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OVRY generates 200% higher AOV from pregnancy bundles

OVRY delivers affordable, convenient, and low-waste pregnancy tests to your door










higher AOV from bundle sales


of store revenue from bundle sales


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Jackie Rhind founded OVRY in 2020 with a clear goal – to reduce pregnancy-related stress by creating a better pregnancy test experience. OVRY offers pregnancy test strips that are substantially more affordable, can be conveniently purchased online, and contain less single-use plastic than traditional tests.

OVRY has since branched out into other areas of pregnancy preparation, and now also offers ovulation test strips and male fertility tests. Co-Founder and Director of Marketing Christina Witzel discussed OVRY’s journey, and how PickyStory has helped their brand grow.

“By bundling our male fertility tests with our pregnancy and ovulation tests, our customers have everything they need to start their pregnancy journey. We wanted to offer this as one package without the expense of custom development, so PickyStory was a great solution for us.”


Christina Witzel, Co-Founder & Marketing Manager




For many OVRY customers, all three products (male fertility tests, ovulation test strips, and pregnancy test strips) are an important part of starting their pregnancy journey. The OVRY team wanted to offer these as a bundle to make the customer experience easier, increase average order value (AOV), and improve uptake of their new male fertility test product.

However, offering product bundles on Shopify is not natively supported, and the prohibitive costs of custom web development meant that Christina and the OVRY team needed an app that would help them sell their products in the way they wanted.

With PickyStory, OVRY was able to use “combo products” to sell their male fertility tests, ovulation test strips, and pregnancy test strips all as one package. Importantly, although the products were sold as a single item, inventory was automatically managed for the individual components.

After a straightforward setup process and some help from the PickyStory customer support team, OVRY was able to not only start selling bundles on their store, but also market their bundles via Facebook ads. 





OVRY has seen a 200% increase in AOV from their PickyStory product bundles. As fulfillment costs have increased substantially, increasing AOV was a priority for OVRY. In addition, bundling the male fertility test with OVRY’s existing products increased sales of this item significantly, and gave customers more context around this product and its role in their pregnancy journey.  

Christina has also had positive experiences with PickyStory’s customer support team on the occasions that she has reached out for assistance. 

“I find the customer support really good and helpful, it’s something that’s really stood out to me. It’s nice to know that I’m actually talking to a real person.”

“Once we started bundling the male fertility test, its sales really shot up. With PickyStory, we saved a lot of money by finding an alternative to a custom-coded solution”

Christina Witzel, Co-Founder & Marketing Manager, OVRY

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