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Pure Balanxed Reaches 1.5x Higher AOV with PickyStory

Pure Balanxed crafts clothing that is as comfortable as it is confidence-boosting










higher AOV from bundle sales


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For founder Allie Duff, Pure Balanxed was about creating a lifestyle as much as a fashion brand. Allie wanted to create everyday basics that women felt comfortable and confident in, but also forgot they were wearing. 

Allie was so determined to make her products have a positive impact on their wearers that she added hidden affirmation tags to each garment, because clothes that give you physical and emotional support are the best type of clothes. 

Allie’s garments are made in Canada, using sustainable fabrics and ethical production practices. Allie launched Pure Balanxed right before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, and has navigated a rollercoaster as her business grew and faced challenges in equal measure.  

“I do a lot of sets, but I never used to sell them as sets because I needed to give customers the option of choosing their sizes. PickyStory has made this possible, and I haven’t even explored the other kinds of bundles yet!”


Allie Duff, Founder & Owner

Pure Balanxed



Many Pure Balanxed products have matching items – joggers that pair with sweatshirts, shorts that pair with t-shirts, and so on. One of Allie’s first challenges was figuring out how to make Pure Balanxed customers aware that certain products could be paired with others. 

Allie wanted to sell sets as single products, but needed to give customers the ability to select the size of each individual product in the set. Allie needed a solution that enabled this, partly to increase order value and partly to expose Pure Balanxed customers to products (and product pairings) they otherwise may not have found. 

Allie found PickyStory when looking for potential solutions to sell Pure Balanxed product sets. The platform provided just what Allie needed – Pure Balanxed sets could be sold together, customers could still choose sizes for each individual item, and inventory was linked back to the original SKUs. 

Allie found the setup straightforward and was able to get quick answers from the 24/7 PickyStory support team whenever necessary. Allie used PickyStory’s “Combo Products” feature to set up her sets, and is looking forward to testing out some of the other bundling and upselling features offered by the platform. 





Allie has found that Pure Balanxed customers are often more inclined to purchase a set, especially when set purchases are incentivized with a small discount. Allie has seen an increase in AOV due to customers choosing sets over single products. 

Allie has been able to use PickyStory not just as a solution for selling more products. She can also create kits with different product combinations, offering her customers an outfit that’s a bit more unique and fun than the classic “t-shirt and shorts” matching set. 

“I’m really glad I tried PickyStory - it’s been awesome. It’s so easy, both for me and my customers. I can sell matching sets, and I can also steer my customers towards products that they may not have otherwise necessarily chosen for themselves.”

Allie Duff, Founder & Owner

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