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Supplement Xpress Gains 20% of Revenue from AI Upsells

Supplement Xpress is more than a store, it’s a community of coaches who believe in products to supplement your desired results


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of revenue from AI-based deals


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of orders include bundles and stacks


Supplement Xpress was founded in 2010 in El Paso, Texas, with the intention of helping people around the United States achieve their health and fitness goals. More than just supplements, Supplement Xpress was developed to encourage and influence lives for the better, with an abundance of resources to help educate and motivate customers. 

Today, Supplement Xpress has become one of the national leaders in supplements and vitamins, with several physical locations across El Paso and an online store that stocks over 60 different brands. Marketing Specialist Kelsey França and Director of Marketing Danie Ortiz spoke with us about the brand, their D2C channel, and how PickyStory has helped Supplement Xpress grow.

“We tried a lot of different apps for upselling before PickyStory, and there was always an issue. Some wouldn’t work with our theme, others required custom code, or just didn’t have the features we needed. We have a large catalog, so finding an app that offered automation was key for us.”


Kelsey França

Marketing Specialist, Supplement Xpress



Supplement Xpress has thousands of products in its catalog, across many different collections and categories. Kelsey and Danie wanted to create embedded product recommendations on each product page to increase AOV, but needed a solution that could automate this process.

One of Kelsey and Danie’s biggest challenges was finding software that allowed them to embed upsell deals on product pages, and was also compatible with their Shopify store’s theme. They hoped to avoid the cost and time associated with custom coding and extra development work.

Kelsey and Danie explored several different software solutions, but struggled to find an app that met their needs. Once they switched to PickyStory, they found they could offer AI-based cross-selling product recommendations embedded on their product pages, or display the same offers as popups. Plus, they were able to create specific offers and deals for certain products as needed.

One thing Kelsey and Danie found extremely helpful was PickyStory’s customer support. As Danie explained, “It was amazing to be able to get on a call when we needed help – that level of support from an app wasn’t something we expected at all but we’re really grateful for it. It helped us onboard much more smoothly and quickly.”





Within two days of installing the app and having their first onboarding call with PickyStory, Supplement Xpress had already generated revenue from the automatically generated product recommendations that were appearing on their product pages. On average, around 20% of their store revenue is now coming from these offers, as well as the AI-based popups that recommend related products when a customer adds an item to their cart. 

After further exploring the PickyStory platform, Supplement Xpress is now also using PickyStory to offer BOGO deals and upsell offers when customers buy specific products in bulk. Danie and Kelsey have also used the platform to create monthly bundle offers – curated selections of several products (discounted when purchased together) that customers can easily buy with one click. 

“We initially just needed PickyStory for automated product recommendations. Once we had a demo of the platform, we realized we could do bundles and other offers as well, which has been huge for us.”

Kelsey França, Marketing Specialist

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