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Old Bones Therapy Boosts AOV By 65% With PickyStory

Skateboarder-owned and operated, Old Bones Therapy makes medical-grade compression sleeves and braces for old(er) bones


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Lifelong skateboarder Brandon Fields knows what it’s like to suffer the aches and pains of an active lifestyle. Brandon would regularly ice his back at the end of a long day, but soon found that it was impossible to multi-task while icing. The ice would melt, constantly need adjusting, or move away from the area it was originally applied to. Fed up with holding his ice in place, Brandon founded Old Bones Therapy

After much trial and error, Brandon brought to market medical-grade knitted compression sleeves, designed to help secure joints and muscles while improving blood flow and circulation. After initial success among his skateboarding friends, Brandon has now found a wider audience for Old Bones Therapy – anyone with joint or muscle aches and pains.

“As we’ve grown, we’ve added more product lines. I needed a simple way to put together a combo pack where customers could easily buy braces for different parts of the body, and save money when they buy a pack. PickyStory lets me do this, and still lets the customer choose their colors and sizes for each individual product.”


Brandon Fields

Founder @ Old Bones Therapy



Brandon saw the value of selling Old Bones Therapy’s products in packs – customers would often need a knee, back, and elbow brace, for example. However, Shopify had no native solution for building and selling bundles or product packs. 

Brandon found a workaround, but it involved creating bundle products in Shopify’s backend that weren’t connected to the individual SKUs within each bundle. This started to cause big problems with inventory as the business grew, and Brandon needed a better way to sell packs and manage inventory. 

After trying a few different software solutions, Brandon found that PickyStory checked all the boxes and allowed him to create combo packs where customers could purchase multiple Old Bones Therapy products at a discounted price. Importantly, customers could choose their size and color variants for each individual product, and inventory was appropriately adjusted after the sale of each combo pack.

One aspect of PickyStory that Brandon appreciated was the fact that his combo packs had the appearance of his native product pages. The packs looked like the rest of Old Bones Therapy’s products, providing a seamless experience for customers. The combo packs could also be added to collections like regular products, making it easier for customers to find these deals – you can view the collection here.





Old Bones Therapy has seen great results from the sales of their combo packs. Around 10% of revenue now comes from combo pack sales, indicating that these packs are already a popular option with customers. Plus, orders containing combo packs have a 65% higher average order value (AOV) compared to other orders in the store, even after accounting for the discounts attached to the combo packs. 

As Old Bones Therapy’s product catalog expands further, Brandon is interested in exploring more of PickyStory’s features. He feels it’s a good balance between a tool for increasing order value and selling more products, and a tool that helps to improve the experience that customers have when visiting Old Bones Therapy. 

“I really like how simple the PickyStory combo packs are for our customers. We’ve added a combo pack section to our homepage to make it even easier for customers to find and buy them, and it’s been working really well.”

Brandon Fields, Founder @ Old Bones Therapy

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