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The Real Dill Automates Inventory Management with PickyStory

The Real Dill started when two friends’ pickling hobby spiraled out of control… 


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Hobbyist picklers Justin and Tyler never really intended to start an actual pickle company. However, once their friends, family, and wedding guests had a chance to sample their offerings, they were basically left with no choice but to quit their jobs and begin their journey as The Real Dill. That was back in 2012, and although the business has boomed since then, everything is still made locally by hand in Denver, CO.  

Today, The Real Dill offers a range of artisan dill pickles, made from the best quality ingredients and produce using a near-zero-waste manufacturing process. The brand has also become known for its Bloody Mary Mix, which was initially developed to re-purpose the cucumber-infused water that’s a byproduct of the pickling process. Lindsey Cohen joined the team in 2017 as marketing manager, and spoke to us about how PickyStory has helped The Real Dill offer their products in bundles, with automated inventory management. 

“Bundles let us showcase our products creatively and give our customers more options to choose from. Inventory management became a challenge because we also sell the individual SKUs separately, so we needed PickyStory to automate that backend process for us.”


Lindsey Cohen

Marketing Manager @ The Real Dill



The Real Dill has a relatively small product catalog, primarily focused on their pickles and Bloody Mary Mix. As a marketing strategy, Lindsey and the team wanted to explore bundling their products in different ways to give customers more options, and present different offerings to their customers at different times, such as for the holidays or Father’s Day. 

Bundling in this way not only benefited The Real Dill’s customers, but from a business perspective it was also much more cost-effective to sell in volume to reduce shipping costs. However, offering product bundles was not a straightforward process for The Real Dill; Lindsey struggled to manage the inventory of individual items that were offered both separately and as part of a bundle.

After switching to PickyStory, Lindsey was able to automate inventory management for The Real Dill’s bundles. When bundles are created using PickyStory, each individual product is linked back to its original SKU in Shopify. When a customer orders a bundle, the individual SKUs are removed from inventory the same way they would be for a regular order. 

PickyStory has also helped with order fulfillment for The Real Dill. Previously when a bundle was ordered, the warehouse didn’t receive the individual SKUs on the packing list, and essentially had to memorize which products were included in each bundle. With PickyStory, individual SKUs are automatically transferred to the warehouse, reducing the chance of error and streamlining fulfillment processes. 





Lindsey already knew that bundles were a successful and important element of The Real Dill’s business model. Currently, around 25% of The Real Dill’s online revenue is generated via bundle sales, and these orders have an average value that’s 43% higher than standard (non-bundle) orders, as customers are encouraged to purchase more products. 

Lindsey explained that PickyStory allowed The Real Dill to continue selling bundles successfully, but with greatly improved backend processes. As the business grew and scaled, optimizing and automating the order fulfillment and inventory processes has become even more important. 

“One thing we love about PickyStory is how well it integrates into your theme. The bundles look like regular products, which makes it easier for our customers to purchase them.”

Lindsey Cohen, Marketing Manager @ The Real Dill

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