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Proverb Drives 25% of Revenue from Bundle Sales

Proverb offers natural, simple, and sustainable skincare, with nothing you don’t need 









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As a professional rugby player in England’s top-flight league, Luke Sherriff was extremely conscious of what he put in his body. When a new fitness coach pointed out some of the potentially harmful ingredients in products like deodorant and body wash, Luke also became conscious of what he put on his body. 

Luke joined forces with natural beauty expert (and now wife) Kirstie to create Proverb; skincare products that are easy on bodies and planets alike. In 2019, the pair crowdfunded their refillable deodorant – the first on the UK market. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, Proverb pivoted to selling their specially formulated hand sanitizer, and for each unit sold, donated sanitizer to frontline healthcare workers and those experiencing hygiene poverty. Today, Proverb offers their refillable deodorant and body wash (sold in a unique, home-compostable pouch!), cleansers, moisturizers, and more. 

“We wanted to sell bundles from day one, but the tech we had in place on our site fell apart as we were preparing to launch. Luckily, we found PickyStory and could set everything up quickly, with amazing support. It’s ended up being a much better solution for us and our customers.”


Luke Sherriff

Co-founder, Proverb 



Luke and Kirstie knew that bundles would be an important part of their business. They wanted to give their customers the option to purchase pre-built skincare packages, made up of several different items. Plus, they also saw bundles as a strategic move – they could bundle their best-selling deodorant and body wash with other, newer products to increase sales.

Proverb already had an app for selling bundles when they launched their deodorant. However, this original solution failed, leaving the pair scrambling to find a solution that integrated with their existing tech stack, and subtracted inventory accurately (and automatically) from individual products when a bundle was purchased. 

Luke found PickyStory, and hasn’t looked back. With some help from PickyStory’s support team, he was able to bundle Proverb’s products together in different combinations, and assign unique discounts to each bundle. 

The fact that PickyStory also handled bundle inventory appropriately (by linking the original SKUs to the bundle) was important to Proverb, to avoid selling out of stock products in bundles, and to prevent bundles from being purchased if one of the components was sold out.





Proverb have seen great uptake from their product bundles. They generate 1.5x higher AOV from bundle sales, and approximately 25% of their total online revenue now comes from bundle sales. 

Luke has also been impressed with the customer experience that PickyStory delivers for Proverb. Having seen a good response from the bundles, which can easily be viewed and purchased by customers with a single click, Luke has made sure that the bundles feature front and center on Proverb’s site.

“PickyStory has been so easy to manage, and it’s so simple to quickly add new bundles to the site. It’s also delivering a great experience for our customers - we Now make sure our bundles are the first things our customers come across.”

Luke Sherriff, co-founder @ Proverb

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