory was that you could create a bundle, but it wasn’t actually a bundle, it was a custom product. So when someone purchased that, it went through our system as “custom product” and our warehouse had no idea which products needed to be pulled.”

Michael Glavin, Zenbivy Founder





Zenbivy has seen great success from their PickyStory Looks and Combo Products, with a staggering 42% of total store revenue generated via PickyStory deals, and an incredible 1200x ROI on PickyStory. The ability to point customers in the direction of the bundle they need, rather than explaining each individual product, also saves valuable hours each week when it comes to customer service. 

Perhaps surprisingly, the sales of bed bundles are not necessarily what Zenbivy founder Michael Glavin would call the most valuable benefit of PickyStory. “It really helps customers to understand our products, and once they understand, they buy. The major benefit for us has been the ability to bundle our products into systems that the customer can easily identify with and see value in.”


“The PickyStory deals are more intuitive and scalable than our previous custom-coded solution. Before, if we came out with a new product, we had to re-code, test, and so on. It just makes more sense to partner with a company like PickyStory who can take care of that.”


Michael Glavin, Zenbivy Founder

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