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The Green Mumma Doubled Their Conversion Rate With PickyStory

The Green Mumma offers beautiful, high quality, and planet-first gifts for new moms and their babies


Baby care and gifts




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The Green Mumma was essentially founded out of frustration. As co-founder Jonathan Mason explained, his fiancee started the company (and the pair’s first e-commerce venture) when she was unable to find eco-friendly, sustainable products for new parents and their babies. Tired of excessive plastic and packaging, The Green Mumma has set out to provide a high-quality alternative. 

Their products include beautiful, handmade soft toys, bibs, and teethers for new babies, plus candles, bath salts, and other essentials for new mothers. The Green Mumma has found a market selling directly to new parents, and also offer gift boxes and hampers – a top seller with companies looking for planet-friendly gifts for their employees.

“Our original gift box pages weren’t intuitive, and customers wouldn’t visually see what they were getting. That caused them to navigate away from our gift box pages, and we saw some drop off from that. After adding PickyStory, our conversion rate literally doubled”

Jonathan Mason, Co-founder



As The Green Mumma grew, they incorporated more products into their catalog and focused on selling hampers and gift boxes. Although their gift boxes became their best-selling products, selling these as a single item delivered challenges when it came to inventory management. 

“We would inevitably have a busy week and then at the end of the day on Friday realize we’d sold out of one of the particular items in the gift box. We had no real visibility other than going to our location and physically checking stock levels – it was a nightmare.”

– Jonathan Mason, Co-founder of The Green Mumma

PickyStory’s “combo products” feature allowed The Green Mumma to sell their gift boxes and hampers as single products, on dedicated product pages. Each of the individual products included in the hamper is clearly laid out to the customer, and inventory is tracked automatically. 

Also, because combo products are sold as a single product, The Green Mumma is able to advertise and market their gift boxes across multi-channel platforms like Google Shopping and Facebook ads. 





With PickyStory, Jonathan and The Green Mumma team found a solution that not only solved their inventory management issues, but also helped them sell their products more intuitively. Customers can see exactly what they’re getting, which has led to a dramatic increase in conversions. 

“We didn’t even realize we had a conversion rate issue until we installed PickyStory and started monitoring site visitors with Hotjar. Now that the customers can see what they’re getting, it feels more tangible as they’re going through that buyer journey, and that’s really driven conversions.”

– Jonathan Mason, Co-founder of The Green Mumma

“With PickyStory, we could finally sell the way we wanted to sell. We wouldn’t be able to sell our gift boxes the way we do, and we wouldn’t have the flexibility of changing products in and out of gift boxes the way we do with PickyStory.”

Jonathan Mason, Co-founder

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