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As a professional Latin musician, Sandra Velasquez used performing as a platform for cultural storytelling. Today, through her beautiful beauty brand Nopalera, Sandra is still embracing culture and telling stories – except these stories are great for your skin!

Sandra grew up in California, near the US/Mexico border, where nopales (known in English as the prickly pear cactus) were found everywhere. Abundant, sustainable, and highly regenerative, nopales became the star ingredient in Sandra’s artisan bath and body products, and Nopalera was born. 

“We have an omnichannel business with a wholesale page for boutiques buying our products in case packs. We didn’t just need bundles for the DTC side, we needed bundles for the wholesale side as well. Until PickyStory, it was really challenging to find an app that would connect both to our inventory system properly.”


Sandra Velasquez

Founder, Nopalera



Sandra launched Nopalera in late 2020, and wholesale orders have been a big part of her omnichannel business since day one. Wholesale orders are placed by boutiques via a separate page on the Nopalera site, and typically consist of bulk orders (cases). 

As well as selling in bulk and managing inventory for bulk orders, Sandra also needed a solution that allowed her to offer product bundles on the D2C side of the website. For Sandra, one of the biggest challenges was finding a solution that could function across all channels and connect seamlessly to Nopalera’s existing inventory system. 

Nopalera’s products include a soap, a scrub, and a lotion bar – it had always made sense to Sandra to sell these in bundles, in different combinations. Originally, Sandra was doing this manually – setting up new products which represented bundles, but weren’t linked to the inventory of the original products. 

After switching to PickyStory, Nopalera had a solution for both bulk orders via their wholesale channel, and bundle orders via their D2C channel. Using PickyStory’s “Combo products” feature, Sandra can create bundles that are sold as single products, with automatic inventory management. 





Nopalera has seen great results and uptake from their bundles. This isn’t a surprise to Sandra, who can clearly see the convenience and attractiveness of bundles from a customer’s perspective, particularly in the beauty industry.

As well as offering pre-made bundles that customers can easily purchase from one page with a single click, Nopalera uses PickyStory to let customers construct their own bundles, which has also been very successful and offers greater customization options for shoppers.

With some exciting new products on the horizon for 2023, PickyStory is thrilled to partner with Nopalera and see what our future holds. 

“One of our biggest pain points was finding the right bundle app. Our new web developer recommended PickyStory, and we’ve been really happy with it.”

Sandra Velasquez, Founder

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