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PRx Performance lifted AOV on home gym packages by up to 300%

In just a few years, PRx Performance has grown to become a leading supplier of home gym equipment across America.


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Like so many good business ideas, the concept of PRx Performance began with two friends enjoying a couple of beers around a campfire. Brian Brasch (CEO) and Erik Hopperstad (President) were both fitness enthusiasts from the North Dakota/Minnesota area Рan extremely cold part of the country. 

Their idea stemmed around a need for space-saving workout equipment; something that would allow you to convert your garage into a home gym while also being able to park your car there, to avoid the harsh sub-zero temperatures of the region. This was what ultimately led to the dawn of PRx Performance and the invention of their flagship product – the wall-mounted folding squat rack.

‚ÄúThe inventory control was a big one – everything is managed automatically now. I‚Äôm just letting PickyStory do its thing and it‚Äôs way, way easier. Our packages are amazingly flexible, too. Today I needed to switch out one of the products in the package and could easily do it through the app – no web dev, no coding, no wait.‚ÄĚ

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Katie Johnson, Brand Manager

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Before COVID-19, PRx Performance was selling home gym packages, consisting of their patented folding rack, plus bars, plates, storage accessories, etc. Selling on Shopify, their packages were listed as a single product, despite actually consisting of many separate line items. 

As their order volume increased, manually managing inventory and customer requests to modify packages became too time-consuming and impractical for Brand Manager Katie Johnson and her team. PRx Performance was forced to stop offering these packages, missing out on valuable revenue and unable to capitalize on the exponential increase in demand for their products. 

Katie was immediately impressed with PickyStory’s Combo Product feature. It allowed their team to sell home gym packages once more, but this time using a platform that could keep up with their order volume. Katie was able to set up their packages through the PickyStory app, with occasional real-time help from the PickyStory support team. 

‚ÄúThe live chat is so convenient to access through the app, and the response time is phenomenal. The app itself has great front-end flexibility, allowing me to choose everything down to which specific variant of a product is shown on the page.‚ÄĚ

Katie Johnson, Brand Manger





Making the jump to PickyStory allowed PRx Performance to immediately start selling their lucrative home gym packages once more. Katie and her team also discovered that their packages could now be included in customer emails and advertised across other channels like Google Shopping, opening up even more sources of revenue.

And it’s not just the increase in sales that PRx Performance have enjoyed. Now that their customers have the flexibility to add, remove, or modify products within the package, Katie and her team are dealing with 85% fewer customer requests relating to packages, allowing them to fulfill orders more quickly and ship products to customers in record time. 

‚ÄúPickyStory has been a really great, helpful app. I see new features constantly being added to the app and as a user I really appreciate seeing those improvements. It‚Äôs really been a great solution for us.‚ÄĚ

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Katie Johnson, Brand Manger

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